Some Doubt Iran's Boasts Over New Destroyer
AOL News / Sharon Weinberger
12-Mar-2010 (71 comments)

(Feb. 19) -- In the midst of a diplomatic standoff over its controversial nuclear program, Iran has rolled out its latest homegrown weapon, a guided-missile destroyer called Jamaran.

"The destroyer's launch marks a major technological leap for Iran's naval industries," Iran's English-language Press TV reported. The new ship, which sports a helipad, is equipped with anti-ship and surface-to-air missiles, torpedoes and naval cannons.

But just how capable is the destroyer? Few technical details have been released about the ship other than its basic weight of around 1,400 tons. It can carry between 120 and 140 people.

By comparison, the United States' most modern class of destroyer, the Arleigh Burke, is more than 8,000 tons, and its possible successor, the Zumwalt class destroyer, is expected to weigh in at more than 14,000 tons.

Commenters on an online defense forum pointed out that the size of the Iranian ship would hardly count as a destroyer in most navies. "I guess you can call it a frigate, but Iran has a different classification system, which is not based on displacement but rather based on armament," one member noted.

The Jamaran's rollout follows a long history of Iran boasting about its military capabilities. Over the past several years, it has touted its indigenous development of a radar-evading drone and stealthy submarines. Last year, after a protracted dispute with Russia over the sale of the S-300 missile, Iran claimed it cou... >>>

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by MRX1 on

our resident sargord designed this?


On the one hand...

by eroonman on

On the other hand, absolutely no one doubts the existence of Iran's "Destroyer of Dreams".


No Fear

by Fair on

Go F*CK yourself a**hole.

See how easy that is?  

What is harder is actually answering the basic questions about Jamaran being an advanced, indigenously designed, destroyer, neither of the 3 claims of which is true.  

A destroyer is very different than a frigate. PERIOD.  

An advanced destroyer should have at least the systems that I listed, which you completely ignored.

And an indigenously designed destroyer would be one that was ..well.. indigenously designed..  NOT DESIGNED IN UK 40 YEARS AGO.

Those are my problems JERK.  Those of exaggeration and overclaiming.  And you have no solutions and have failed miserably.

All you have is COMPLETE STUPIDTY and a big mouth full of two things:

1)your foot


There you have it.  Now you can go barking as much as you want.  You are still a complete moron.




No Fear

Fair ...

by No Fear on

I am stating FACTS here while all you are saying is mambo jumbo hypothesis.

Instead of debating based on your military knowledge, you have resorted to reduce this down to what is a definition of a frigate or a destroyer, completely diverting this debate out of its context.

You started by saying the Jamaran is 30 years old, I countered you and said ;  If so,  so is the US fleet.

Then i went in to lengths to prove the missile systems installed on this ship are very advance systems. Which you finally agreed.

Then you brought up US capability that they will smoke us in no time, and i brought in more facts and info that that is not entirely true and we are not completely defenseless.

What is your problem?

You pretend you know about military hardware...

Do you just argue for the sake of arguing?

Mardom Mazloom

No Fear,

by Mardom Mazloom on

Noor will illuminate your dark heads this wednesday in Charshinbeh-soori when it will be fired from streets of Iran. The real range of this missile is range of 1000km. Beware your a@@.


Complete confusion

by Fair on

on the part of No Fear (or shall I say Curly).  You say that I claim that Noor is just a C802.

I am not the one who said that, YOU are:

For your military information, The Noor ( C802) and the Harpoon missile
are considered the most deadliest and sophisticated anti ship missiles
in the world.

Will you make up your mind??  You are blaming me for a claim you made yourself you utter IDIOT!

And for someone who whines about others not having military knowledge, you sure have low standards for yourself:

The fact that this platform is installed on a frigate ( or distroyer ,
Call it whatever, i don't care ),

Yes you moron, that's right.  Frigate, destroyer, whatever.  And once again, 20km or 200km range for the noor, it is irrelevant if it never even gets a chance to be fired from a big defenseless huge radar signature metal structure which will be target practice, called Jamaran.

