"Bomb Iran" Republican robbed

Schwartz says woman took his cash and jewelry

NPR report:"Republican convention delegate Gabriel Nathan Schwartz jokingly proposed bombing Iran, saying the U.S. should pay for it by taking Iran's oil. Then something like that happened to him. A woman introduced herself to Schwartz, and the last thing he remembers is the woman fixing drinks in his hotel room. When he woke, she'd taken money, jewelry and more. Police say he lost $120,000, though Schwartz says it was only $50,000."


Here he speaks to a reporter about bombing Iran:




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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Nobody's schwartz is THAT big.



LOL Skatermom

by IRANdokht on

you killin' me :0)



This man is out of mind

by joobin (not verified) on

Schwartz is taliking like ahmadi nejad just in other way.when i was listening to him i just found war and nothing else who could say these words when we where in 2 war and also lost alot of young people during these brother also died in iraq, but for what? now after these years whole people find out the war was for oil and nothing please don`t listen to him.he is out of mind.


May the Schwartz be with

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Not screwed!

by Shamse Vazir (not verified) on

Ajam jaan, the point is that he was not screwed! Not even after paying 120K, now that must have hurt. BTW, I am thinking of changing my name from Shamse Vazir to Ghamare Vazir, would that get me 120K and a bad drink?


He needs the publicity

by Shamse Vazir (not verified) on

Maybe he will get a date! Naah


too much publicity for this...fellow

by lila Joon (not verified) on

come on guys, he is a fake with changed name just to get publicity. drop him from here. he is trying to hitchhike girls. he looks more like a molla...yikes..
look at his tie,heheehe, he already lost his life to a woman..a typical loser from oversees.


To Anonym7

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

Democrats don't run their campaign on family value issues. In dictionaries next to the word hypocrisy they should put pictures of republican’s hall of shame.


he is not alone!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Unfortunately he is not alone, there are many others like him, not only among Republicans but also among the Democrats. I do believe that Americans are one of the most decent people but there are some who really believe that war brings prosperity ..... they may even have moderate political views.


get a life (Nazi)boy

by Rouk goo (not verified) on

the no brain er Nazi boy you need to read some books and do some homework.
we have nothing against Jewish people it is only ahmadinejad and his islamist regime is the problem.
we hate all the mullahs in Iran but it doesn't mean we'd like to see our motherland bombed.
think twice before you speak.



by aaminian on

Hi skatermom, did you know George Galloway is a British parliamentarian and the only one that opposed the invasion of Iraq from the very beginning (just like Obama).  What would be great to see happen is if Galloway became Obamas counterpart during Obama's Presidency (a little wishful but not too far fetched) !!


Obama wins dude

by Iranian democrat (not verified) on

he needs to go to afghanistan or Iraq for couple of weeks of war. I'm sure he'll change his mind if he is alive.


Skatermom jan

by IRANdokht on

It was an observation made by my son actually...  what can I say, in LA, catching people's botox job becomes a little game like the license plate games we used to play in car trips to keep busy ;-)

by the way if I had one (or 7) mansions I'd be voting for them and their tax cuts lol

cheers :0)



Chaghok, I had never heard

by skatermom (not verified) on

I had never heard of George Galloway. I went to the link. I can't stop laughing. I have now spent the last 2 hours searching youtube for all that is Galloway. He's hysterical especially with the accent.
Thank you.


Irandokht, Rast goftee.

by skatermom (not verified) on

Rast goftee. Gheeafashoon behtar shodan Valy bayad ehteeyat kard.
I've been chastised big time for the "character assassinations on Mccain/Palin" Apparently I've been making these attacks with my "sharp pen on the patio of my mansion drinking merlot". Silly rabbit I don't even like merlot.
I can't help it. With the material that's provided what else can one do?


His commercial is hillarious

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

A total Charlatan ambulance chaser.

It's a must watch (Thanks Anonypishi)



Very sad. This guy is

by Anonymous20081387 (not verified) on

Very sad. This guy is honest but his words show how ugly politics really are.


LOL Skatermom

by IRANdokht on

Good job! 

btw: Have you noticed the new Botox job on McCain and the newly withened teeth on Palin?  they do need all those proceeds... 



Yaa Ali

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that is right!!! They say
با خا ندان علی* هر که در افتاد ور افتاد


Dear Choghok

by IRANdokht on

I just wanted to let you know that I always enjoy reading your clear and concise comments and also thank you for the Galloway clip. 



