Stripping Iran's Dignity


Stripping Iran's Dignity
by SofiaM

So we’re getting an A-bomb…

This week’s IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear program painted a grave but vivid scene. With pages upon pages on highly verified evidence, the Islamic Regime’s pursuit of nuclear military capability was essentially displayed as a validation to the mounting fears in the last decade. There is no doubt that Iran is shooting for the nuclear bomb, no pun intended.

As an Iranian who stands in vehement opposition of nuclear armed Ayatollahs for a variety of reasons, I know from my own experiences, that not all progressive and liberal-minded Iranians are on the same page – many are for some reason naively convinced that the Regime’s nuclear intentions are peaceful. Selective hearing at its best; you see a regime that beats, tortures and murders its own, yet its nuclear aspirations don’t raise eyebrows?

There is no more gray-space; there is no more room for debate or assumption. The Islamic Republic is in pursuit of a nuclear bomb. This is now, factually accurate.

What has Iran now achieved? Deceiving a portion of the world in respect to its nuclear ambitions is no achievement; it is a mockery of international relations. Showing the world you are not a peaceful regime is no achievement, it’s an embarrassment. Being an oppressive Regime which seeks even more coercive power and a heavier iron fist is no achievement, it’s a disgrace.

With the Regime’s nuclear ambitions exposed, who wins? No one. The reality uncovered is not one to be celebrated. The Western world doesn’t celebrate a rising nuclear threat in a volatile region, nor does it celebrate the imminent spread of nuclear know-how to terror cells across the globe. Certainly, Iran’s imprisoned dissidents are not celebrating the reaffirmation of a brutal regime, nor are the families of those executed and kidnapped by regime forces.

This is not a game of winners and losers, rather a world in which a nuclear capable Islamic Regime must be appropriately and timely addressed for the sake of Iran’s grand history, Iran’s centuries-old dignity and Iran’s glorious future.


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bomb Iran's Sepaah/nuclear infrastructure

by Fesenjoon2 on

It's the only solution.

The islamic republic of Iran is a fanatic state. It must be de-fanged.



Oh thanks for making up my mind for me.

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

"The Islamic Republic is in pursuit of a nuclear bomb. This is now, factually accurate."

Oh really. Now that you so freely abuse the words factually and accurate, could you show us the facts? All that is produced by this malijak Yukiya Amano is according to U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies and contents of a laptop which previous IAEA reports labelled as fabrication. Now comes this shameless idiot and reproduces same old reputed material as new stuff.

And we should all, according to you, now fall in line and sheepishly swallow all this junk. Well that is you prerogative, but don't try and make us "roobah-e dom borideh."


What do you think Indians, Pakistanis and N. Korean did before..

by Disenchanted on


      getting the nukes?! you got it, they lied with straight face and adamantly denied it! I am sure everyone understands!

       Israel still denies it! :-) Now that is one of the most idiotic aspects of the world we live in! What do they think it is? Bunch of naive, gullible grade schoolers!?



It is Necessary for Iran to get Nukes

by bahmani on

So that everyone including NIAC will acknowledge they are evil, and that they lied.

There are too many documented news interviews and speeches by Ahmadinejad denying this intention over and over again.

I bet Saman Arbabi is preparing the funny video montage of it for that week's Parazit show, right now.

As soon as Iran tests one, and everyone goes "Oooooh!" I will actually be happy in a sick and sad way. It will be like worrying you have cancer for years, then finding out you actually do and being relieved the ordeal is over and now treatment can begin.

It will vindicate my claims for years now, and it will also be the sign of the beginning of the end of all this.

One way or another.

I just hope it's not another.

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Sky is falling...

by jirandoust on

Sky is is falling, said chicken little.

We are being bombarded by the news media day in and day out. No need for you to come on this site and "enlighten" us with the same crap. Give us a break, Ms. sofia, will you?