Walls say it all

Walls say it all

Argentina 25 years after restoration of democracy

by Shervin



The art of getting some

Iranian men's guide to success with Western women

31-Aug-2007 (54 comments)
Let's start with one very very important thing, just like selling a product, when you are a man, you are sort of trying to sell your product on the market. You put yourself on some sort of a virtual (imaginary) shelf for women's picking/ viewing, so that some, or more, of them can fall for your offering. So, you kind of need to do what they call in marketing a SWOT analysis. SWOT goes for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (threats is less relevant though important if you consider the post-success period). I have done the SWOT analysis and reached some conclusions that you, the Iranian man, can take into consideration. STRENGTHS - what then: First, you need to analyse your specific situation, to see what is your strong point compared to the competition.>>>


تاریخ موجودیت کردان

و نقش آنها در پایداری و استقلال ایران

31-Aug-2007 (one comment)
در آشفته بازار امروز جهان که جمعی ناآگاه ، جمعی مغرض ، جمعی بی تفاوت ، جمعی بد ستور ، جمعی خشک سر ، جمعی نان به نرخ روز خور و جمعی... از کنار واقعیت های گذشته خود می گذرند ، باید به اندیشه ورزان گرایش های مختلف هشدار داد که به خود آیند و در کشاکش تلاش ملت برای مردم سالاری ، در راستای منافع بیگانه ، جبهه های دروغین و سنگرهای پوشالی برپاندارند که ایرانیان از همه اقوام از کنار این مواضع ساده عبورنمی کنند ، از این رو ، برآنم دست کم به نوبه خود به عنوان یک ایرانی کرد به گذشته خود مراجعه کرده ، بگویم از کجا آمده ام و نیاکانم کیانند تا سربلند برخلاف یاوه سرایان دستوری بیان کنم به راستی ایران پیش از هر قومی ، سرای کردان بوده و هست . جمله ای است مشهوراز ملامصطفی بارزانی ، بزرگ مرد میدان های نبرد غیر کلاسیک که " هر کجا کرد هست ، آنجا ایران است ." >>>


Fidelity Ring

Wedding ring of the future

31-Aug-2007 (2 comments)
To All Women: If your husband is a man and has in his possession a fully functional penis, then he is genetically designed to cheat on you. It’s just a matter of when and not if. And if you don’t know this horrifying fact, you are either relatively naive or totally naïve. Women who don’t belong to either category are classified as simply gullible. The male character is formed by this retractable object. If this organ is not fully-grown a few times a day then the man attached to it is not capable of demonstrating a fully developed personality in his social interactions.>>>


Gholaam Flake

A man of no substance

His name is not Gholaam but he is a flunky type at times (nookar sefat)ˆ servant of his needs for women. One of my Turkish friends calls him "amjugh parast"! It is not necessarily a bad  thing except when you combine it with "being flaky" which can cause trouble for everybody around him. What do I mean? Well when it comes to women who provide him with what he needs or when he knows a new woman and wants to get into her pants, he does everything! Absolutely everything! What a lover, a servant, a friend, a father may do. >>>


طالبان های اروپائی

روزنامه سوئدی مظهر سانسور با ادعای دروغین آزادی بیان

30-Aug-2007 (one comment)
هفته گذشته روزنامه نرکیس آله هاندا که در شهر اوره برو سوئد و در تیراژ حدود 100000 نسخه چاپ میشود عکس های مستهجنی از محمد پیامبر مسلمانان چاپ کرد که دقیقا نشانگر اهدافی خاص میباشد از آنجائیکه به افکار طرفداران عقیدتی با این مسئله برخورد و این نکته را میشکافند؛ در اینجا بدان پرداخته نمیشود . بلکه لازم است در رابطه با ادعای دروغین آزادی بیان برای چاپ چنین چیزهائی در سوئد و مخصوصا این نشریه که خود من با آن تجربه ای دارم پرداخته شود.>>>


My Toronto

My Toronto


by Kamaledin Farahani
29-Aug-2007 (6 comments)



Enduring endearment

It takes a lot more than vocabulary to stop an Iranian from saying what’s on his mind

29-Aug-2007 (2 comments)
Global communication and the urge to become one with the world has brought on drastic changes and bent a few rigid rules. Long gone are the days when we used different greeting for different people. Just three decades ago, you never said goodbye to your seniors with “Bye” or even the common term of ghorbanat – meaning may I be sacrificed for you! Instead, where I grew up, you had to say sayeh-toon-kam nasheh -- may your shadow never diminish. Or Marhamat-e-shoma-ziyad -- may your favors increase! The undertone was understood, yet such formal expressions often required additional gestures such as a bow, hand kissing, or simply standing up. I never understood why my father said taazeem arz meekonam when talking on the phone, and to this day can’t imagine the need to verbally bow to anyone. >>>


راننده های تهران

راننده های تهران

یک سری از اونها رو از روی بیکاری تو هواپیما کشیدم

by Pendar Yousefi
29-Aug-2007 (2 comments)



Me and the Campaign on Vozara Street

A laugh at a chaotic situation

29-Aug-2007 (3 comments)
When Lyda left, we were all quiet... We were thinking about her ill-fated marriage and her silence in facing the separation... When we passed Haft Hoz Bookstore, we saw the members of the security forces surrounded by a crowd of people. Ehsan told me jokingly: "They are going to arrest you now." I was wearing no make up and I was distressed, my mind still occupied with Lyda’s black eye. So, I laughed. A chador-clad policewoman came charging towards me and said: "Come with me for a few moments." >>>


Our short order cooks

My sons Siavash and Koorosh

29-Aug-2007 (2 comments)