You see No Fear, if you or anyone would just come and say:

"Jamaran is a repaired refurbished upgraded Vosper class frigate that was outfitted with Noor missiles and Hoot torpedoes, and several cannons, and is a big step forward in Iran's naval industry"

I would have had no issue and would have said "congratulations, and have a nice day".

But when instead we hear:

"Iran launches advanced Jamaran
Iran's Navy on Friday took the delivery of
the first indigenously designed and developed guided missile destroyer Jamaran
in the presence of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah
Seyyed Ali Khamenei.
It also features highly advanced
anti-aircraft, anti-surface and anti-subsurface systems.


I will say "I don't think so" and "BS", as I have so far.  The Jamaran is neither a destroyer, nor advanced, nor indigenously designed.  Even if you consider the noor and hoot advanced anti surface and anti subsurface systems, it certainly has no advanced anti aircraft capability.  It also has no advanced battle management system, radar, or CIWS, which when you add in the fact that it has zero stealth features, it makes it basically describable by two words in the year 2010 in the region of the Persian Gulf: Dead Duck.

Notice how in all the collection of BS you have spewed out, you have failed to address even ONE of these issues.  Now go on, say how long the range of the noor is, and how nice the other boats are, and what is going on in Sudan (boy, what another bastion of high technology, I am glad we are cooperating with them too).  Or how the zionists are at it again.  Or about how incompetent the Iranian diaspora are.

You will just continue to prove what a total moron you are.


No Fear

Fair ...

by No Fear on

You are at it again.... the problem i am having with you is that you claim you are calling a spade a spade and brag about your military knowledge but you prove over and over that either you really dont know shit or you are saying this because of a hidden zionist agenda.

Let me elaborate,  You claim our Noor missile is just a C802 , decades old technology. But this is bull crap. You should know better that the Noor is a more advance and capable variant of the C802 platform. The Noor , aside from its physical similarities with C802, is almost completely different.

Noor has a range of 200km and is powered by Toloue-4, an Iranian version of the French Microturbo TRI-60 engine. It is reported that Noor can achieve its maximum range without the need for an OTHT (Over-The-Horizon Targeting) system. For example, C802 have a range of 30 KM.

See ... You are not entirely " Fair" in your assessments. The Noor is a dramatically improved version of the C802. Be fair, and call it what it is. Thats all.

The fact that this platform is installed on a frigate ( or distroyer , Call it whatever, i don't care ), with the above range, it can only point to operations in the red sea. Iran currently have military and naval cooperation with Sudan and were in the process of building a permanent naval port there. ( I don't have updated info yet, but i wonder how far that 200 km reaches to ).

I don't know what to make of you ... how blindly and arrogantly you dismiss 20 years of hard research and downplay these achievements and call it being real??  You are not even close to being fair and real on this topic. I am out of insults , really.

Let me pose a question to you,

Iran purchased 40 , C-14 high speed ( 50 knots ) missile boats ( Along with 80 additional C802s )from china in 2002. These boats are also very hard to detect since the are equipped with radar jamming and are partially stealth. Each boat can carry up to 8  C802 missiles. (That is over 300 C802 FYI) , Just one of these missiles can decommision a distroyer instantly. Is this a deterrance factor?

All i am trying to say is that we are not completely defenseless against US half a century old 5th fleet. I am Not advocating war with anyone, but i highly encourage swift and immidiate response whether any one dares to attack us.

But you are encouraging to put our tails between our legs since our backward military is useless.

I am not surprised that the Iranian diaspora abroad has plenty of practice to put their tails between their legs and flee.

What a joke ..


AO Jaan

by Fair on

Thank you for your kind words.  The supporters of fascist rapists that have hijacked our country and held it hostage have no shame, and will stop at no amount of lying as you can see here.  Like I said, at least Larry Moe and Curly had talent.  These guys are not just pathetic, they are beyond pathetic!  Their brilliant military prowess brought upon us a war that lasted 8 years, cost us a million lives, tens of thousands of chemical victims, and a trillion dollars.  It was the longest war of the 20th century.  Even back then they were boasting that they built everything themselves and they are getting "emdadhaye gheibi" when really they were begging Syria and Lybia for a few scuds, while giving away oil to Syria and bankrupting the country.  Here they are in 2010 again "standing up to imperialism".  Unfortunately as usual, they make the noise, our people pay the price, and they don't give a damn.

