Iran sends missile test warning
09-Jul-2008 (9 comments)

Iran has test-fired what it called a new version of the Shahab-3 missile, which is capable of reaching its main regional enemy Israel, state media say.

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take it easy people

by afshin on

You people need to have a modicum of perspective.  America has nothing to gain yet so much to lose by attacking Iran.  Israel won't even lift a finger without America's blessing and that's a fact.  Don't let the rhetoric and sabre rattling get too much to your heads.  There will be NO attack on Iran.  In the end, as always when it comes to Iran, cooler heads will prevail.  That's not me talking, that's history's lesson.  Whenever the very existence of the IRI is threatened, they've always backed down (Remember the aftermath of IR655?).  Now I see a lot of people speaking with such conviction about Israel's capabilities and so forth.  But with all due respect, you don't have a clue what you're talking about.  Israel has many capabilities, that much I'll give you.  But are you sure they're willing to put all they have on the line, their very existence if you will, to go through with this insanity?  Because I can tell you THIS with certainty.  Whatever is left of Iran and its proxies, will come back with everything they have at Israel.  They know it, and America knows it.  The US has in the Iranian people its most viable and tangible ally in the middle east.  More so than that of all its supposed official allies combined (AND yes, that includes Israel!  Oddly enough most Israelis don't care too much for America, they just like the money and the shiny toys they get from their military every year).  I seriously doubt they are going to flush that down the toilet just because the neocons have gotten so caught up in their own rhetoric.  In many circles it has been surmized with good reason, that Iran has in fact OVERSTATED its nuclear capabilities very much so like the Soviets did in the 50s and 60s.  Put yourself in Iran's shoes, you'd probably to the same.  Additionally keep in mind that Iran has had well established biological and chemical capabilities from the Shah's time.  If Iran intended to supposedly "wipe" Israel from the pages of time, they have enough in their arsenal RIGHT NOW to do that.  In fact chemical weapons would be a far better choice, because other people could live there afterwards, where as a nuclear attack on the scale required to finish Israel, would make that strip of land uninhabitable for centuries.  The realities of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) are apparent, and don't think for a second there will be any attack on Iran.  Not now, not ever.  Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan where it can be swallowed whole.  Nor is it Nazi Germany.  Iran holds all the cards unfortunately, and America has given them those cards.  For now, we the suckers pay the price for this sabre rattling at the pump.  Because everytime either side does these military "exercises" oil prices jump.  In the meantime, why not consider more pleasant topics like Namjoo's upcomming concert in San Francisco in September... Anyone going?

Darius Kadivar

Mehdi Mazloom Don't Read Me Wrong

by Darius Kadivar on

I oppose ANY Military Action against Iran be it a surgical attack.

I do hold the regime responsible for this current crisis though and for its unjustified provocations.

On the otherhand I do not understand why the Jews and Israeli diplomats and leaders NEVER Mention anything about Cyrus the Great or remind our common history with the Jewish People.

You are Iranian Jew so you do know about the historical importance and so do most Israelis. But the Leaders and intellectuals have rarely not to say NEVER reminded their people and the international community on this fact. They even tried to associate us as responsible for the Holocaust during WWII by claiming that Reza Shah was a racist because he was Pro German.

We all know why Iran was on the German side because they did not like the British interference in their affairs and that Germany and Italy helped build Irans navy and aviation. Iran never treated the jews badly and certainly NEVER during the Pahlavi dynasty.

It is unfortunate that the Israeli leaders did not try to clarify this point before giving Ahmadinejad all the media attention he was looking for and which he did not deserve.

The IRI has always spoke against Israel but not the Iranians at large.

Israel and the West turned this little rascal Ahmadinejad into a Monster he was not. Ahmadinejad is an Idiot I grant you that but not representative of what the majority of Iranians think. He is the creation of you Israelis and the US Media at large.

I am surprised that you did not trust the Iranian intelligenstia which strongly opposed the comments made on Israel by Iran's president and instead decided to vilify Iranians at large. It was a foolish and unfair thing to do towards all those Iranians who are struggling for freedom and democracy in Iran.

See List of Iranians who opposed Ahmadinejads comments on Isreal:








Darius you hit it right on the nail.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Yourself as a "non-Jew or non-Israeli", you sure make lot of sense. We the Israelis, also have been asking the same question. Knowing all too well the 1300 year old animosity between the Farsi and the Arabs, the Shi'ites and Sunni's, Why these Mullahs are turning against us the Jews. After all, it was Cyrus II, whom we consider as greatest Persian leader during the Persian empire, whom in 313 BCE had allowed the Jews to return the first time back to their land in todays Israel. He was the most kind and generous with those countries he conquered. while records show that prophet Muhammad was not kind to Jews.

