Nosratollah Amini

Mossadegh friend and colleague has died

"A man can be destroyed but not defeated" - Ernest Hemingway, Old Man and the Sea

Nosratollah Amini, the Loyal friend and lawyer of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh passed away Monday at the envied age of 94. My condolences to his daughter Fariba Amini (also a feature writer on the and her family. May they have the stength the overcome their grief. [News]




Ey Iran by Darya Dadvar

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Twenty Years Later: Conversations with my Father by Fariba Amini

Letters from Ahmadabad :Mossadegh's letters to his trusted friend and lawyer by Fariba Amini

Don't Call me Sir: Mossadegh: Humility and integrity in government By Fariba Amini


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Nosratollah Amini yek Abarmard bood

by Farshad Zarrabian (not verified) on

Nosratollah Amini, having providently stood up to save our most precious relic, Takhte jamsheed (Persepolis), from enemy assault, is owed an immeasurable debt of gratitude by us, our ancestors, and our children. May his soul frolic with the angels; may his spirit and legacy nestle in the hearts and minds of posterity. Parvardegar rahmatet koneh ey marde nazanin.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

تسلیت بمناسبت درگذشت نصرت الله امینی

Masoud Kazemzadeh

تسلیت بمناسبت درگذشت نصرت الله امینی

  درگذشت نصرت الله امینی، از رهروان دیرپای نهضت ملی ایران و از پیروان و  دوستان دکترمحمد مصدق را بخانم ناهید امینی، همسر فداکار وی و فرزندان برومند ایشان، محمد، مسعود، محمود، مهدی و فریبا، و رهروان راه برقراری آزادی و دمکراسی در ایران، تسلیت میگوئیم. نصرت الله امینی در سالهای طولانی از عمر پربار خویش در نهضت ملی و جبهه ملی ایران، نقش های سازنده ای بعهده داشت و همواره مورد احترام مردمی که با او آشنائی داشتند بود.  یادش بخیر باد.  

                                                    ابوتراب ابوترابی، بهروز آذرنوش، مهندس کمال ارس، دکتر حسین اشراقی، دکتر محمد اقتداری، پری الفتی، دکتر عبدالکریم انواری، حسن بهگر، محمود جعفری، هرمز خیلتاش، مهندس ناصر دارابی، محمود رفیع، دکتر هادی زمانی، منصور سحرخیز، دکتر احمد طهماسبی، منوچهر فاضل، مهندس سهیلا ستاری، علی اصغر سلیمی، بهرام شفیعی، مهندس محمد شهدادی، محمد شیرازی، حمید صدر، دکتر باقر صمصامی، عطا ضمیری، بهمن ن. فرحبخش، مهندس کامبیز قائم مقام، دکتر محسن قائم مقام، دکتر مسعود کاظم زاده، دکتر عزیزالله کرملو، حسن لباسچی، حبیب لطفی، مهندس بهمن مبشری، صادق محمودی، تراب مستوفی، دکتر مرتضی مشیر، دکتر محمدعلی مهرآسا، محمود مهران ادیب، فریده مهمنش، دکتر همایون مهمنش، هوشنگ ناصری، مهندس دارا نیروئی، مهندس علی نوشین، منوچهر واثق نوری، مهندس فرهاد یاسائی  22 آوریل 2009


Good old times...

by Hassan Danesh (not verified) on

Khoda beeyamorzadeshoon


Va nejat Takhte Jamshid yeki az Khadamate Ishan

by Behzadmusic (not verified) on

Our deepest condolences to his family


Khoda rahmateshan konad.

by AI (not verified) on

Khoda rahmateshan konad.


Our Deepest Comdolences! May God bless him and all Iran Lovers!

by gol-dust on

I read all the attached articles, which I found it fascinating! Good thing that he lived a long life to share it with others!

Photo of Mossaddagh w/ a cane makes me think, may be he was our Gandhi! God Bless him!

Kaveh Nouraee

My Condolences

by Kaveh Nouraee on

to all of Mr. Amini's family and loved ones.


A Genuine Patriot


Our deepest condolences to his family - May he Rest in Peace.




God bless his soul, good

by OmidKarimi on

God bless his soul, good man, patriot and a fighter from what I have read and heard about him. My condolences to his family, he and Dr. Mossadegh are my greatest political inspirations.


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Iran will never forget her great men

by asghar62 on

I remember when Mr. Amini's book, "Letters from Ahmadabad" was first publish, when I ordered the book and I asked him to sign it for me and he gracefully did.

I enjoyed reading that book.

Iran lost one of her great children on Monday.

Dear Mrs. Fatemi and dear Fariba please accept my deepest sympathies.



To be emulated & my condolences

by Kurush (not verified) on

Khoda Biamorzadesh


Too sad right now

by sima on

A lot can be said of Mr. Amini but ultimately his phenomenal memory will speak for him in the records he has left behind. I will always regret not having heard more from him, not having sat with him longer, not having asked more questions, not, not, not... I feel too sad right now for having lost a terribly dear family friend, and not being able to be with the family, to say much. But I also mourn the loss of many stories and memories and observations that have gone away with him. He was a treasure house of narrative.

Ey Iran is the best tribute to him. Thank you Mr. Kadivar. Not too many people deserve to have the national anthem played at their passing. 


Rest in peace, Mr. Amini

by Asghar_Massombagi on

Last of the giants.  What if men (and women) of Amini's calibre would've been given the chance to steer the ship of nation for a while longer.  Here is a great tasnif from Maestro Shajarian in memory of all those who are no longer with us, including Mirsafi, the murdered blogger. Yadeshan yadbad:




Roheshaan shaad. Ostaad at

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

Roheshaan shaad.

Ostaad at work not logged on.

Iranian Reader

End of an era

by Iranian Reader on

There are people who symbolize so much that it is impossible not to lapse into generalities at their passing. But nothing less can be said of Nosratollah Amini that with his passing an era of a certain vision for authonomy and freedom in Iran has come to a close. May his legacy, which is the legacy of Mosadegh, inspire the next era in Iran.

Jahanshah Javid

Great man

by Jahanshah Javid on

Mr. Amini had been bed-ridden for many years. But when I last saw him, he was alert and very much up to date on current affairs. You could see that in the prime of his life and especially in the years after the 1953 coup, he must have been someone Dr. Mossadegh could rely on during his exile.

My deepest sympathies to Mrs Amini and the children, especially Fariba -- who have always carried their father's spirit of public service with great integrity.