Okay. I give. It was me.

by skatermom (not verified) on

Okay. I give. It was me. I'm the one who lured this man to his hotel room, drugged and robbed him. I met him at the hotel bar. He ordered me a cosmo and I thought this is my opportunity to steal that must have Prada belt and that Piaget watch valued at 30,000 dollars. I then sold the goods on Ebay where I promise to donate the proceeds to the Mccain/Palin campaign. The proceeds will help pay for shock therapy on John Mccain and a new clip on hair piece for Sara Palin. This should redeem me in the eyes of the law and fulfill my probation.


This "a.hole"

by Iran lover (not verified) on

Personally, I don't see any difference between this animal and the so called "terrorists". I hope this sorry escuse of a human being and anyone or any group who thinks like him go to HELL, and I also think that this video should be shown to all Iranian republicans (what a joke). When are we going to learn that we should deal with our problems ourselves.
Long live Iran,Iranians and peace loving masses of the world.


Here is the whole story

by darius on

met her in the bar of the swank hotel and invited her to his room. Once
there, the woman fixed the drinks and told him to get undressed.

And that, the delegate to the Republican National Convention told police, was the last thing he remembered.

When he awoke, the woman was gone, as was more than $120,000 in money, jewelry and other belongings.

The thief's take stunned cops.

"I More..t's
very, very, very rare," Minneapolis Police Sgt. William Palmer said. "I
can think of a couple of burglaries where we had that much stolen, but
it's the first time I've heard of this kind of deal."

In a statement released today, Gabriel Nathan Schwartz, 29, of Denver, put the figure at much less.

"It's embarrassing to admit that I was a target of a crime. I was
drugged and had about $50,000 of personal items stolen, not the
inflated number that the media is reporting from an inaccurate police
report," he said.

"As a single man, I was flattered by the attention of a beautiful woman who introduced herself to me. I used poor judgment."

Contacted by the Denver Post Monday, Schwartz declined to speak on the
record. In the statement released today, Schwartz said he would decline
further interview requests.

The haul included a $30,000 watch, a $20,000 ring, a necklace valued at
$5,000, earrings priced at $4,000 and a Prada belt valued at $1,000,
police said.

Schwartz is a single attorney and a fixture in Colorado Republican politics. He
was one of the state's delegates to the convention this month in St. Paul.
Reached by phone at his law office Monday, Schwartz said that because
the case still was under investigation, "I think at this point, I don't
want to make a comment on it."

During the convention, Schwarz wasn't shy about talking to the media.
In an Associated Press article about Sen. John McCain's acceptance
speech, Schwartz was quoted as saying that as far as oratorical skills
go, McCain "has more experience in his little pinkie" than Democratic
nominee Barack Obama.

In an interview filmed the afternoon of Sept. 3 and posted on the Web
site, Schwartz was candid about how he envisioned change
under a McCain presidency.

"Less taxes and more war," he said, smiling. He said the U.S. should
"bomb the hell" out of Iran because the country threatens Israel.

Asked by the interviewer how America would pay for a military
confrontation with Iran, he said the U.S. should take the country's

"We should plant a flag. Take the oil, take the money," he said. "We deserve reimbursement."

A few hours after the interview, an unknown woman helped herself to Schwartz's resources.

The theft happened at the Hotel Ivy, a luxury hotel in downtown
Minneapolis. (The Colorado delegation was housed at the Four Points
Sheraton, several miles away on Industrial Boulevard Northeast.)

The theft occurred early on Sept. 4, hours after Alaska Gov. Sarah
Palin gave her speech accepting her party's vice presidential
nomination. A police report said Schwartz told officers he met a woman
at the bar and took her to his $319-a-night room.

"Victim reported suspect made victim drinks, told him to get undressed,
which is the last thing he remembers," a police narrative said. "Upon
waking, victim discovered money, jewelry gone; total loss over $120K."

A police report notes the crime occurred between 4:22 and 5:46 a.m.,
and Palmer said investigators believe Schwartz was drugged, although he
declined to discuss details.

Aside from the watch, ring, necklace, earrings and belt, Schwartz also
reported a $1,000 purse or wallet, a $1,500 cell phone, $500 in cash
and a couple of rings worth $50 had been taken.

Alister Glen, general manager of the Hotel Ivy, called the theft an
isolated incident and said no hotel personnel were involved.

"I don't know if I'm at liberty to discuss it," he said. "It's still under police investigation."

Schwartz was a supporter of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani,
donating $2,300 — the maximum individual donation allowed by law — to
his presidential campaign last year, according to records from the
Federal Election Commission.