The question is, which one of these heritages these Mullahs are following. the Persian or the fundamentalist Islam. That answer is often heard from the Iranians themselves, whom call them "olagh e Araban, Farsi nis-tan".

I do agree with your assessment that, Israel has every right to use all means available to defend itself against this despicable regime.

I have no doubt that, in the next few months things will come to a head one way or another. My reading is, Iran's nuclear facilities will not be the main target of the US-Israeli forces, rather the Revolutionary forces themselves, on which this regime depend on for its very existence. Once this 3rd rate military force is dealt with. It will follow with a regime change - replaced by a moderate and secular regime. Once in power, the first order will be the stop the enrichment and declare its objective for civilian nuclear facilities - verified by he IAEA, thus defuse the international tension.

Second, Iran will declare an end to all its hostilities against the Shay-tunah, and form formal diplomatic relationship with Israel and US. Third, Iran will stop its military support of Hizbollah, hamas and the Al Sadre forces in Iraq. Forth, Iran will lend its assistance to reach a peaceful resolution between Israel and Pals.

Darius Kadivar

US won't attack but ISRAEL Will !

by Darius Kadivar on

The IRI has all the cards in its hands. It knows clearly that an attack on its nuclear sites will rally Iranians and prolong its existence. In their shoes I would welcome an attack on my nucleare sites regardless of which country US or Israel does the dirty job. Why ? Because it would only encourage Russia and China to rush in and build our nucleare infrastructure from the rubbles and ultimately even help turn the regime into a nucleare military power.

So all this neo con talk and thoughts that Bush would attack Iran is in my opinion simply distracting everyone from where the real threat comes from: Israel.

If I were a Jew and Israelian ( which I am not)  I would not hesitate a second and attack Iran's nucleare sites. Why ? Because it would not change anything regarding the Arab Hostility towards Israel. On the contrary. The Arabs would be simply intimidated to see Israel use a tough stance and they have no interest in prolonging the Israeli Arab conflict given that they all want to see a Palestinian nation be recognized side by side with Israel.

Why should Israel be intimidated by such provocations by Iran's leadership after all ?  Its Up to Iran to abide to international laws and also send excuses to Israel regarding the comments on the Holocaust and wiping Israel off the Map. It seems only logical that Israel would use such comments as a pretext to attack Iran. It would be regretful but logical from an Israelian point of view.

Iran is the provocator Not Israel. We had NOTHING to do with the Palestinian Israeli Conflict. Why did we get involved in this issue in the first place ? Had Iran not provoked Israel it may even have reached a peaceful solution to this current crisis cause the US administration could not open a third military front in the first place given the difficulties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This surge in provocation is a result of Iran's bellicous rhetoric in the first place. Ahmadinejad is the source of the problem and the leadership in Iran including more moderate elements are too proud to admit this fact. Ahmadinejad is jeopardizing the quest of Iranians for a peaceful and democratic future but he is surely guaranteeing and prolonging the life span of the Islamic Republic on the long run.

It is truly Sad to see how the mullahs have been manipulating us all in their own interests for all these years.

The IRI leaders are Criminals, un patriotic but alas Intelligent.

In the meantime :

Morality Police crack down in Tehran

But Who Cares ...



by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Why is it that US can openly threathen another country, ditto Israel, station forces anywhere but Iran's little missile testing is "condemned" and called a threat? Simple, because "the United States owns the world."


They are just playing games

by farokh2000 on

it seems to me that all sides are playing a very dangerous game.

I have no idea why it is ok for U.S. to go all the way to the other side of the World and do the War Game excercises in the Persisan Gulf and for Israel to come out openly and say they would attack Iran but when Iranians test their defensive weapons, it is a signal that they are the "real threat".

I guess there have to be stories to keep people occupied/distracted, Oil prices up and Weapons business going strong.

Could it be that all of these criminals in D.C. and in Tehran are together to profit from all the bad News for others?


Albateh don't forget

by Abarmard on

As long as we got these  and some zoghaal, there is hope :)

Darius Kadivar

I agree

by Darius Kadivar on

Absolutely JJ I fully suscribe to your assessment.

Seems Cold War Paranoia seems to have made siblings alas in the 21st century

Jahanshah Javid

Tit for tat

by Jahanshah Javid on

Only a few days ago Israeli air force carried out rehearsals for possible attack on Iran. (New York Times: U.S. Says Israeli Exercise Seemed Directed at Iran). God save us from trigger happy idiots in Iran, Israel and the U.S.