Because they have no country.  They are stateless terrorists who have hijacked our country.

Payandeh Iran,



Reading lessons requested

by Fair on

for No Fear.

Because if you knew how to read, you would have noticed that my stance was consistent from the beginning.

My only issue is NOT that it cannot stand up to the 5th fleet alone, it is the lying and exaggeration that happens:

1-Jamaran is NOT a destroyer, let alone a modern one

2-It does NOT deter foreign forces from attacking us

In fact, it cannot stand up not only to the 5th fleet, but even to GCC navies, neither alone nor with other assets.   It would be a sitting duck.

So characterize it fairly and accurately, and I will agree with you.  Otherwise, you will be challenged (in more ways than one)

And don't put words in my mouth, I said they have added more up to date systems (as in less than 40 years old), that doesn't mean new and modern by 2010 standards.  I am for calling something as it is, and not blowing it up into what it isn't like you are.

And yes, the hoot and noor are useless IF THEY NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO GET FIRED.  Stick them on a 40 year old frigate with no stealth, radar evasion, or chance of air defence/CIWS/ ECM, nor with any decent battle management system and CIC, and it will be toast and a waste of hoots and noors and more importantly Iranian lives.  

This "destroyer" is not a threat, and is just target practice for US and allied forces should (God forbid) a conflict ever occur (which is clearly what AN wants).

And finally, you admit yourself that noor and hoot (the systems you brag most about) are actually not Iranian systems, they are either Chinese or Russian.  So much for the fully domestically built destroyer 100% by Iranian experts (one of those experts seems to be called "krupp" by the way..)

So I suggest you go and take some adult education reading classes, they even have some slower paced ones that you might be able to follow.





I wonder if IRI supporters

by Onlyiran on

and admirers of its [fake] technological advances were big fans of fairy tales when they were growing up....hmmm... 

Anonymous Observer

Fair Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

Keep up the good work.  Your knowledge of military affairs is impressive.  And you know the clowns are in trouble when they start using Wikpedia.  That's what the other one of these characters (Tahgord) is doing on another thread with Antari-Nejad on it.  

Good job my friend.  These goons need to be slapped into reality once a while. 

No Fear

Fair ...

by No Fear on

Why don't you just come clean from the begining instead of little by little accepting a little part of the truth in each of your posts?

Now you are saying that Jamaran has new and modern systems installed and you are proud or our scientists and engineer. Your only issue is that it can not stand up to the US 5th fleet alone. Okay. I totally agree with you on this and have no problem with your last post.

In regards to the INS Hanit which got hit by Hezbollah Noor Missile, you claimed it happend because " ... the Hanit turns off its defenses,..." .  Ironically, this is the only excuse zionist pigs offer to justify the hit. How dumb of an excuse is that? Its actually worst than having your ship drowned. To turn off your defense system during an ongoing war with hezbollah? And you believed the garbage they fed you?? who is the dumb idiot now?

For your military information, The Noor ( C802) and the Harpoon missile are considered the most deadliest and sophisticated anti ship missiles in the world. Again, do your own search and comeback and confess you were and are an idiot.

And you say the Hoot torpedo is useless??  You truely don't know scat. Do you know that the US fifth fleet do NOT have a proper defense system against the Hoot? ( Search and google ) This torpedo is reversed engineered from the Russian VA-111 Shkval supercavitation torpedo at 360 KM/H it will smoke a US distroyer out of water. At that speed, in the narrow waters of persian gulf, the missile will find its target faster than the target reaction. Currently NO nato country has torpedos that fast.


The point i am trying to make is, we are not completely defenseless against US fifth fleet. So far, what we currently have, has deterred an attack so far. And this is due to a variety of reasons including our anti ship missiles and torpedos.

