Divorce Rate among Iranians

Susan Stanton
by Susan Stanton

I am a graduate student at SMU in Dallas, Texas currently working on an ethnographic research regarding the rate of divorce among Persian couples, living in Iran or abroad. Part of my research includes conducting a survey on the issues of marriage within the Persian culture to find some of the root causes of current high divorce rates. I am seeking divorced and married Persian males and females to participate in the survey. If you are willing to do so, please follow the link below and complete the survey. Please be advised that Survey Monkey maintains your confidentiality and does not disclose your personal information to researchers accordingly.


Thank you for your kind assistance and participation,



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Susan one of the obvious reasons for high divorce rate

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

political turmoil of 1979 and the forced asylum that resulted, by destroying other parts of peoples lives , it has a way of showing up in marriages also.  For those within Iran I'm sure while their rates may be better it would be worse than countries that have not been plunged from freedom and progress into tyranny and poverty by their allies.  Politics is going to be the main source of human suffering, you'll find the same thing for Africa also.  Let us here know if your conclusion points to the obvious as I would expect or if we have other not so obvious points to learn about.