Addressing AIPAC

Obama, Clinton and McCain address leading pro-Israel lobbying group

Jon Stewart scores the U.S. presidential candidates on the kosh-o-meter.


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God bless America

by ThePope on

C'mon guys! Wake up! Don't be naive like the rest of the Americains.You can vote as much as you want but the next president has been already choosen by those who are really in charge.AIPAC has all the power and yes they RULE not only in the U.S., but in the Whole Wide World. And it's not something new, but it's been going on for centuries. The Rothschild familly controls AIPAC and pretty much the rest of the world. Not only they choose the leaders of U.S. but other goverments too. Go educate yourselves and devote few hours by watching these links so that you'll be more familiarized with the SECRET RULERS OF THE WORLD. Watch all the 29 parts,

// and America: From Freedom ot Fascisim (Part 1-11): // .

Pass it on to your fellow Persian-Americans, ENJOY THE TRUTH

eventhough it's "talkh"




United States Of Israel

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

I will vote for the candidate that dose not go to AIPAC.B0b Barr.I had plan to vote for Obama but after hearing his speech at AIPAC I changed my mind.He is just another very opportunist person who would say anything to become the President.



by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

AIPAC is made up a group of pro-Israelis whose sole purpose is to lobby Israel agendas and goals. They are very strong. They have succeeded in many ways to convince the congress that they are the most powerful special interest group and lobby group here in USA.

Their sole agenda is portraying Muslims, Muslim countries and people from Middle east as savages, barbarians and animals.

They were behind the propaganda and lies for Iraq) first and the latest war), behind Iran-Iraq war and continue to do harm.

They are not much different than any other terrorist or terrorist organizations.

They are fond of Palestinian holocaust or so called Palestinian ghettos the same one Hitler had designed for the good Jewish people.

They are no Jews they are war mongers and terrorist. Their bellicose behavior is costing millions of innocent life. They support the apartheid like government.

They are terrorists.



by ToofanZeGreat on

He scratches the surface, but at least Jon has the honour to do so. The AIPAC meeting was pathetiq and sad, Obama is a wolf in sheep clothing, this is just the beginning.


to Majid

by Anonymous68 (not verified) on

tell us more about the beauty of this country. tell us more about all those bashings that you have listed and tell us where do the bashers get with their bashings. You wanna know the answer? NOWHERE! that is why they live another day to see the daylight. the "freedom" that you and the rest of us enjoy is precisely there to keep people like you under the illusion that you are getting somewhere. the reality is that it only serves to get such corny comments, like your post here, out of you.

Enjoy your illusioned state of living while it lasts. now back to your home country (USA in case you wondered).


Comic Noise

by SatiristCatcher (not verified) on

The jewish shit has hit the fan so hard that even Jon Stewart, a jew himself and a funny one, can no longer ignore it and feels compelled to present an appearance of objectivity in his comic agenda.

The only problem is he cannot come clean and shoot straight and tell people in the U.S. what the rest of the world knows very well: No one, absolutely no one can even dream of becoming the U.S. president if he or she has not presented a holy sacrifice to the "elders of zion," as Jon Stewart called the jewish masters of U.S. political system.

So instead in the absence of courage and ability to satirize the substance, he has little choice but making fun of trivial and inconsequential matters in the three stoojes bow of absolute loyalty at AIPAC, i.e., the holy temple of the "elders of zion".

In this kind of comedy, just like the sad state of affairs in the rest of the American mainstream media, you kill two birds with one stone: Talk about something to death without addressing the real issues. Repeat a lie so much that it becomes the de facto truth. Create noise in order to distort the flow of real information. Welcome to comic noise.


to bijan

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

to bijan,

that was not basing, bashing is when radio host calls black basketball player nappy headed whores and another one suggests to convert all Muslims to Christianity or to fight them to death... and i tell you what there is NOTHING beautiful about that!


And that's the beauty of this country

by Majid on

You can bash Jews (Jon Stewart and Lewis Black)... you can bash blacks (Chris Rock)... you can bash Latinos (Carlos Mencia)... you can bash everybody (Robin Williams)... you can bash the President and Vice President (every comedian)... and yet, live another day to see the daylight.

Now, back to our Motherland (Iran)...


you are right

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

you are right...only a Jewish comedian can talk about AIPAC like this really comedy or arrogance ?

whichever it is i enjoyed it


Jon is the man!!!

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Yet again, the Daily Show is the only place on American TV you can get the news without the BS. Of course, only a Jew can talk about the AIPAC like this and get away with it but man we love this Jew. Go, Jon!!