The below text also helps to give the whole debate a new perspective;

 In addition, Chinese-Iranian military cooperation also appears to be increasing. In late August 2005 a People�s Liberation Army (PLA) delegation visited Iran with the purpose "to pave the ground for further cooperation between the two countries and provide support to each other." Iranian reports noted the PLA delegation included a PLA Air Force Deputy Political Commissar and the Commander of the Nanjing Military Region.[47] The later is significant because the Nanjing Military Region is a frontline region in the event of a war with Taiwan, and has been significantly modernized for both offensive and defensive operations. This commander would be particularly useful in advising Iranians how to defend against possible attacks by U.S. and Israeli hi-tech weapons. The PLA delegation also witnessed an Iranian military exercises.[48] The Chinese side also "welcomed" an Iranian proposal to create a military-to-military "joint technical commission" that Iran hopes will advance cooperation in training and research.[49]



Mental Handicap

by Fair on

It is not your fault No Fear, you are just an idiot and cannot help it.  That is why you fail to understand a simple logical argument:

I am proud of the accomplishments of our scientists and engineers, but do not like the exaggeration of their accomplishments, since it just diminishes them.  Yes, if in 2010 you can go despite embargoes and mullahs incompetence and brain drain and lack of funding, take a 40 year old damaged frigate, and refurbish it, fix it, and install newer systems on it, it is an accomplishment.  But that does not make it a modern destroyer that deters Iran's enemies from attacking it or implementing no fly or no sail or no anything zone.


The best way to put down the accomplishments of our scientists and engineers is to misreperesent them to the whole world, so that nobody takes them seriously.  That is what total dumbf*ks like you are always doing.

Furthermore, you are delusional and like to just invent stuff, like I am a "self proclaimed zionist".  When and where did I ever proclaim myself a zionist you idiot.

Yes, many ships in the US fleet are built decades ago, but they are updated with the latest systems.  Read the list of questions I had about your Jamaran "destroyer", you know, the ones you did not dare answer, and apply them to the USS Enterprise.  You will see that the answer to all of them is affirmative.

As far as the INS Hanit, if the Jamaran frigate is in the water alone with the INS Hanit (which is only a corvette) and nobody else, the Jamaran detects the Hanit first and fires the Noor, and the Hanit turns off its defenses, yes, the Jamaran will hit the Hanit, and even then will damage it and not necessarily sink it.

But in case you have not realized you total moron, the Jamaran is operating in Iranian waters, and is faced with the US 5th fleet and more.  The hoot and the noor will be useless after that same A6 with that same Harpoon from 22 years ago (both of which have been now replaced by much more modern systems) that took it out then takes it out now.  Without a truly integrated modern defense system (something the "old" US ships have and you naively neglect) it stands no chance in a modern day naval warfare scenario, and no amount of barking by a retard like you is going to change that.

Like I said, it is not your fault that you are retarded.  Between you, Larry, Moe, and Curly you are by far the stupidest.  At least they had talent.  Now stop wasting my time with your empty boasts and lies and endless stupidity, you have been exposed.



Anonymous Observer

Hovakh Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I checked out your blog.  That's just perfect.  Thanks.

FYI. the link in your comment in not highlighted. 

No Fear

Fair ...

by No Fear on

Sorry if i don't understand your twisted sense of logic that you claim how miserable and out dated these achievements are but on the other hand you are proud of them. wtf?

Its like you tell your child that he\she is no good and she sucks but you are still proud of her. wtf? sell this twisted garbage to those who dig your shit and eat this garbage.

You claimed that this is an old 30 years old frigate ? and your point genius?  The USS enterprise which is america's flagship in persian gulf was built in 1962. Thats almost half a century old and the majority of the US distroyers are old too, and i mean OLD.  I don't see a self proclaimed zionist like you complain about how old their ship is. why is that? ( Just as a tip, try applying your logic to your side of the arguement and see if it flies, dimwit LOL)

For you to even bring up the age of military hardwares as an advantage display how little you know about warfares. You claim that the hoot missile is a 25 years old technology. Then how could a 25 years old missile can hit and damage the INS Hanit ( 2006 Israel )which was built in 1994 and was equipped with the most advanced missile, anti missiles, radar jamming and all the other gimmicks that gives your little pecker a hard on? Do you see the flaw in your logic or do you need more proof that you are an idiot?( search it up. Israel claims their radar was off during the lebanese war, only other zionists believe their claim, do you too?)