An Iranian's view of America

29-Aug-2007 (6 comments)
Farhad is not just an ordinary friend. I have known him since high school. We were also roommates at college in Iran in the early 1970’s. While a Junior at college, he was arrested by Savak (Shah’s secret police) for distributing political pamphlets, put into prison, and sent to the Army to serve a mandatory 2 years service. I lost touch with him for over 25 years. A few years ago while visiting Iran , a mutual friend invited me to a college reunion in Tehran and it was there that I saw Farhad again. He told me the story of his life and how he was able to finish his engineering degree after completing his term in the army, how he was briefly detained again after the revolution, and how he began working like a ‘normal’ person, as he puts it, in the engineering and construction field.>>>


پاسخ استاد علی اکبر دهخدا

بگوييد که چگونه توانسته ايد از دست استعمار خلاص شويد؟

28-Aug-2007 (one comment)
از اين گوشه آسيا شما می تواند به ملت خودتان اطلاعات بدهيد، تا آنها بدانند در اينجا به طوری که انگليسی ها ايران را معرٌفی کرده اند، يک مشت آدمخوار زندگی نمی کنند، و از طرف ديگر به فارسی، به عقيده من خوب است که در صدای آمريکا، طرز آزادی ممالک متحده آمريکا را در جنگ های استقلال، به ايرانيان بياموزيد و بگوييد که چگونه توانسته ايد از دست استعمار خلاص شويد؟ و تشويق کنيد که واشنگتن ها و فرانکلن ها در ايران، برای حفظ استقلال از همان طرق بروند. >>>


The road to Kalat Naderi

The road to Kalat Naderi

If these mountains and fields could talk

by shahireh sharif
28-Aug-2007 (2 comments)



Cover girl

A one-woman performance art piece

I stopped wearing a hejab at twelve, and at thirteen my clothing style gradually grew shorter. I thought that the entire point of hejab was to blend a woman with her surroundings, and if my surroundings exercised their right to bear skin, shouldnŒt my hejab follow in pursuit? For a while it worked, but the longer time passed since I wore my hejab, the more and more I felt like a sore thumb. I felt displaced, homeless, and when I sought safety, I would crawl onto my bed and drape my blanket over my entire head and body. Even today, when I remember the empty act of praying, I don't remember the foreign words or the unexplained movements so much as I remember the light, see-through cloak that enveloped me, embraced me, and if I had any faith in God during my five daily prayers, it was in the feeling that as long as I was engulfed by his hejab, I was safe. >>>


خرد عشق ورزيدن

از مجنون تا فاشيسم

يکی از نام های شناخته شده در فرهنگ ما «مجنون» است؛ هم به عنوان نام ديگر «ابن قيس» ی که عاشق زنی به نام «ليلی» می شود و قصه ی عاشقی اش بر سر زبان ها می افتد، و هم به عنوان صفتی برای آن ها که عقل درستی ندارند. اين کلمه از عربی به فرهنگ ما آمده و در آن فرهنگ به معناي «جن زده» بکار می رود و به کسی نسبت داده می شود که حرکات عجيب و غريبی انجام دهد که با رفتارهای عادی مردمان زمانه اش همخوانی نداشته باشد. >>>


Battle with the dead

Destruction of the Bahai cemetery in Yazd

28-Aug-2007 (3 comments)
I know not what it is that has overcome this land and nation. With the passing of each day, one notices more and more manifestations of weakness and desperation amongst those who reign powerful. It is as though a wellspring of the uttermost degrees of anger and hatred is gushing out of the depths of their beings. They are lost in a frenzy of bewilderment as to the manner in which to employ all that rage and fury. Their animosity towards the Bahais goes back a long, long, way: they captured the Bahais; killed them; looted their homes and belongings; and fancied that they could extinguish the Divine Light of Truth. But, they did not succeed! >>>


How much for a kidney?

And how much for a grave?

28-Aug-2007 (11 comments)
Recently I read an interesting article about Iranian security forces discovering a tunnel that apparently lead to the British Embassy in Iran. I found the whole affair extremely interesting, not so much because of the cloak and dagger stuff, but because the Iranian authorities among other things, accused the Brits of using the tunnel to bring in prostitutes into the embassy. I was naturally flabbergasted by this insolence of the British embassy staff. How dare they doing this in the Islamic Republic? Don't they know that prostitution is illegal in Iran? Don't they know that the wise rulers of the Islamic Republic allow temporary marriages (from a few hours to many weeks or months, depending on one's stamina)? But what can you expect of these foreigners? They don't know much about the country. So I have taken it upon myself to educate them on how the Islamic Republic functions. >>>



A screenplay by Ren A. Hakim

27-Aug-2007 (3 comments)
Interestingly Hollywood may well discover a new and interesting version of the legendary tale of Xerxes and Esther thanks to a script written by a beautiful American actor/writer of Iraqi heritage: Ren A. Hakim. All the more interesting is that Hakim's script is titled Xerxes and tries to take a look at this story from the perspective of the King whose reign saw the expansion of the Persian Empire to its pinnacle and during which the Palace of Persepolis was to be completed as an architectural Imperial legacy for future generations before its fatal destruction and burning centuries later by Alexander the Great. >>>


Somebody is calling my name

Whoever I may be, I know that now I’m the precise and perfect meaning of my name

27-Aug-2007 (3 comments)
I don’t know the meaning of my name. But I know one thing: my name is entirely what I am. Already, I’ve forgotten the name that’s given to me. Maybe if I think harder, I’ll remember it. Yet I feel no urge to look for it: it was like all those things that must have been lost, those that must have been gone and set free in formlessness. I shaped my new name on my own, though. First, it was simply an insignificant speck of pollen among thousands of other specks, drifting around in the air, searching for the pistil. I waved at that very spec and it floated toward me. “Just don’t forget to water me everyday,” it whispered.>>>