Shministim: Jewish Voice for Peace

by sobh

Shministim. Have you heard of them? I have – just now. And once I heard about them, I had to do something.

The Shministim – all about ages 16, 17, 18 and in the 12th grade – are a new breed of conscientious objectors in Israel and right now they are taking a stand. They believe in a better, more peaceful future for themselves and for Israelis and Palestinians, and they are refusing to join the Israeli army. They're in jail, holding strong against immense pressure from family, friends and the Israeli government. They need our support and they need it today.

The Shministim have asked Jewish Voice for Peace to reach out to people like us to let the Israeli government know we are watching, and that we support their courage. They're hoping to receive hundreds of thousands of postcards to be delivered to the Israeli Minister of Defense.

The Shministim are hoping to stand strong representing not only the thousands of refuseniks who came before them, not only the many young people to whom they are an example of a better world, but also to represent us. They have asked you, me, and every person who strives for peace to support them. I will.

Will you join me? It’s simple. Sign a letter. Click here: //


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by Rosie. on

Thank you for your blog.

I have a problem with the video title though, 'Good Jews.' It implies that most Jews are 'bad' and also conflated being a Zionist with being Jewish, which is not true. And even if the Shiministm themselves chose it I still have a problem with it.


i was going to ask

by humanbeing on

what the link said. yes, the self-destructive mindset of the palestinians is hurting them as much as we are.


I wouldn't call you naive

by benross on

I wouldn't call you naive but the link (in Persian) I put there was about an attack and destruction of a summer camp for children in Gaza sponsored by U.N, by some masked Palestinians. Just a reality check.



by humanbeing on

it is true what you say that the israeli right wing is capitalizing on this dissonance. the problem is, that most people look at the surface, i.e. the violent and same time incomptent actions which always end up with innocent civilians dead. so they are self-destructing, but often their main concern is their power base, and not the future of the country.

however, this does not mean these groups should stop their work, or that people should stop going to protest in sheikh jarrah or do checkpoint watches.

the main task in my opinion is not these public photogenic actions, although they are important too, but the unsung work against incitement and apartheid on an individual level, and through education. with little children. on both sides. call me naive.


Thank you

by benross on

This ad is one year old. And the Israeli peace movement is nothing new. But the fact of the matter is that this stance can only be taken by a 'superior culture'. By superior, I mean a modern culture. It fails because it is not dealing with equal counterpart. The other part is this.

Can these people ever understand what these youth are talking about? The Israel-Palestine problem is first and foremost a Palestinian problem, lack of modern values. And this can only be solved by Palestinians themselves. No amount of UN handout or Israeli tolerance can solve their internal problems. The right wing Israeli politics focuses on this and takes actions that are not helpful in resolving the problem. But the real solution for Palestinians is not coming from Israeli politics. It should come within. 


thanks for this sobh

by humanbeing on

isn't it ironic that i have to learn about this on ic! the first speaker in the clip, sahar, is the daughter of a colleague of mine at work. she is actually following a family tradition. when he comes into work on sunday unshaven, i know he's spent the weekend in prison.

on the whole many of these kids are going against their environment and this is a big move away from entrenchment. i myself have moved on from how i was raised.

there are also palestinians who have had change of heart and/or have been able to shed the opinions they have held which were fed by incitement from early childhood.

it must be reiterated that the iranian youth still face much more danger and risk of bodily harm and loss of life in their activism.

finally, if young people forming their own ideas and acting on them in order to make a better not a worse world is a sign of the times, there is some hope.