But you kept the stupidest claim for the last; you said;

"You might as well put a bunch of C802 launchers on a cargo ship"

Wow, i am awe struck by your sublime and majestic military knowledge, your honor!  Does anybody really buys your crap? I wonder ... did you gain your military knowledge by building Lego structures when you were a kid?( I can't take you seriously like this, you know , were you joking?)

Just to let you know, the implementation of such a system is a bigger achievement than the missile itself. I can't believe how low you think of our scientists and engineers and how pathetically you down played their achievement by suggesting this platform can be installed on a cargo ship.

Clearly, between our engineers and you, one is the stupid one.

hint hint ... !  LOL






islamic rapist rhetoric

by Hovakhshatare on

Not sure if image shows. Here is the blog where I posted the pic...



onlyIran: ROFL! Az khandeh

by vildemose on

onlyIran: ROFL! Az khandeh ghash kardam. Koor va kachal ,va divaneh...hahaha

I hadn't heard that expression in so long...It aptly describes the three stooges.


AO Jaan

by Fair on

Thank you for your kind words, indeed No Clue proves with every post what a complete idiot he/she/it is.  I just reserve the right to answer their lies and misinformation, otherwise they are completely void of any worth whatsoever. 

Such people are merely terrorists who have hijacked our country, care not one bit about our country's people or interest,  and then call anybody who oppose them anti Iran.  But like I have always said, Iran is much bigger than these parasites, and will be around long after such creatures are dead and buried.

Keep up the good work and the great posts, I have been enjoying them very much.

Payandeh Iran,




Foot and Mouth disease

by Fair on

is No Fear's predicament- As in your foot is constantly in your big mouth.

You clueless moron, the debate here was about the overclaiming of the Jamaran "destroyer" when it is only a frigate, and whether or not it makes anybody in the region, especially the US think twice about (let alone deter) a confrontation in Iran.  On both counts, the answer is those morons like you who claim these big things are just full of crap, as usual.

Now since you are curious about the missile here, it is a Noor, which is a modified Chinese C802, which is 20 years old.   Yayyy.  It is also claiming to carry light torpedoes.  The Noor is the most modern weapon this ship carries.  Does that make it an up to date modern warship, let alone a destroyer?  You might as well put a bunch of C802 launchers on a cargo ship.  How is it going to defend itself against air attack, with a 40 year old Standard SM-1 missile?  What kind of idiot are you?  That was not adequate defense even 25 years ago!

You moron, where is its layered air defence suite and CIC?  Have you seen pictures from its bridge?  What sort of battle information and situational awareness data is available to the ship and squadron command?  There is still big bulky mechanical clunky switches and pushbuttons from the 70's all over the place there.  It has a bunch of manual guns and cannons.  Hello, we are in 2010, not WWII!  Where is its CIWS, with secure datalink  to an integrated C3I system to coordinate naval air support (oops, the one that DOES NOT EXIST) with ECM and ECCM against naval air and surface threats contemporary with 2010?  As in TODAY, not 1965?


So No Fear, you are the one who should just shut your trap, take your foot out of your big mouth and wake up- it is  an outdated ship and the last thing any American or allied planner is worried about in case of a confrontation with Iran.  One tomahawk will vaporize it before it sees any combat, and that is in case the US wants to invest a tomahawk for the task. A sheer joke like you is hardly anybody to talk about being taken seriously.

Like I said, I am proud and impressed at the accomplishment of Iranian specialsts to take an existing platform in Iran's inventory from 40 years ago,  and in a domestic project extensively modify and upgrade it with systems that they have available to them.  I never put that accomplishment down, and nobody should.  But you or any other total idiot like your come here and lie about it and call it a domestically manufactured modern destroyer will be faced with total ridicule, and deserve every bit of it.

Now go crawl back into your sewer where you came from.