After Giuliani dropped out, Schwartz switched his allegiance to McCain,
and records show he donated $2,300 to the Arizona senator's campaign in

In biographical sketches of Colorado's delegates published in the Rocky
Mountain News, Schwartz said he was single, didn't have any pets and
most admired Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman, "as he has
served our party for many years and has served in the military."

He said his idea of a "dream ticket" was McCain and Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor.

On the Web site for his Denver law practice, Sandomire & Schwartz,
the lawyer describes his experience as a civil and criminal lawyer and
points out he is a regular guest on "Colorado State of Mind," a public
affairs program produced by Rocky Mountain PBS. The show, according to
its Web site, says it gathers "opinionated and passionate people from
across the state" to discuss a wide range of issues.

In his interview on LinkTV, Schwartz seemed opinionated and passionate.

He said an attack on Iran was needed to protect Israel, and he offered
how it could be accomplished through "strategical airstrikes."

"Hopefully, just bomb the hell out of them from the sky. No troops," he said.

Schwartz was asked if he had a message to the protesters who filled the streets of downtown St. Paul.



by Ajam (not verified) on

This is an attention-seeking loony who could not get laid even if he came in the form of a brick! The world is full of suckers like him who end up screwed-over left and right in hotel rooms all over.
The question is: does he deserve all the attention?!


‫آقا داریوش چاکرم،

‫لوتی (not verified)

‫شما صف نابودی زشتی علیه ایران رو تعین کن من اوّلش وایمستم

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on









Iranian McCain-Palin supporter

by choghok on

There will be no difference between how things are run by GW Bush and McCain Palin. This you can get from the interviews McCaind and Palin have had. McCain goes even further and want to make Iraq americas base in the ME for always, no matter what.

If you think GW Bush did good by killing hundreds of thousands people (directly and indirectly) in ME so he could succeed in his god given mission to hand Iraqis democracy (naive guy) then you can award him by voting on McCain and Palin.

Obama (you make sure to show his middle name Hussein so to make people feel he is a muslim maybe) has his personal beliefs (prochoice for example), those are realities in USA, abortion is legal in USA and gay marriage falls under state laws and nothing that a president can veto. So you are probably in the minorities with your brethren in the bible belt.

His policy of talking with Iran is very well thought. Through all the nuclear sanction and discussion with Iran European countries held talks with Iran and GW Bush gave up finally and send a representative. The McCain Palin stance is stupid. If you have disagreements there are 2 ways, talks or war. Now we know that USA in current conditions would never attack Iran, by giving up talks he does not leave any room but status quo. We saw how that affecting Iraq after the Kuwait war. Saddam got more and more powerful and his people were under even more pressure. 

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Please Look at This

by An Iranian McCain-Palin Supporter (not verified) on

Please take a little time to look at this 30 second clip. I am interested to know your opinions regarding it. I view it as a clear outline of the Iranian regime and how Senators McCain and Obama would treat it differently.

Are these quotes representative of Sen. Barack Obama?
If they are, do you support these views?

Whatever you think of this video, it is a clear example of how Sen. McCain will have an offensive foreign policy platform as opposed to Obama's defensive one.

In my opinion this is what B. Hussein Obama believes. I disagree with him, and I disagree strongly, but I will try not to insult him. Many people, including myself, view him as under-qualified to be president. Especially when taking his 'present' votes in the IL state senate into account. He is a respectable human being, especially because he admitted his mistakes on the O'Reilly Factor, but so is Senator McCain. Sen. Obama's social policies are very out-of-touch with "White middle America" who is pro-life and anti-gay marriage. Obama opposed something similar to the Born Alive Infants Act in the IL State Senate. Also, Obama opposed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Sen. McCain supported. Obama is for the radical redefining of marriage. This is our chance to also take back the supreme court. Regarding Senator McCain's economic policy, I believe it is truly brilliant! He will cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%. 35% is the second highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. Only Japan's is higher. Also, for those of you who do your own taxes and know, Sen. McCain will increase the dependent exemption from $3,500 to $7,000. In addition, Sen. McCain will "tax-exempt" the amount of your income (up to a limit) that is paid, in any way, towards your insurance, whether you pay it or your employer does. All of this, in addition to making permanent President Bush's prodigious tax-cuts and fixing loopholes such as cell phone taxes and internet taxes, will be sure to keep our low inflation and HIGH GDP growth rate.


Schwartz doing his commercial

by Anonypishi (not verified) on