Hillary up to no good again

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan
by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

This is NIAC's email verbatim:

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Playing with ethnic tensions is not a strategy for stability in the Middle East.

But last week, the State Department broke longstanding protocol and used the politically and ethnically charged term “Arabian Gulf” instead of “Persian Gulf”.

The term was used in prepared remarks announcing a $60 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia intended to "stabilize the region."

But such an inaccurate, ethnically divisive term will only fuel regional tensions and increase instability.

Tell Secretary Clinton that the Persian Gulf is not the “Arabian Gulf” and playing with ethnic tensions is not a strategy for stability.

The Persian Gulf has been known by that name for over 2,500 years. It’s been recognized by the United Nations and the US State Department as the correct name for decades.

The term "Arabian Gulf" first appeared fifty years ago as Pan-Arabism propaganda aimed at unifying Arabs against Iranians, Israelis, and other non-Arabs in the Middle East. Saddam Hussein later co-opted the term to exploit ethnic rivalries in support of his regional ambitions. Later, Osama Bin Laden adopted the term in an attempt to boost his appeal.

The use of such an ethnically divisive term by the State Department during the announcement of one of the largest arm sales in history sends the wrong message.

Yesterday, NIAC sent a letter to Secretary Clinton, urging her to correct the record and reiterate that the “Persian Gulf” is the appropriate name.


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mash Ghanbar

I agree

by mash Ghanbar on

With VPK and She should be very careful, any politicians for that matter. I guess we could compare this with what J. Mccain did during the Pres. campaign of 2008.

Do i hear Veez Veez around here? I thought With Fall season in session, Those lousy magases were history. Give me the damn Emshee...Feeeshhh feeeshhh... How about we call it Esfahan Gulf?

marhoum Kharmagas

It is Hillary's Gulf!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

VPK says: "Tell Secretary Clinton that the Persian Gulf is not the “Arabian
Gulf” and playing with ethnic tensions is not a strategy for stability."

She replied, .............., she peed in it!  It is neither Persian, nor Arabian Gulf. Now what hazrate Prophet?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Piss of Iran

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Well they do more than piss of Iran. They piss off Iranians like me in USA. I have been a Democrat for over 20 years since. I will never vote for Billary. In fact I will never vote for any candidate that does this crap. 

There are hundreds of thousands; possibly millions of us here. By acting this way Billary is hurting herself and her political ambitions. I tell you her "obliterate" thing cost her my vote last time around. Now this.

These politicians have no vision and do not see very far. What happens after IRI goes? How do they want to mend reltions with a bitter and angry group of Iranians. Or what if IRI does not go. In either way you have a pretty good sized nation with a population that does not like you. Now that is the actions of an idiot. So I nominate Billary for the "American Idiot" of the month.She also gets the job of "Ugly American" your pick.

Any seconds?




They do that for ONE reason

by onlyinamrica on

To piss off Iran.


If she was

by iamfine on

If she was a good wife, she would not allow Bill Clinton to have affair with numerous women throughout her marriage. She is a lousy wife and a lousy politician


Thanks. signed.

by MM on


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Remember Hillary

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


wanted to "obliterate" Iran. She is a politician meaning sell to the highest bidder.She is a nasty person. Now if she does a poll and finds out that Iranian votes matter she will turn on a dime. Vote & money is all that matters to her.

By the way I do not blame the Arab on the street. It is the leaders who do it. They are unpopular and know it. So figure by bashing Iran they may extend their time by a bit. Ironically IRI is more popular with regular Arabs than their own govs !!

Maryam Hojjat

Arabs buy American & European politicians with their Money

by Maryam Hojjat on

To change the history and create instabitity, hate among neighbors. This is indeed a shameful practice of Mrs. Clinton who advocate peace & stability in ME.  Shame on her and anyone else who tries to change the history of mankind.


Thanks VPK for writing about this imortant issue,

by Bavafa on

Divide and rule - invented by the British, practiced by all power

The Americans are certainly in bed with the Arab dictators and need to appease their masses for their upcoming mischievous.

If we are to learn any thing from history either distant and recent, is that Americans much like any other power, are only after one thing and one thing only….and that is their own interest.

It is amazing how short sighted we all can be. On one hand the Americans have forgotten what sort of regime/State Saudi Arabia is, who funds and supports those people that attacked this country in 9/11 and where does the ideology behind AlQada come from. This is all while we in US bitch and complain about Iran giving arms to other groups such as Hezbollah, meanwhile planning on biggest arms deal in US history to the most oppressive regime (i.e Saudi Arabia). If that is not hypocrisy then I don't know what it is.

Likewise, some of us Iranian-Americans (Fred and Mahmoudg the top cheer leaders on IC) still feed us daily and with his two-blog-a-day for the Americans to go and bomb Iran in the name of freedom and liberty for all, as if they will ever have such interest for the oppressed people.


The destiny of Iranians must be chosen and decided only by Iranians as we are the only one that might genuinely have the best interest of Iran and Iranians at heart.


P.S. I already signed and sent the letter, thanks to NIAC for bringing it to attention