به‌ به‌ - کور و کچل و دیوانه هم تشریف اوردند


 منظورم البته هست به تهگرد بازنده، ایرانمیلیتریفروم و دیوانهٔ زنجیری "نو فیر".   برین جمعش کنید.  خیالاتی شدید دوباره؟  جمهوری اسلامی بلده کشتی جنگی بسازه؟  ایران رکورد فرار مغزها رو از صدقه سر جمهوری اسلامی در دنیا داره.  نگاه کنید فرماندهٔ ستاد ارتشش کیه و ببینیند که باقیش چیه.  مردکه فیروزابادی یک پرس دیگه چلو کباب بخوره منفجر میشه. اومدند یک کشتی که شاه  بدبخت فلک زده خریده بود و اینها در راه فلسطین عزیزشان در جنگ مقدس که تا آزادی قدس باید ادامه داشت درب و داغون کردند، بعد از بیست سال بالاخره تعمیرش کردند، رنگش زدند و انداختند به آب.  حالا این جیره خوراشون هم مثل این مردکهٔ آمریکایی‌ "تهگرد"، و این جنوب لبنانی میلیتریفروم و این دیوانهٔ زنجیری "نو فیر" حالا دارند خودشونو جر میدند و تیکه پاره میکنند که ما باور کنیم که جمهوری اراذل و اوباش اسلامی شق القمر کرده.  آخه یکی‌ نیست به اینها بگه مگه ما مثل شما مغز خامنه‌ای رو خوردیم که این اراجیف را باور کنیم؟  (البته بلا نسبت خر)

اننموس ابسرور جان دستت درد نکنه.  خوب روشون رو کم کردی.  همانطور که خودت فرمودی دارند آتیش میگیرند.

Anonymous Observer

MM Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I posted a link to your comment on the previous Jamaran thread below in one of my comments.  Just FYI.

Anonymous Observer

I nominate Benross's comment for the "comment of the week" Award

by Anonymous Observer on

Benross: that was great!!!

"The bottom line is No Fear, the bottom line is that you have no bottom!"

Just a great line.  Indeed, comment of the week.

Fair Jaan: you are an intelligent, articulate, patriotic Iranians.  Why do you waste your time arguing with this foul mouthed, anti-Iran, clueless lying  No Fear creature?  She doesn't deserve a debate my friend.  As you can see, I began ignoring her barking on this thread a while ago.  Let her bark all she wants.  It's actually pretty enjoyable to see her foam at the mouth like she is doing here.


No Fear

Fair ... You are the clueless one ..

by No Fear on

OK ... looks like we are getting closer to some understanding. Whether this ship gets smoked right away was not our debate, was it?

Are you still claiming this ship is outdated and uselless junk? Answer YES or NO please.

Can you tell us about the missile fired from the ship?

Can you tell us about the torpedo capabilities of this ship? Is that outdated too? answer YES or NO please.

Do you know which torpedo systems have been installed? Yes or no?

Afterall, this debate is about whether this ship is an outdated useless piece of junk as you anti iran cheer leaders have claimed.

Answer the above questions if you want to be taken seriously, other wise you can shut your high traffic holes.


No Fear, and also No Clue

by Fair on

Once again you are being a devout idiot.

These two ships are not the same, but then 22 years has passed.  Are the threats that it faces the same as 22 years ago?  Your stupidity and retardedness are immense.

The point is, even before this missile ever gets a chance to get fired, the Jamaran "destroyer" stands out in broad daylight as a HUGE blip on any radar in the region, and will get creamed.   In fact, this ship is probably being tracked right now, and even before it leaves port it will be precisely located by adversaries.  Of course, that will suit you fine, because they will repair and overhaul it in another 22 years, and more idiots like your will hold that up as a sign of our nation's military might.  No wonder our country is so "safe" today.  Because of morons like you in power.

Now go ahead, try more personal attacks void of any point or foundation whatsoever.  





No Fear

Fair... posting junk again?

by No Fear on

You come here and pretend you know  about military hardware but the reality , as we both know, is that you know scat.

Below is a link to Jamaran recent test of a missile platform which has been installed on this ship.


