Veiled Prophet of Khorasan
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  • Ze Khabe geran bayad az chashm shost, Ze rokh barafkande nangin, shost.
  • Bia ta bekoshim va jang avarim, boron sar az in bare nang avarim.
  • Biarim an abe rafte be joy, magar ze an biabim baz aberoy.
ز خواب گران بایدت دست شست  ز رخ بار افکنده ننگین شست  بیا تا بکوشیم و جنگ آوریم  برون سر از این باره ننگ آوریم 

بیاریم آن آب رفته بجوی   مگر زان بیابیم باز آبروی   



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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


With a 5 to 1 ratio the goons will in time lose the power. Then they will have a choice: zip it or be an outlaw. I guess there will be different choice made:

  • Give it up and join the human race. They will survive. May in time even take it to heart and become real people.
  • Grudgingly behave civil. If they behave they will be fine. But I fear their instincts will result in *** as wife beating  and the like. A good number end up in jail.
  • Fight either openly or by terror. They will be the biggest trouble makers. Iranian nation would have to deal with them in the harshest way.

That's all I have to say.


"First we must get Iranian people in Iran to want change. "

by Rastin on

"First we must get Iranian people in Iran to want change. That is already done."

I'm not saying you are wrong, but it seems to me that for every ~ 4-5 Iranian discontent about IR, you can find 1 bache akhoond: //iranian.com/main/blog/roozbeh-gilani/ta...

Parsis Victor


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


need to convince the world that they are better off with us. Right now the West is benefiting from rape of Iran. We must put our collective minds together and figure out a way to make a better alternative. Ironically Israel is the one nation who really hates IRI and will be the easiest to bring over to our side!

  • First we must get Iranian people in Iran to want change. That is already done.
  • Next get the West to want change. That is happening.
  • The real challenge is to get Islam out of people's minds. That is our priority.


Alone again?

by SamSamIIII on


:), no pal, not as long as you have army of shahnameh beside you. Every word of that two million worded book is a friend of yours. From khosru,s to Rustam, Kaveh to Saam & Gordafarid you have the whole knights of Kiaan beside you in spirit. No worries .


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Bottom Line

by Cost-of-Progress on

The alliance of reesh-o pashm and their lobby (here and elsewhere) will not go quetly into the night. We all know that. 

For now they have the guns, the resources. I am convinced that these are the very people whose ancestors betrayed our ancestors when the arab army was knocking on our doors 14 centuries ago. In time, though, even the most simple-minded sheep will come around to realize that this regime and its supporters are anti-Iran and are working to wipe the very existence of what we know as Persian and the cutlure we have worked so hard to preserve against the mounting pressure of a savage ideology.

Patriots will never surrender!





Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

  After 1400 years of: pain; misery and  medicority: The words of Ferdowsi: the greatest poet of Persia resonate more that they ever did. He truly deserves: Afarin.   Wake up folks: our nation is hurting and it is our job to fix it! 


All great people are always alone at first

by Mehrban on

Not to worry ;-).   

Iran Paidar

Dear VPK, well said

by Iran Paidar on

Dorood bar Fedosi Gerami.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Alone again

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on