Learning bandari bagpipe

How to play the ney anboun

Wikipedia: The term "ney anban" or "ney anboun" (Persian: نی انبان) literally means "bag pipe", but more specifically can refer to a type of droneless double-chantered bagpipes played in Southern Iran. This is similar to the Bahrainian jirba played by ethnic Iranians in the Persian Gulf islands.



Dametoon garm

by farrad02 on

Cheghadr jaleb tozih dadid. Great music!


People of Bandar, Wonderful music, Wonderful people

by Morning Joe (not verified) on

I enjoyed watching this clip and learned something about ney anban at the same time. Thanks for posting. Alsoe I found this clip on the utube.


Dametoon Garm. Volek Bachehayeh Khodemoonan!

by ramintork on

This is great. This brought me back to when we practiced this as teenagers in Abadan and Mah Shahr.

Now we need a proper video for the dance!


These guys are adorable.  I

by desi on

These guys are adorable.  I loved this!  You can't help but to throw down a gher to Bandari music.


What a great example!!

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

This is what motivates me to battle the mongers who under the smoke screen of human rights, freedom and deomcracy, use militarism to ultimately extinguish creatively and passion of our loving youth.

I want to see these guys left alone in an enviornment with a stable and safe foundation that allows them to focus their attention to build and elevate their gigs, whatever it may be.



by dasa (not verified) on

damet garm amoo.you reminded me of back home!


I agree, it is very cool!

by Payam Shahfari (not verified) on

There is evidence of African influence in Bandari music. In fact if you look at Bandari dance moves such as the shaking of the sholders and the upper body and you watch Ethiopian dances (which are very difficult and physically demanding) you can see the similarities. Even the Ethiopean drum beats that dictate the dance moves, resemble Bandari beats. Perhaps Bandari is one great influence Africa had on Iran. Iran did have influence on other regions, but it was also heavily influenced by them, such as Africa. These exchanges is what makes that region so culturally diverse.

I enjoyed it.


Ari Siletz

This is so cool!

by Ari Siletz on

Thank you.


Bandary is cool

by ram Iran (not verified) on

Bandary music is the mix of {Ianian} melodies And {African,Zangbar} redeem-bitmusic in zangbary music also you see Iranian influence 2700years relation whit Est of Africa..


Afaree va 100 Afareen,

by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on

Afaree va 100 Afareen, what cute young men too. I love MIS too. Payandeh Iran



by Anonymous-Aria (not verified) on

Damet garm. I love bandary music and bandary dance.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Agha damet joosh. I wish I had an ounce of musical talent to learn how to play. In any case I enjoyed your enthusiasm and hope to see you two perform on stage one day.