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Jon Stewart on Ahmadinejad's unveiling of new drone


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Doctor X, Military Forum

by Faramarz on

Doctor X, 

The sheild is being built in the Persian Gulf countries (around Iran) by the US, in recognition of the fact that the only damage that the IR can inflict would be on the civilians of the neighboring countries.

Military Forum, 

Any navy without a decent air coverage will be sunk in a few hours. The 40-year old F-4's with the smmugled parts won't do the job.

The shallow water midget subs with the known noise footprint will be gone before the boys can put their scuba gear on!


Not even funny

by Escape on

Didn't even laugh.He seems stupid and immature,a shame.It wasn't that bad and He has made me laugh before but it's been a long time now.



by on

You are stuck in 30 years ago events. Catch up with the modern technology news a bit!





by Doctor X on

I know and remember all that.

I don't even know what the point of your original post was. You said a shield was being built around "iran" given the accuracy and damage causing capability of such missles. My question was why would we built a shield against our own missles??

What saddam a mar gezidehye Kheyr nadideh did was someting totally different!! Done in a totally different context.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

thanks irandokht jaan :)


Doctor X

by Faramarz on

Those missiles are very inaccurate and as you may recall Saddam used them extensively against Tehran and other cities during the war to create fear among the civilians.

In the early days (nights) of the scud attacks, the radio announcer would say “Gisha has been hit, or Amirabad has been hit.” But they quickly stopped that because they realized that they were providing useful information to Saddam thugs to re-calibrate his missiles.



by Doctor X on

These missles are terror weapons? And They have been introduced by whom? and why is there a shield against home made Millitary hardware?


کارخانه اسباب بازی سازی جمهوری اسلامی


Thanks for the post Irandokht.

When in doubt, I always look to Jon Stewart for the real truth.

Of all the toys that the IR regime has introduced in the past decade, only the supped-up scuds are taken seriously to the point that a shield is being built all around Iran. That is because the missiles are a terror weapon and targeted at civilians.

The rest of the stuff, the “rubber ducky” submarines and boats, the “sling shot” torpedoes and “ferfereh” jets, only bring a smile and a chuckle to the western military analysts.


Jon Stewart is so great and funny but also sharp with his points

by Bavafa on