Can you enlighten us about this missile ?  Was this platform available on the old ship that you claim this is the same? Do you know if this system has been tested before in real conflict? What was the results?

You are so full of shit. You can bet your sorry behind that these two ships are not the same. This was, afterall, the corner stone of your arguement, wasn't it?  That this is the same as the one decades ago?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

benross Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

No Fear, the bottom line is that you have no bottom!

I may have disagreed with you before. But agree 100% on this!


OmidKarimi missing the point

by Fair on


I never ever ever degrade the accomplishments of Iranian specialists.  

I degrade lies.

You come here and argue that because of what we have "built" ourselves, we can make it costly enough for the US and others to not implement no fly zones, or might cause damage to the US Navy in a confrontation.  Well let's study this a little bit:

1-what exactly in Iran today would stop the US from being able to implement a no fly zone?  Baghdad was the most heavily defended against air attack city in the world in 1990, can you prove to me that Tehran today is better defended today than Baghdad was in 1990?  Will 4 F-5's with two tails and no missiles be able to deter the US Air Force in 2010 any better than 600 of the latest migs and mirages did for Iraq in 1990?  The reason that there is not a no fly zone over Iran is that the US and the UN don't want to do it, not because of any of the things you claim we "built".  It just makes no sense for them to do it, and they gain absolutely nothing.  So you need to get your facts straight.

2-The Jamaran "destroyer" that you claim here can cause damage to the US Navy tried to do so in 1988, and it was wiped out in minutes by a couple of Harpoon missiles, only to be repaired today and renamed "Jamaran" 22 years later.  Do you think that the US Navy would not be able to destroy this ship even quicker today, before it even gets a chance to acquire a target?  If  so, you are completely deluding yourself.  In fact, the "catamarans" and little boats with missiles are more of a threat because they are harder to detect.  The Jamaran "destroyer" is a sitting duck telling every radar in the region "Here, hit me, yooohooo!!!".

So Omid, don't mix things up.  If you or anybody wants to come here and say : "Look what Iranians have been able to do - they took an F-5 and completely on their own modified it, changed the structure to have 2 tails, and made 4-6 prototypes, and they have taken a practically destroyed Vosper class frigate and rebuilt it and upgraded it, isn't that amazing?"  I will be the first to say "Yes, absolutely, and I am very proud of them".  And I say that anyway, because that is what they have done.  But if you or anyone wants to come here and say total BS like "Iran built its own fighter plane that is comparable to the F-18, and they have built their own completely indigenous destroyer from ground up, and because of that the US thinks twice about attacking us unlike they did to Iraq" I will call you on it and I will do so big time.  Is that disrespect and putting down?  Yes, it is disrespect and putting down of braggers and liars, never of the Iranians who actually do the work.  If it were up to the latter, Iran would be doing much greater things today.






The Bottom line ...

by benross on

No Fear, the bottom line is that you have no bottom!


No Fear

by minadadvar on

I like your old avatar a lot better.  Your new avatar represents fraud, rape, torture and murder.

No Fear

The Bottom line ...

by No Fear on

After reading all the comments by the self hating anti Iran cheer leaders on this thread you will notice;

These Iran haters fail to provide any logic or reasons on how putting down and degrading our military accomplishments will prevent an attack by foreign forces. This is a major flaw in their logic. All historical events points to the exact opposite of what these retards are advocating.

Besides, in regards to the Jamaran which is the main topic of this thread, they can not provide any evidence that the technology used in the building or the upgrade of this ship is old and outdated technology. What they say and claim is exactly a copy cat version of what zionist propaganda has fed in to their half-empty skulls. Afterall, these retards see the glass half empty all the time.

This nagging and whining bunch have nothing positive to contribute except a childdish and persistant complain that Iran is " A third world country", " It is a goh doni", " go back to that backward country" and so on.

Thanks heavens that this bunch can only complain and they are pretty useless otherwise. So you might as well nag and bitch like the anti Iranian whores that you are.

I , am one of many who is proud to be Iranian ( Even if that country is a third world country ) , And i will willingly die for this backward and "goh doni" that you hate so much.  I am proud of our scientists and our continuing progress in all aspects of science.