Happy Birthday, Jahanshah!

by ziaian

Have a very Happy Birthday, Jahanshah!

Your iranian.com, 15 years old now, has had a revolutionary impact in moving the Iranian diaspora into the age of information. You certainly have had a most positive impact in helping Iranians feel free to communicate. You have created, opened, and maintained a much needed channel for dialogue, mutual respect, tolerance, and ultimately a prospect for optimism and hope for a possible functional peaceful Iranian society. Piruz bashid!

At this occasion, I would like to pledge $20 to Iranian.com.



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Happy Birthday JJ, really?!

by Monda on

Best wishes to you... you'll receive My hediyeh soon :o) 

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Very sweet of you SEZ. Mamnoonam. iranian.com will be 15 in July.