The Z story


The Z story
by مآمور

I have no idea who Z or any other user ids he might have used is, however, during my short residency at IC, I have seen him a good few times!!

He emailed me and I posted for every body to see it! 

last night, some of us descended  on two blogs and fought ' the mother of battle' for the Sunday. I was pulled away and rescued by the wife who was promised a holly dinner out!! But at the table, I remembered there is some body sitting some where in this world and reading these absolute words of wisdom!! and it surely got out of control!!

One of the worst was Z. Again, I dont know who he/she is but one thing I learned, he is so fascinated about IC he wants to be here so badly!!he should have listened to me

here is what email says

This is Zed (if some of you know me by a different IC name that's okay).  I know this is a weird email name, but I just made up some nonsense email so I can get back to everyone quickly.  They just reported my other e-mail name so I will have to get that fixed.  (Yes, they don't respect privacy on IC - they will give your email address to the Israelis.  Consider that a settled point because they reported my other email 20 minutes after they banned my IC account.  Yes, you read that correctly the reported my email, not just my IC account.)

The people that run IC are traitors. You don't even need to talk about the Shah, or IRI, or Mossadegh to reach this conclusion.  Even if Iran was governed by Elvis, the IC people would still be traitors. A site that lets people be subject to violent threats, censors those that protest the constant "bomb Iran" drivel, and casts Iranians in a false and defamatory light on a daily basis is a traitor, especially when faced with the risks of war.  These vatan fooroosh IC people are the lowest of the low.  You don't even need to talk about which type of government is good or bad to reach that conclusion.  Treason has a standard definition.  I strongly suggest you unite to fight the menace IC has become.  Forget about the fake profiles doing it: It's Jahanshah Javid and Said Amin -- ultimately they are the puppet masters; they choose who stays / who goes; and what messages are broadcast.  

But also I will share my point of view: I would never disrespect the young men that defended our borders against Saddam.  God bless them all, and I will say it proudly to anyone.  If it wasn't for those young Iranian men that protected our borders, your mothers and sisters would have become Saddam's new wives.  I love Iran with everyone bone in my body, and will stand up to anyone that tries to harm it.  Javid and Amin are nothing.

For those of you who asked:

1- I did not use any profanity on IC ... Zero!
2- I did not threaten anyone on IC.  
3- I only blogged within the limits (2x per day).

I swear on my life.  Attached is the graphic I am sending to CIM so you can see with your own eyes what happened.

The Israelis wrote in Hebrew "Fuck Iranians" and "We will slit your throat if you don't shut up" and IC banned me!!!!  I wrote a blog complaining about the immorality of putting little Iranian kids' pictures up and falsely claiming they have HIV (the disease that causes AIDS).  

Iraj Khan was on the page with me at the same time I got banned and noted what happened accurately on the site: I can also read in Hebrew as well as several other languages.  When I caught them mocking Iranians as "pieces of shit" I even told the IC admin and sent him the translation.  

It seems like Z's account has been blocked too!
by iraj khan on Mon May 28, 2012 09:46 AM PDT

Why? Does anybody has an explanation for it? What was his 'Sin'?

The pattern of their activites on IC

by iraj khan on Mon May 28, 2012 08:57 AM PDT

They usually choose the names of the Persian heros, characters or creatures from Shahnameh, look and you shall find those names on IC. They state their only reason to be here 'is to help Iranians on their way to democracy'. They pretend to be muslims in the beginning before they're outed as Jewish and a supporter of the Racist Rapist Criminal regime of Israel. A few of them were outed during this last few days after they started communicating in Hebrew and were caught by Zed (Z).

I started a new blog for Iranians with the help of one other person.  Anyone that wants to can post content there.  It started today.  Send me pictures, articles, whatever you want.  As you can see banned content will have a home.  Start sharing stories off that blog with people.  


The easiest way to change IC is to get people to boycott Said Amin's dating websites.  Can you imagine that people sign up for his dating websites not knowing that their money goes to fund this "bomb Iran" nonsense on IC?  If they knew, he'd be out of business.  

Get More People To Me That Object to IC.  That's the key.  Talk with them off of IC and get them to help.  As you can see, I've put everyone on BCC, I would never reveal your personal details.

My email is still

Watch this beautiful video and get inspired: //
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Z ionism is cancerous tumor of the world

by مآمور on

 I m sorry, English was the third(if not fourth) language I learned so it is said


 I m a real woman and I dont play flagging game with boys!!

I wear an Omega watch

Anonymous Observer

More info for you MM

by Anonymous Observer on

On the conspiracy theory Birthers that do not go away.  This is the most high profile one:



does "Z" stand for Zoro or Zahra?

by mousa67 on

maybe "Z"'s good pen pal & adviser,  mamoor joon can answer this question without flagging "his?' uncle mousa's friendly comment :)

btw. just love the cute british way of saying "zed", instead of our rough american way of saying "zee". the girls with british accent just drive me nutts.


