Caught in the act trying to have a popsicle for breakfast!

This is the funniest thing ever. [See funny remake]


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by hossein (not verified) on



This lil cutiepie stands for almost all typical Iranian men!

by Mahsa Kalantari (not verified) on

He's so handsome, cute, polite, smart and gentleman at the same time. I congrat the parents! well done! The complements goes to the father too. he must be a miniature of his pa. Couldn't you get a shot of yours? that would have been super! lol No worries! next time.


It seems to be disabled.

by AJ (not verified) on

It seems to be disabled. Does anyone know where else to fins it?

Kaveh Nouraee

That Was Beautiful

by Kaveh Nouraee on

It's a chilly, dark gray Monday with a pouring cold rain, and this adorable little boy has brightened it up beyond words.

He is absolutely adorable. I can tell when he gets older he will be breaking many girls' hearts. He already has the charm.


Vay, che naze.

by پیام on

پیام فدای تو شه  ای شیرینی‌



can't stop watching this little guy!

by can't bother to log in (not verified) on

he's so polite and also taarofi. when he has finally earned his Popsicle he first says no and then accepts the offer the second time around.


very polite too

by bi sabr (not verified) on

How cute is that!!!
And this little guy is very polite too, doesn't forget his thank you's and "bale" -not "aareh" like I've heard a lot of young kids use.
Great rapport between dad and son.
He got his popsicle but not before he was mildly reprimanded for his kalak toget it!

-- now I want a cute kid, if the cuteness comes with a guarantee Iwant one asap!


sooooooo damn cute!

by dad? (not verified) on

this kid's so cute, the dad's gotta be hot!


Vaaaay! Vaaay!

by madar 2 ta pesar khoob va naghola (not verified) on

Vaaaay! Vaaay!
Delam ghash raft vaseh in pesar koochulu ba namak and extra cute!
ajab kalaki ham hast in naghola!.
Khoda beh pedar o madresh bebakhshatesh inshallah.

Iranian Reader

وای وای وای، الهی...

Iranian Reader

چه بچه قند و عسلی. خوش به حال اون پدر مادر. خیلی خوشم اومد ازون کلک بلا...

نمیدونم همه بچه ها انقدر کلکند یا فقط بچه ایرونیها. پسر من هم از این کلک ها زیاد میزد.



by Monda on

Also I really enjoyed his dad's tone matching his son's efforts to get what he wants within limits.


Stop critisizing

by amoo joon (not verified) on

Stop critisizing this child.
I'm a very honest person by all standards and by what my family and friends think and even my Boss who is very critical.
but, I have diabetes and I use this lovely child's method all the time!
But im not as good as he is!
sometimes I get away with it soetime i don't. Most often my wife catches me and doesn't let me eat what i want. beside that she is a great wife.


Look at that smile when Baba

by farnaz (not verified) on

Look at that smile when Baba says "oomadi bebini posicle ha daran aab mishan?... che pesra-e khoobi hast tou!!-- his SMIIIILE!! --thinking he got away with it!!!
Very Cute!


He is just the mamooshest

by zari (not verified) on

He is just the mamooshest kid!


Negotiation Iranian style

by antiIRI (not verified) on

This kid will be one day CEO of a company I have no doubt. ''He used great reasoning as well as logic to calm his furious dad.


BTW, very polite kid, kudos to the parents


Misheh pesareh man beshi?

by pishi (not verified) on

You are the cutest. Fadaye lopat besham.
He is the Iranian of the Year.


love it!

by Niki on

oh man this kid is the best


He's earned the entire box

by desi on

He's earned the entire box for being so damn cute.



by socute (not verified) on

all my kids behaved the same way, brought back cute memories, awwwwe! he is khordani!!!!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

He is a bad kid ! liar and shekamoo !!!



by popsicle (not verified) on

That is one creative boy when it comes with getting himself out of trouble ;-) I loved how the dad interacted with the son. He seems to be a very loving dad.

Those popsicles must be irresistable. This is the best popsicle commercial I've ever seen ;-)


Zebel and adorable!

by Princess on

Very funny... "na, man nemikhoram, goshnam nist!" LOL... and the look on his face, when his dad with the camera catches him red-handed, is absolutely priceless. There is so much beauty in innocence, it never stops to amaze me. He will be just fine! God bless him.


Ha ha ha

by AnonymousMM (not verified) on

Very funny, but sad reality behind it.


looks cute, but.....

by beee (not verified) on

The kid should be encouraged to tell the truth, instead he resorts to lies, cover-ups, distractions to get out of answers. He should be taught the value of truth at his young age, otherwise the results might be an adult that unfortunately we all know too well.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

What a sweet Iranian of the Day! He is cute, smart, and resourceful! I can't get over his efforts to divert attention from the mess he was in! Loved his father's interaction with him, too. Grow to be a good guy, sweet Daryon! Thanks for sharing Dextress!


sooooo cute !

by Souri on

My God, I just loved him. He is a real Iranian cute boy. Very smart. You are lucky having a little jewel like this at home. Cheers,

Jahanshah Javid

Just can't...

by Jahanshah Javid on

... get any cuter :o)

What a darling.