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Commentary: Why CNN’s Ahmadinejad Interview Was a FailureblogSep 27, 2012
Cartoon: You Are Not Alone (For Bahman Ahmadi Amouee)blogJul 02, 2012
Cartoon: “Recognized Religion,” Unrecognized BelieversblogJun 29, 2012
Deprivation of Medical Care Jeopardizes Political Prisoner’s LifenewsMay 26, 2012
Iran Tries to Neuter Foreign Media and International Press FreedomsnewsMay 14, 2012
Raising Their Voices: Iranian Views on the Military OptionnewsApr 11, 2012
Free Rahnavard, Mousavi, and KarroubiblogFeb 08, 2012
Ebadi Calls for a Campaign to Release Opposition LeadersnewsJan 26, 2012
Secret Executions: Findings Challenge Judiciary’s False NarrativenewsJan 05, 2012
Soltani To File Suit Against Javad Larijani for False Terrorist AccusationnewsNov 17, 2011
Hold Ahmadinejad Accountable for Iran’s Human Rights Crisis During UN VisitnewsSep 14, 2011
Shocking Confidential Report Admits to Iranian TV’s Provocation of Post-Election UprisingnewsJun 17, 2011
Daughter of Deceased Dissident Dies Following Attack During Father’s BurialnewsJun 01, 2011
Distortion & Disinformation: A Guide to Iran’s Human Rights CrisisblogFeb 24, 2011
Government Tightens Grip to Prevent Planned Demonstration on MondaynewsFeb 11, 2011
Iranian-Canadian Web Developer in Danger of Imminent Execution newsFeb 04, 2011
97 Executions in 30 DaysnewsJan 23, 2011
Lawyer Confirms Death Sentence for Iranian-Dutch ProtestornewsJan 06, 2011
Another Tale of Torture Recounted in a Letter by Political PrisonernewsJan 06, 2011
Student Mistreatment And Gender Segregation newsJan 06, 2011
“Javad Larijani Does Not Understand Human Rights And Cannot Fill This Position”newsDec 20, 2010
Interrogators Tell Lawyer They Control Her Trial OutcomenewsDec 20, 2010
Nobel Laureate to Stage Sit-in in Defense of Detained ColleaguenewsDec 17, 2010
Sotoudeh’s Husband Reacts to Javad Larijani’s New Charges Against HernewsDec 14, 2010
Unionist Reza Shahabi on Wet Hunger StrikenewsDec 14, 2010
Majid Tavakoli’s Family Unable to Visit Him Due to DistancenewsDec 14, 2010
Derakhshan Released On Short Furlough On Unprecedented $1.5 Million BailnewsDec 09, 2010
وثیقه سنگین بی سابقه یک میلیاردو پانصدمیلیون تومانی برای چند روز مرخصیnewsDec 09, 2010
Unprecedented Death Sentence for Christian Pastor on Charge of ApostasynewsDec 07, 2010
Barring Students from Higher Education on Political and Religious GroundsnewsDec 04, 2010
قطعنامه مجمع عمومی سازمان ملل در مورد وضعیت حقوق بشر در ایران newsNov 22, 2010
Family Members Describe Nasrin Sotoudeh’s Dire Physical Condition While on Hunger StrikenewsNov 12, 2010
Weekly Rights Podcast 17: Interview with Human Rights ExpertsnewsNov 11, 2010
Executions of Nigerian and Ghanaian Citizens in Mashad’s Vakilabad PrisonnewsNov 11, 2010
Nasrin Sotoudeh Still on Hunger Strike; Allows Herself WaternewsNov 11, 2010
Weekly Rights Podcast 16newsNov 05, 2010
Retired IRGC Commander Arrested, Intelligence Officials Disavow KnowledgenewsNov 04, 2010
Life of Jailed Human Rights Lawyer at Great RisknewsNov 04, 2010
Seifzadeh in Court: ‘My Charge Was Establishing the Defenders of Human Rights Center’newsOct 13, 2010
Amputations and Floggings on the RisenewsOct 13, 2010
Shirin Ebadi’s International Appeal to Help Nasrin Sotoudeh in PrisonnewsOct 07, 2010
Ebadi and Prominent International Organizations Call for Release of Nasrin SotoudehnewsOct 02, 2010
Iranian Blogger Hossein Derakhshan Receives 19.5 Years In PrisonnewsSep 28, 2010
Ahmadinejad’s Media Blitz Unfolds as Young Activists Receive Harsh SentencesnewsSep 21, 2010
Stand Up to Ahmadinejad’s FalsehoodsnewsSep 20, 2010
“Tortured Confessions” Detailed from Inside Evin PrisonnewsSep 09, 2010
نامه تکان دهنده مومنی به رهبردرباره شکنجه واعتراف گیری اجباریnewsSep 08, 2010
وکیل حقوق بشرنسرین ستوده را آزاد کنیدnewsSep 05, 2010
Leader Accountable for Violence Against Opposition LeadersnewsSep 03, 2010
رهبر ایران مسئول خشونت علیه رهبران مخالف استnewsSep 03, 2010