Anonymous Observer

But MM, that would be an exercise in futility

by Anonymous Observer on

This is the nature of conspiracy theory followers.  You cannot "reason" with them.  You cannot "prove" anything to them.  Look at the "birthers" in the U.S.  What possible additional evidence can Obama offer them about his birth in the U.S.?  He has released every possible document that he could.  Every single official in Hawaii has attested to the authencity of the documents.  But the birther claims are just as strong as ever.  

The bottom line with these folks is that they want attention.  "Points," "facts" and "evidence" are irrelevant.  They post this nonsense just to get your attention and argue with you.  Arguing for sake of arguing is what they seek.  Therefore, the best approach to them is to ignore them--and at the same time appear to take them semi-seriously (see my comment below).  That's like pouring water on their flames.  Once they realize that no one wants to argue with them, they will move on to the next website and try to garner attention there.

PS- In these specific instances--and by that I mean the "Palestine arbadeh kesh" Iranians, even the Palestinians don't want to have anything to do with them.  They realized a long time ago that "arbadeh keshi" is not the way forward, and that they have to be more diplomatic, smart, cunning and manipulative instead--kind of like Israel itself.  So, that's the path they have chosen.  The revolutionary, flag burning "arbadeh kesh" Israel haters are, for the most parts, Iranian in nature.  No surprise there, as Iranians have perfected the art of "arbadeh keshi" for the past 34 years.  Incidentally, have you ever seen Palestinians burn an Israeli flag in Ramallah and Gaza like Iranians do on semi-daily basis in the streets of Iran?  Think about that for moment!

Anyway, here's more evidence of Palestinians distancing themselves from Shabaan Bimokh Iranians:




by MM on

We, on IC, need to force everyone to prove their conspiracy theories (call them on it).  Without accountability, IC might as well be an extension of TMZ. An Iranian rumor-mill.


Zed, I received your answer!!

by مآمور on

But I m not going to post it here!! because I can let people see your email, however I only answer on my own behalf.

there is good second reason and that is I sincerely believe u did break the rules.

dont get me wrong buddy!! I love to see u back, but please remember, the cyber is not about showing verbal muscles! it is about how u present your argument!

 I wear an Omega watch

Anonymous Observer

Well, I'm glad that

by Anonymous Observer on

Wahid finally took my advice and set up his own Jew / Baha'i hate site.  I told him to do so awhile back.  Now he can rant all he wants about Jews / Baha'is and  That's what he really needed.  A place of his own in cyberspace dedicated to Jew/ Baha'i hate.

But as I also have told Wahid before, he shouldn't really try to do things on the cheap, like pretending to be an organziation but listing a Gmail address for his contact.  What he should do is spend a few dollars (more like $50.00) on setting up an actual website, and not do this through a blog service.  He will get noticed more. I think he should create a site called  I checked and the domain name is available.  So, why not do it on a more professional level, so that he can his message across better?  

A note to MM: in order to answer the question that you have posed below, you need to look at the characters that you're dealing with.  Just think about their mindset.  These are conspiracy theory people.  And the beauty of conspiracy theories is that you never have to prove them.  Because if they can be proven, they are no longer conspiracy theories.  They become facts.  And these people cannot deal with facts.  They live in a paranoid fantasy world where everyone is a Jew that is out to get them.  That's how they can claim that everyone on IC is a Jew who is writing from Tel Aviv.  They don't need to prove it.  The fact that they just came up with this whole scenario is enough.

PS- our good frined Wahid is still amongst us under at least three other usernames that I can tell.  I'm sure he has many more.  Not that I care or anything.  He can have as many usernames and write whatever he wants.  For one thing, this is not my site.  Second, Israel is not my country, so I really don't care what they say about it.  Third, I'm for free speech.  I am, however, slightly annoyed at the fact that these characters try to shift focus from Iranian issues by talking about Israel on this site.  Hence, my advice to them to set up their own site and say whatever they want.


What makes "Z" think his email was reported to "I"?

by MM on

There is a better chance  that his computer had flame malware than the admin of IC reporting Z's email to the Is.  Moreover, give us the evidence that the admin did it.


ZED is laughing all the way to the bank!


Don't get me wrong, I like ZED in all of his incarnations, despite his love and lust for the IRR regime! But, one thing made me really disappointed at him was his taking my business idea and run with it without any sort of acknowledgment. He is probably selling tons of buckets full of zereshk en doogh (ZED) in the New York City subway and making tons of $$$s and laughing at all of you guys all the way to the bank!

Hey ZED jaan if you are out there and read this post which I am sure you are, add some salt and mints to ZED, it will make the subway riders more thirsty so they will want to buy more!

May lord Moses bless and protect ZED!

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Zereshk En Doogh!.


can someone give me a tip?

by Sassan1 on

How do I embed the youtube videos on my blog post? It does not seem like it is allowing me to do so


i blame no work & lots of time.

by mousa67 on

which can make one so obsessive about internet sites  to create a dozen or so usere ID's. use these user ID's to write hate comments about jews, bahais. americans  & anyone who is not madly in love with the trio mass murdereres & terrorists ahmadinejad/khamenei/asad. attack those who disagree with him with profanity & slander. get kicked out of internet sites, or allah forbid lose those hardly begged for US/english/canadian green cards and get kicked out all the way back to gaza strip via gizmo, into the hands of my trigger happy nephew ariel, the reservist.

just sayin.




by Sassan1 on

thx truthseeker!



by Truthseeker9 on


Sorry to go off topic

by Sassan1 on

How do I go about in posting a blog? I know how to post news but I don't seem to find the link to posting my own blog?

