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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan
by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I like to use this blog to recognize the contribution of some Iranian
Arabs. As JJ said they are as much Iranian as any other Iranian.

There is a nice list on Wiki about famous Iranian Arabs.



My favorite is Admiral Shamkhani. While I am not a fan of IR I do appreciate the loyalty of this man to his nation: Iran. He put Iran first and thus put to rest the BS about loyalty. I may not agree with his politics but I respect and admire his patriotism.


Once the IR is gone there will be calls for retribution. I really hope people like him will be spared any "revenge". Rather given respect due to them for their acts. 

In addition there are Iranian Arabs in Bahrain who are bdly treated by the Bahrain government. We as a single nation must support them. They have a right o be treated with respect and given rights they are due.

Nation first; but race does not matter one tiny bit.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

My dear friends. Here are my responses to you:  
  • Maryam: Thank you for your kind words.
  • Mahmoudg: I agree. One nation with lots of variations of race; religion or lack thereof.
  • Comments: The reason is to show that Nationalism does not require racism. We are all one nation. Race does not matter but love of nation does.
  • Roozbeh: Thank you. As for reality the killings of MKO members are not due to their race. It has to do with politics and power struggle. Nothing to do with their race.
  • P_J: Thank you for your kind words. We agree on somethings and disagree on others. Nevertheless we are one nation. With respect for each other we must work together.
  • Divaneh: Thank you. Regarding language: it is not just Iran but it is everywhere. A nation requires a common language to hold it together. This does not mean banning other languages. It does mean that the dominant language must be known by all so we may talk to each other. There are a few multilingual nations like Swiss. However they are few and far between. Iran has many languages: Turkish; Kurd; Armenian; Arabic; Balouchi; and of course Farsi. This is not a matter of race. I agree advancing in Iran requires knowledge of Farsi. Same goes for America. If you want to advance you need to know English.


Dear VPK

by divaneh on

Thanks for touching on this important subject. I think there is plenty of misunderstanding about both Arabs and Islam. With respect to Iranian Arabs they are like the rest of the society. Those who have progressed and are better-off, like anyone else, are loyal to the country that has given them the chances. The poorer Arabs are easy targets for foreign influences who promote separatist movements. The last movement was prior to Iran-Iraq war and was promoted by Sadam Hussain who had armed some Iranian Arabs.

I must also add that it is more difficult for an Arab to progress in Iran than a Persian. Even putting aside the prejudices that they suffer, the fact that fluency in Persian can determine school results, puts the Arab children behind their Persian counterparts from the beginning. Unless this trend changes, we will be witnessing more resentment from our Arab brothers and sisters.



by P_J on

I could not have agreed with you more or said it any BETTER!

There are times that we forget who we are.   Fact is that we are all human and according to our great poet philosopher SAADI who said, we, the humanity, is structured like pieces of mosaic, put together, making a WHOLE body, and when a piece goes bad the whole body, referring to human society, suffers....only than we see that there are no inferiors or superiors, and every human is as important, to this structure, as every other one.  And the vitality of every part, the human interdependency, becomes clear and their attachment to one another OBVIOUS!

This GREAT man destroyed the myth of racism in one beautiful line of poetry 800+ years ago!

Thank you again VPK!


A truely heart warming blog Dear VPK

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Nice to hear all these beautiful, loving words and comments from Iranians  towards Iranians regardless of their race, religioun and political beliefs.

Now back to the real world (well, as close as we can get to real world  in cyber space)...


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Thank You

by comments on

Thanks for the information.  I didn't expect it coming from you, and I have no idea about the reason.  I think people's heart cannot be seen by their writings.


Nation and nationalism above all

by mahmoudg on

no one race, creed, belief system will dominate.  Including my belief system of Agnosticism.  We should all have the same representation in the future form of governance.  Babhai, Jew, Zoroastian, Agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, all will be treated the same.  One vote one voice.

Maryam Hojjat

I agree, Nation is Above ALL

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for posting.