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The war-mongers are profiteering off of your son's and daughter's blood. The transnational corporations are sucking your pockets dry as your wealth is transferred to The Military Industrial Complex. The Neocons are scare-mongering you into supporting them as they claim everybody is out to get America.

There is nothing wrong with a strong national defense; however, there is everything wrong with being blood guilty of murdering people who haven't attacked you or who are being provoked into an attack by CIA, NSA and U.S. Special Forces covertly invading a sovereign country and killing people. If those type of invasions happened on American soil like they are happening around the world, then it would be rightly considered to be an act of war. So who's really the aggressor? Think about it......

Now Obama has signed into law the NDAA (aka Martial Law Bill). Is this really the kind of country you want? Americans can now be killed or imprisoned without charge or a trial.


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Sadegh Bozorgmehr

Read Siavash's post, Beware of their new tactic

by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

Siavash's post is extremely important because it highlights one of the new tactics being used by those who want war with Iran.

While often claiming to be against war (because no one would take them seriously if they said they are), they instead use the argument that IF there is a war, the IRI would collapse.

It's subtle and sneaky (and of course a ridiculous argument), but by making that claim, they hope to persuade others that war wouldn't be so bad.


Missing some points here

by Siavash300 on

The video shows the large crowd gathered in a big square against Islamic Republic regime. The speaker claims that crowd was supporting Ahamadinegad and it was manipulated by western media. I am just shocked how guillable are these westerners. For example,they are not aware mullahs are paying money to thugs and lampoons to come on streets and show their support or beating unarmed people who are against them. They don't know if anyone don't go to these demonstration, he/she will lose their jobs. They don't know the crowd was forced from high schools. The teachers and government employees had been forced to attend in this show despite their wishes. If war brokes out none of the seyahi lashkar (means useless crowd) are going to attend the war in order to protect mullah's lives. The speaker don't know that. On the other hand, some poor west residing people who have not been in Iran for number of years assumed the crowd is genuine and they are truely supporter of stinky ruling mullahs. (of course not all of them).

I was in Karaj when one of these shows was orchastered by mullahs not long ago. One woman who was standing next to me said loudly they brought these people for marching in pro mullahs from some other places. She said none of them were from Karaj. The woman was from Karaj and knew her country man from the area.

    Now, how can we inform these westerners about mullahs' show and their tactic of manipulation?


Thank you for this blog!

by Fatollah on

what I like about America is, the US government  can murder a million souls, still Hollywood can make a movie/ documentary showing US citizens (duped) OR US soldiers as victims!!!



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