Shirin Ebadi speaks for Nasrin Sotoudeh - Amnesty International .

Soosan Khanoom
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" my colleague Nasrin Sotoudeh was the lawyer that so many of us human rights defenders in Iran called when our own government harassed us or put one of us, or a family member, in jail.

Sadly, it is now Nasrin who is in jail.

Her crime?

The government’s accusations against her include acting contrary to ‘national security’, ‘propaganda against the state’ and ‘membership’ in the Defender of Human Rights Centre, an organisation I founded in 2001. The government has also accused her of failing to wear a hijab, the traditional Islamic covering for women. For just a few of these trumped up charges she was sentenced  and is banned from practising."

Nobel Peace Laureat Shirin Ebadi speaks about Nasrin Sotoudeh, an Iranian lawyer jailed for defending human rights activists. Write a letter for Nasrin Sotoudeh on Human Rights Day, December 10th by joining Amnesty International's Write for Rights 


Shirin Ebadi speaks for Nasrin Sotoudeh - Amnesty International .




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Soosan Khanoom

To Admin,

by Soosan Khanoom on

In these crucial days of Nasrin's life I want to encourage this site to
keep Stedueh's face and case on the main page 24/ 7.  Nasrin Stedueh
needs our support more than ever. 
I am sending this link that is heartfelt and effective
and gives a brief summary of the entire case. 
Please have it on the main page and do not pull it down till Nasrin is
safe and her demands has been made.

The Hand that Rejected the Food for the First Time Was Our Hand ...


Please do so .

So many thanks


Soosan Khanoom

That is so true ... Thanks Mohsen

by Soosan Khanoom on

These days, I can't stop thinking of Nasrin ... I am so drawn to her case now and I feel her heartbeats entwined with mine ...  She may not make it .. and we can not even imagine what she and her family are going through!   

Please make sure to submit the letter .. visit the link i posted in the blog.



یک دولت نالایق


یک دولت نالایق جایی جز زندان برای نگهداری افراد لایق کشورش نداره.



Soosan Khanoom

The Hand that Rejected the

by Soosan Khanoom on

Soosan Khanoom

Nasrin Stoudeh's priceless words to her children,

by Soosan Khanoom on

“Remember, treat your friends the same way you treat your enemies. An enemy’s hostility cannot justify acts of violence toward anyone. I dare tell you that, no matter how they treat me, I bear no resentment and hostility toward those who consider me their enemy – nor will I go down the whirlpool of wrath and hatred they have created.”

Now,  that is the spirit that should be cherished !

I can not sleep these days as I think of a mother who may not really be able to see her children anymore and all for the sake of carrying the burden of being a human.  Standing up to defend people when they have been wronged and mistreated all at the expense of her own life.  She is truly a hero and I,as an Iranian woman, can not be more proud !


Soosan Khanoom

Thanks Rea ... her situation is getting very serious !

by Soosan Khanoom on

I have seen many campaigns for her outside of Iran but I am not sure if anything serious is going on inside Iran.   Why no one is gathering on front of the prison in her support? Even a silent protest can show her and his family that she is not alone?  May be there is one but I am not aware of?   What that matters is for those inside to stand up for her which is ultimately nothing but standing up for their own rights !!  

Thanks for stopping by ! I agree Shirin's words carry more weight.  

least we can do is to write a letter as the deadline is approaching !  



Chapeau to Shirin E.

by Rea on

Her words carry weight, so they reach out far.

Thx for posting, SK.

Soosan Khanoom

Why is the Iranian government so afraid of Nasrin?

by Soosan Khanoom on

The government is clearly frustrated that an Iranian woman’s work is shining a light on the deplorable human rights situation in Iran. The other reason is that Nasrin is fearless in taking on tough cases that other lawyers would carefully avoid, and for that she earned respect around the globe. She took on the case of journalist Isa Saharkhiz, and also that of Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, the leader of the banned Democratic Front of Iran. She also took on the high-profile case of Zahra Bahrami, a Dutch-Iranian who was arrested for participating in post-election demonstrations in 2009. Zahra was denied her right to an appeal. Despite the intervention of Dutch authorities and a call by the European Union not to, Zahra was executed without warning on January 29.

Nasrin was my lawyer in a complaint I filed against Kayhan, a conservative newspaper under the control of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, and she also defended me when Iranian authorities seized my assets in 2009.  Equally brave, Nasrin has also taken on cases involving juvenile executions. Iran is one of the few countries in the world that still puts children to death.

Shirin Ebadi