Women’s Rights Campaigners Convicted, Lawyers Under Increased PersecutionnewsSep 01, 2010
Neda Agha Soltan’s Mother Appeals to the International Community newsAug 30, 2010
Reliable Source Reports Of Group Executions Inside Mashad’s Vakil Abad PrisonnewsAug 24, 2010
Mansour Osanloo’s Wife Pleads to International Bodies for His ReleasenewsAug 24, 2010
“They Tell Me to Take Back My Complaint to Close the Case,” newsAug 24, 2010
همکاری صدا و سیمابادستگاه های اطلاعاتی درنقض وسیع حقوق بشرnewsAug 11, 2010
Appeals Court Should Overturn Unjust Sentencing of Baha’i LeadersnewsAug 11, 2010
Release Prisoners of Conscience on Hunger StrikenewsAug 04, 2010
Halt Arrest of Lawyer in Stoning CasenewsJul 27, 2010
Female Political Prisoner at Risk of Imminent ExecutionnewsJun 28, 2010
Javad Larijani Misrepresents Human Rights Council Session on National TelevisionnewsJun 23, 2010
Nobel Laureate Defamed on Iranian TV, Colleague ArrestednewsJun 11, 2010
Saba Vasefi: Attempted Arrest, Accident, And ComanewsJun 05, 2010
“Release All Political Prisoners And I Will Forgive The Murderers of My Son,” newsJun 05, 2010
Political Prisoners and Problems with Food, Medicine, and AbusenewsJun 05, 2010
Leader’s Pardon of 81 Political Prisoners Show Arbitrary Nature of ProsecutionsnewsJun 03, 2010
وصیت نامه آرش رحمانی پور: افتخارم این است که ایرانی هستمnewsMay 20, 2010
Iran: Detained Director, Jafar Panahi, on Hunger StrikenewsMay 18, 2010
Security Forces Harass Shirin Alam Hooli’s Family newsMay 15, 2010
I Learned About Life From ShirinnewsMay 15, 2010
Political Executions Indication of Government’s InsecuritynewsMay 10, 2010
Clampdown on Teachers and Labor ActivistsnewsApr 30, 2010
“My Entire Trial Took Only Three Minutes”newsApr 30, 2010
End Politically Motived ExecutionsnewsApr 26, 2010
Four Months in Detention Without Access to Lawyer or Visitation With FamilynewsApr 26, 2010
Shabnam Madadzadeh’s Critical Health Condition in Evin PrisonnewsApr 26, 2010
Iranian Police to “Organize” Activities of NGO’snewsApr 26, 2010
Threats Against Maziar Bahari Extend Repression to DiasporanewsApr 21, 2010
Illegal Arrest, Prison Abuse, And Unfair TrialnewsApr 14, 2010
Human Rights Group Demands Closure of Evin Prison CourtnewsApr 14, 2010
Iranian Human Rights Activists Under Attack; New Precedents SetnewsApr 06, 2010
Issa Saharkhiz’s Poor Health after Hunger StrikenewsApr 06, 2010
The Widespread Infiltration of Intelligence Operations Into the Judicial SystemnewsApr 06, 2010
Hassan Lahooti’s Release: Eavesdropping on Critics’ Phone Conversations RevealednewsMar 26, 2010
علی کانطوری محکوم به ۱۵سال: برای قبول اتهامات شکنجه زیادی متحمل شدمnewsMar 26, 2010
Abbasgholizadeh: Suppression Has Changed Iranian Women’s PrioritiesnewsMar 13, 2010
Stop Anti-Sharia and Inhumane Execution Sentences!newsMar 13, 2010
Against the Iranian Constitution, Islamic Penal Code, and International ConventionsnewsMar 07, 2010
Evin Prison: Visiting political prisonersnewsMar 04, 2010
Arrest of Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi and New Pressure on Independent FilmmakersnewsMar 03, 2010
همراه احمدی نژاددرنیویورک متهم شناخته شد: جرم:حمله به یک دخترجوانnewsFeb 25, 2010
"In Order to Solve the Problem, Kill the Dissidents Like in 1988"newsFeb 24, 2010
Possibility of Mahsa Jazini’s Release on BailnewsFeb 24, 2010
Heavy Bail Amounts Are Not in Accordance With LawnewsFeb 24, 2010
Police and plainclothes forces directly responsible for brutal abuse of studentsnewsFeb 23, 2010
Judiciary authorities ambiguous about Kahrizak court datenewsFeb 23, 2010
Details of December 30, 2009 attack on Mashad UniversitynewsFeb 23, 2010
Ambiguity in Kahrizak casenewsFeb 21, 2010
16 separate charges and continued pressure on Bahareh Hedayat for televised confessionsnewsFeb 19, 2010
Reaction to statements by Head of Iranian Human Rights Delegation at the UNnewsFeb 18, 2010
The role of plainclothes men in abuse and mistreatment of detaineesnewsFeb 18, 2010