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

"In IC all are treated equally. It's just that some are treated more equally than others."

It's so true.

That group which includes pro Israel and 'Bomb Iran' crowd

knows how to intimidate Admin.

I'm just saying,


Dr. Mohandes

What a bunch of Rubbish!

by Dr. Mohandes on

There is no way that a respectable decent company, higher education institute, would make decision to fire or hire someone just based on some Bullsh...calls being made to them. If that organization chooses not to investigate the matter a bit further and dig out the facts, then why even bother working for them in the first place?

I believe and it is a fact that harrasment calls are made all the time to many work places, but i don't buy that any significant verdict could be issued to terminate someone's employment status solely on that basis.

So iraj joon jooni. please take it somewhere else. take faramarz's advice and start chasing after some buttoorfly.

As far as Z is concerned. He is just a little boy pissed off because some big dude stole his god damn lunch. That is aaalll!



It's a bit rich...

by Reality-Bites on

...for a supporter of the Islamic Republic to call other Iranians "traitors".

I first came across this "Z" character under the "ILoveIran" username, a couple of months back, posting about Israel 24/7.

It's a long standing typical tactic of IR supporters to flood IC with pieces on Israel to stifle debate about what's happening in Iran. In Z's case, what's made it worse was that his anti-Israel rants were full of inane and hysterical rubbish, and I say that as someone who doesn't particularly care for a lot of Israeli government's policies and actions.

People like him crave attention though and no doubt he'll soon be back under yet another username.


ایرج چاخان!



You are constantly nagging, bitching and complaining like an old lady!

Why don't you get out there and smell some flowers and chase some butterflies!

Adopt a dog or a rabbit. They are very patient and good listeners!


Rather funny

by Rea on

People sometimes tend to take this virtual world for real. "Z" must be one of them. Or he is just in need of some motherly attention.


Dear Iraj

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

In IC all are treated equally. It's just that some are treated more equally than others.

I can see already that your comment is flagged. Why? Only God and one other sick mind knows. 

iraj khan

What is Admin's policy

by iraj khan on

when the Pro Israel and 'Bomb Iran' crowd get other users' information and harrass them at their work?

Or try to get them fired from their work?

There are at least two of those abusers who are present on this thread. I'll name them if Admin request it.

Who should be sued?

iranian dotcom?

Or the abuser?

Just asking,



SK jan: True. I have never

by vildemose on

SK jan: True. I have never smoked weed but I know we are all loons but harmless. However, Zed is a danger to himself in coming undone. 

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

hamsade ghadimi

truthseeker, i agree with

by hamsade ghadimi on

truthseeker, i agree with you.  although, for the most part, i've missed the diatribe by that character, i've heard the tone (and language) before and still hear it. :)

Soosan Khanoom

Everyone, I know hebrew.. what TS just wrote means !

by Soosan Khanoom on

" I am hungry "

seriously ... I may try that new Italian place cross the street ...

Out of here but will be back 

: )





by Truthseeker9 on

אל דאגה, הוא עדיין איתנו.

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Isn't IC actually a Lunatic Asylum? Aren't we all on some sort of drugs?  Smoking weed or something?  



Poor Zed & all 10 of his user IDs =martyrs for Freedom of Speech

by AMIR1973 on

But, if history is any judge, Zed shall return (like Gen. MacArthur). I'm sure the next time he is kicked out of, the same defenders sticking up for him here will also be "defending to the death" poor Zed's violated civil rights  :-(


That's too bad,

by Cost-of-Progress on

I kinda liked him in Men in Black...ha ha ha ha ah

But seriously, is there any wonder why our ancestral land is the way it is??

Is there?


 Zed is either using

by vildemose on

 Zed is either using drugs or mentally ill. He is not stable.


 I think for his own safety it is best to not engage in his manic/delusional and potentially dangerous mind games.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Mardom Mazloom

Zed was one of the ultimate liars I've ever seen on IC

by Mardom Mazloom on

Under his Zed username he wrote two blogs full of hate and personal attacks. On his second blog, he stigmatized on a user, S, that I found hateful, though I had some heated exchanges with S's 'bomb-bomb' views in the past.

To fight fire with fire, I got to a point to use google translate and write "I love Israel and GFY" in Hebrew. He then labeled me as "zionist'. In a comment Mullah Nassredine (Iraj Khan) then said that I was outed by Zed as a no-Iranian, etc and look how this story is turned to be a global conspiracy with Israelis puppets everywhere. LoL

When Mullahs and Assad are killing there own people on the basis of 200 in less than a week (by tanks/rockets) or about 60 hangings in a week , it's difficult to sell "Look at these akhi israelis who kill Palestinians". Ommatie people should be able to understand that !