Aghd or azadari?

What would be a funny caption for this photo which shows the wedding ceremony for President Ahmadinejad's son, Mahdi? "Excuse me, Mr. President, should I play "Party Like It's 1399'?"
100 Afarin Mehran Azhar


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The Winner

by Mahmoud Hendijani (not verified) on

I would like to nominate "Anonymouse", the zheeyan guy who left many comments to be the winner of this quiz.


This is an excellent caption, BUT

by Anonymouse on

We can use opportunities like this to sort of fight the system.  Don't under estimate the power of humor.  A cartoon with persian caption like this one where people can read and understand it has FAR more reach.

While this website is blocked in Iran, the cartoon can simply be downloaded and sent via email to Iran which could be forwarded to many more, perhaps millions.

Many people who will receive an email with this cartoon as an attachment, were not even born when Prince's song was made.  And even if they know it they may not know the exact meaning of the words.  They may have just sang along, pa tea Ike 1999 or something like that.  Many others simply don't know or care for it at all.

Ahmadinejad's jokes are plentiful in Iran.  Remember when early on his presidency he told his people to try and stop text messages with jokes about him? That was real.  He is mocked that much.

My suggestion is if you are going to have English captions, use a farsi caption too.  Mardom to Iran ham del daran! Kenes nabasheen, have 2 versions ;-)


One for father of the bride's brother (to his right)

by Anonymouse on

Babay-e aroos chera yek narengee ziyad tar dare?  Nasalamatea ma amooye arooseem.


نماز جماعت

Anonymous123 (not verified)

دخترم ? مياد يه خورده صبر كنيد مياد, رفته پشت " سردار زارعي " نماز جماعت بخونه.

Kaveh Nouraee

Hey People's President

by Kaveh Nouraee on

You can call it sadeh-zisti all you want. He is setting standards for no one but himself.

This farce fools no one. It is nothing more than a photo opportunity. You can call him the people's president all you want. He is still a nobody. He was a nobody, and always will be a nobody.



by Goshneh (not verified) on

عزا برا شکم های خالی مهماننان دریک عقد بی غذا


Uncle of the groom (to the left of the groom)

by Anonymouse on

Ghoseh nakhor dayee joon.  Bozorg mishee yadet mire. Aroosiy-e mamanet hamin maskhare bazi ro dar-ovord.


Father of the bride (to the right of Ahmadi)

by Anonymouse on

Mahmoud agha, be joon-e tow chon shomayee be shah pesar javab dadeem va gar na Hajiagha az Canada khaste-garessho karde bood.  Az madaresh ham ghol gerefte bood bere kharej.


Caption should be a) Who cut

by n.zanincanadai on

Caption should be
a) Who cut the cheese?
b) Ghashogh Chaee Khoree Umad!! (get it? it's based on that old khastegari joke)


One for Mahmoud himself

by Anonymouse on

Be oon agha begoo bacha ro bede madaresh inja sar-o seda rah nandazeh.



by Aseer (not verified) on

ملتی درعزای اسارت خود در بند عقد نمایشی حاکم مملکت


Another one for the standing guy (boom box)

by Anonymouse on

Mahmoud agha, zabt-e sowto inja bezaram ya roo oon sandalee sefideh?

Party Girl

صندوق مهر امام رضا

Party Girl

حاج آقا، مطمئنید بذارمش همینجا؟

آره.  بیار بذارش همون گوشه.  من سه ساله منتظرم این صندوق مهر امام رضا رو به یه بهونه ای بازش کنم.  چه جایی بهتر از مشهد رضوی و چه بهونه ای بهتر از عروسی این دو تا جوون محتاج؟  می بینی که چقدر عروسیشون ساده اس؟  بیار بازش کنیم یک وام ازدواجی به این دوتا بدیم، باقیشو هم می فرستیم برای سایر جوونای محتاج در جاهایی که من تعیین می کنم.ثواب داره به خدا.  میگی نه از این حاج آقا رحیم مشائی که کاملا بی غرض و بیطرفه بپرس!







The lifted man:"Agha ozr

by Moze-mikhaE (not verified) on

The lifted man:"Agha ozr mikham vassat harfetoon miparam. Vali aghayeh zareh-E reisse police zing zad que dareh miad va khast ma 6 ta barash lokht-shim"
This is the real history of the arrested police chief with 6 naked prostitutes.


Ahmadinejad the people's president

by Anonymouse on

I said the things regular people would say in a wedding like this.  You think people living abroad would say this kind of stuff?  Kharej az keshvaree-ha say things like he is Hitler wanta be.  Some say he is stealing money. 

But the truth is this is avam fareebee. Otherwise he could have asked no pictures to be taken, right? What kind of example is this?  Do you think the people who can't afford weddings and have these kind of weddings do it because of osool (principle) like he does? or because they REALLY can't AFFORD it?

Is he doing this because he can NOT afford it or because he wants to have a dog and pony show? Islam says ANY kind of pretending is a sin.  So he is a sinner by doing this.

He is making a fool of himself IN Iran all by himself.  We are just supporting him in his endeavor. HE wants people to mock him, not us! He has fired his cabinet ministers left and right.  During Khatami his ministers would be "impeached" not fired by himself.  What more do you want?!


