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Today 11/24/2010 the US armed forces were told by a memo from Pentagon to use illegal term of a.r.a.b.i.a.n gulf instead of thousands of years old historical name of PERSIAN GULF. America in 300 years existence never used such an illegal and unlawful term for the Persian Gulf. That create doubt in Iranian/ Persian people at home and abroad that Obama is helping Iran and Iranian resistance because the Persian Gulf has nothing to do with arab mullah's Iran regime. The PERSIAN GULF is the reality and not negotiable. This action injures the hearts of 75 millions Iranians not Iran’s regime. During 7000 years of world history millions of brave Persian/ Iranian gave their lives to guard and protect the dear Persia Land and the Persian Gulf. The Arab invaders like bacterias opportunist around the PERSIAN GULF region are bribing the world leaders and media from our own share of OIL & GAS revenue to help them steal our heart and identity means the PERSIAN GULF. We Iranian abroad should seriously protest such an illegal action of Obama administration and stop them from such an abuse of power. The Arabs mostly from Saudi Arabia killed more than 3000 Americans during 9/11 on WTC attack and many more through other attacks worldwide. What happened due to huge arm deals with little kingdoms in the Persian Gulf, Obama administration closed their eyes to the reality and decided to lie about ancient world history and use illegal term for PERSIAN GULF? The United Nation has mandates several times and emphasized the use of historical and legal name of the PERSIAN GULF to the member nations. Why is the Obama administration breaking the law?


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Dec 12, 2010
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Cruel dictator King Abdullah and his 2500 princes along with other little puppets sheikdoms around the Persian Gulf which existed only 50 years or they were parts of the Persian Empires and they were raising goats and camels and living in tents before discovery of oil in the Persian Gulf by British colonialism who created these little monsters do any thing such as bribing foreign leaders and media from Iran's unused share of OIL & GAS revenue to get protection so they can stay in power as well as steal Iran/Persia identities. Since these Arabs never had identities from their own. they have been stealing our Philosophers like Bu Ali Sina, Zachariah Razi, Farabi, Persian horse, persian pomegranate, Persian 1001 Nights, Pars sea or Cyrus Sea [calling it Arabian sea], Bahrain and taking advantage of unpopular Islamic regime in Iran, they managed to dispatch their masters forces from all over the world to the Persian Gulf region. Now they are aggressively working to change the 7000 years historical LANDMARK of Persian Gulf the heart of 75millions Persian/Iranians which is recognized internationally and registered by the United Nations as the Persian Gulf. These Arabs are shamefully claim 3 island of Tunbs and Bu Musa too and one of these days they will call Iran “Al-Iran" too. They are unaware of the facts that millions of brave Iranian/ Persian has died so far to protect Iran/Persia land  of Cyrus of Great and the Persia Gulf through 7000 years of history and they will not compromise an inch of Iran/ Persia Territory, no matter what regime is running Iran. LONG LIVE PERSIAN GULF  DEATH TO PAN ARABISM.  



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As a US citizen and father of a Persian Gulf veteran and long time taxpayer who voted for Democratic Party for 40 years, I'd like to ask  our Defense Department officials who I voted for them as I voted for Mr. Obama this question: What kind of rights do you have to tamper with a 7000 years historical landmark of the PERSIAN GULF which has been recognized internationally and by the UNITED NATIONS which we host that world body and a significant member of that world body by breaking the law and call it an illegal term of a.r.a.b.i.a.n gulf? I always thought America’s founding father established our governing system based on law and order, but unfortunately today I see the opposite side of it. For over 300 years of American existence, this is the first attempt by our government to unlawfully and illegally change an ancient LANDMARK which left from the PERSIAN EMPIRES who ran the world for thousands of years and Cyrus of Great left the first DECLERATION of HUMAN RIGHTS ever "please refer to the UNITED NATION CHAPTER and the world ancient history or even Jewish Torah". By doing this awful act, we are hurting, insulting and injuring the hearts of 75 millions Iranians/Persians at home and abroad who are mostly pro US and West. They have been struggling to free Iran from Arab Mullahs regime for 31 years and the Persian Gulf has nothing to do with Iran’s present regime.  Iranians are not Arabs they are Persians and they will remain Persians for ever just like Persian Gulf will. With the decision like this American government is loosing trust, support, prestige and respect among all Iranians/Persians who trusted and cared for America and Americans. Some figures show about one million of the American/ Iranian people live, work and vote in American society. Although we have not forgot 9/11 attack on WTC and Pentagon by Saudis, Arabs hijackers who killed more than 3000 of our innocent Americans and the same day Arabs all over the Arab world specially in Saudi Arabia celebrated and danced in the streets passed candies and cookies around and called the attacks punching the nose of Imperialism of America. they also called their newborn boys Osama while they called Osama an Arab hero and the same day I heard in the news that Iranian people used candle lights to commemorate Americans deaths. We all know Al-Qaida is rooted and established, financed by Saudi Arabia royal family and we found out about money transferred to some Saudi hijackers by them. Osama is Arab from Saudi Arabia who architected almost all the recent attacks on American soil and Americans abroad. As I remember our Democrat Presidential Candidate Senator Robert F. Kennedy assassinated in 1968 by an Arab from Jordan named Sirhan Sirhan, Major Hassan an Arab killed Americans, Africa’s duel Embassy bombing by Arabs killed Americans, USS Cole attack by Arabs killed Americans and WTC attack in 1993 by Arabs killed Americans and many more as well. I’d like our Defense Department to read some ancient history and history of terrors in American soil and abroad not just manipulate the ancient history to make Arabs feel good. We can’t change the historical facts because of some little Arab kingdoms around the Persian Gulf region which existed since past 50 years or they were parts of Persian Empire before. Simply because they are buying war machines from us and selling oil and gas to us that does not mean Arabs like America and Americans. Arabs always believed Americans and Westerners are infidels and nonbelievers and must die or convert to Islam’s Sunni Wahabi branch. Only their cruel dictator leaders who are not popular among their own people desperately need our support in order to stay in power, not their population. As my family and I show our displeasure for such a Defense Department horrible decision, but in 2012 election we sure know well who to vote for.  May God Bless America    

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what a kerfuffle. Fundamental question is: "Do you have a flag?"

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Duh, Dirty Angel, trying to find the right video to claim authority. Duh Duh Duh

"Hiroshima, who was the hiro, and who is Shima?"


Foocking America

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 Someone needs to smack the filthy bunch of tazis and their American butt buddies.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


The outrage of Iranians in

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The outrage of Iranians in this regard is well placed and understood. But I am far more suspicious of the motivation behind the US military and US foreign policy then a simple name change.

Divide and rule, invented by the British and mastered by the Americans.




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Here is Wikipedia's definition for Persian Gulf:



The Persian Gulf, in Southwest Asia, is an extension of the Indian Ocean located between Iran (formerly called Persia) and the Arabian Peninsula.[1] Historically and internationally known as the Persian Gulf, this body of water is sometimes controversially referred to as the Arabian Gulf or simply The Gulf by most Arab states[2], although neither of the latter two terms is recognized internationally. The name Gulf of Iran (Persian Gulf) is used by the International Hydrographic Organization[3].


Apparently Wikipedia does not agree with US Navy!

Another thing is the book "One Thousand and One Nights" is also called "Arabian Nights".........what is in the book is the frame story of Persian king Shahryar and his wife, Scheherazade..........maybe they should change the name of the book to Persian Nights!


Much ado about nothing really Persian

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There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with being Arab and there is nothing wrong with their calling it the Arabian Gulf.

There is no such thing as mandates and stipulations becoming binding laws.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.