PS I like my mowz (banana) comment best ;-)



by King Louis (not verified) on

He is so khaaki because he serves a preschooler snack to his wedding guests? I can't believe people fall for these transparent ploys in this day and age. So what next, you are going to tell me that gazillionaire Michael Bloomberg is the people's mayor because he rides the New York subway. Or Hilary Clinton is deeply religious because she always carries her Bible (with a capital B) with her wherever she goes.

Grow up people, please!


Ahmadinejad can pretend to be modest!!!!

by Justice (not verified) on

But I am sure haji agha and shazedh have collected enough money in outside of country banks.
So what!! this is a show to say " we live like rassole akram" but they have mony over money in the banks.
I don't think his son would be renting a place to live!!!
I really think Ahmadinejad's younger son has left the last comment about him being president of people!!
Isn't he the one with internet obssetion? I am sure his lines are not locked like the rest of Iranians!!!
Well I guess we all have to be happy for this royal wedding!!!


آقا، خانم ها می

Ano (not verified)

آقا، خانم ها می گن باید بیاین یه قری هم تو زنانه بدین.
احمدی نژاد: بگین شرمنده ام، خیلی خسته ام، شب عیدی لوطی ما را صبح تا شب از این محله به اون محله می برد، همینطور باید می رقصیدم و جای دوست، جای دشمن نشون می دادم.


Ahmadinejad is the PEOPLES PRESIDENT!

by Ahmadinejad is the PEOPLES PRESIDENT! (not verified) on

If he had a LAVISH Wedding for his son, people would have said where did he get the $$ from, why is he wasting countrys money, etc. When he does this, they say he is OMOLI, DAHATI, CHEAP, etc. No matter what he does he will be criticized. But it is better to go sadeh-zisti. Plus this is how he truly is, so he is not even acting.

He is setting standards and saying the leader should live like the people.

Those of you who are living outside cant understand this. But this is why they say he is MARDOMI and why he will win once again. Ignore at your own peril.


One for the groom

by Anonymouse on

Ma row begoo kheyr-e saremoon damad shodeem. 

Presumably the guy sitting to the left of Ahmadi is his son.  The one with his head down.


Another one for Standing guy

by Anonymouse on

Mahmoud agha, aghay-e Rafsanjani yek goosfand ferestadeh dam-e dar ghorboo-knee konan.

Mahmoud: Nakheir ghalat karde. Pass befrest.


Standing guy

by Anonymouse on

Mahmoud agha, in Asgharee ro row boland konam Baba Karam beraghse in vassat?


Agha joon

by Mahmoud joon (not verified) on

Ejaze midid miveh ha ro to boshghab bezaram. khoda nakhasteh mardom farda momkene harf dar biyarand.


I meant Mahmoud agha. Sorry.

by Anonymouse on

My comments should be Mahmoud agha NOT Ahmad agha.  He is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  sorry.


your answer! FIRST answer wins!

by faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Please Mr. Johnjohn, how could you know which ist the first FANIEST answer? This time is the mission in fact impossible.I suggest most politely you choose one of my comments on comments as the first faniest, allright? well let´s go:
* No zir dasti???
The groom has not learn yet how to lay a table. That´s it.
+Bazam mowz mikhad Behesh bedam yaw na?
* Mikhay bede mikhay nadeh. We HAD to Tark the tehrane mossavar and were free in all other affairs to do or not to do.
+How about the homeless?
* when the president of the Country houses like this, so it is just natural that the Homeless are Homeless. CHO DANI YO PORSSI...
جای وزیربهداشت خالی+
* he is not invited. Because of his spleen of cleanliness. Besides: also a president must have the possibility to enjoy his private life, without politics. Itnis his obvious right.
+Which one is his son?
* The one who stands. He serves. I am affraid he would not be a good Husband, becaus he is no good Houseman. You know Lit taylor and her Virginia wollf? He who can not in bedroom must work in thekitchen, she meant. This groom can not in thekitchen. However I mean: Being the son of president is not enough.just look at the missed ZIRDASTIES.
+Wedding 1: "Agha, in dokhtar ma bekhoda hezarta honar as ha......
* I think the remark does not fit. It is Weding allready. Admiring the HONARS of the bride belongs to KHASTEGARI Session(s).
Wedding 2: "Are, in ghalio ro ham oon bafteh"
* Hier I had a question. The ceremon is in president´s palace. However as far as i know the Parents of groom have to manage the wedding. So does it mean that the bride has made a present and has waved the Klim? it were unusual. Unless the klim is her JAHAZ. It would then fit. Greeting


Ahmad agha

by Anonymouse on

Ahmad agha, Bahram agha 4 nafar mehmoon-e ziyadee ba khodesh ovorde dam-e dar, migeh famileshan.  Rashoon bedam too yaw na?

By the way, both my comments are for the standing guy.

Niki Tehranchi

Everybody concentrate

by Niki Tehranchi on

The first one to make the fruit levitate gets the prize!


Zir dast is holding the fruit

by Anonymouse on

Once you peel the orange or the banana or the apple, you put the skin (poost) in the same plate.  Knife is also in the plate somewhere.


unbelievable. No zir

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

unbelievable. No zir dasti??? Does it mean he can't afford a zir dast???


Bazam mowz mikhad

by Anonymouse on

Ahmad agha in mowz-e khodesho khordeo bazam mowz mikhad.  Behesh bedam yaw na?