Ron Paul veteran cut off during CNN interview Iowa Caucus 1/3/12

by sobh

Ron Paul veteran cut off during CNN interview Iowa Caucus 1/3/12


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Anonymous Observer

single issue, simple minded moronic Iranians

by Anonymous Observer on

who are no different tham single issue, simple minded moronic religious right in America.  You people make great companions to the Tea Party.  They're only concerened about taxes and abortion and you people are only concerened about this idiot's alleged foreign policy--everything else be damned.  

Ron paul is a nut.  He's a gun loving, abortion hating extremist who will rather see women die than a fetus aborted.  He's is opposed to an assault weapons ban and if he became president, he will probably allow the whole U.S. to become Arizona with people strapping Glocks to their waists in supermarkets.  He wants to eliminate the Department of Education which will create substandard education to vast parts of the country.  He may not be a kKK member, but all of his ideas are supported by the extreme right wing.  

Now, as immigrants and dark skinned minorities, shouldn't you simpletons be worried about an extremist like that becoming President?  Or is it all about the old country-the U.S.--the country that you leaching on--and your own selves, be damned?  Oops, I forgot!  You still have your Iranian passports, and Toman is cheap these days.  So, hop on the plane and it's all good, ha?  Is that the plan? 

iraj khan

As Far As CNN bosses are concerned

by iraj khan on

It's Ok for young American soldiers to go to war and get blasted into pieces but it's not OK if they are to speak their mind in front of a camera and register their voices against war. All for the sake of Israel.


Of Ron Paul

by پندارنیک on

I only wonder how much of his libertarian ideas he would be able to preserve in the unlikely event that he ever becomes the president...........


RonPaul, KKK and ahmadinezhad...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

birds of a feather 

Although one of them is considered to be racialy & intellectually inferior and just serving a purpose by the other two. Guess which one :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


evidence of a racist Ron Paul

by مآمور on

 He wears an omega watch too.

I wear an Omega watch


Dear Hoshang

by sobh on

I like Ron Paul's forgin policy (at least as much as he describes it). I know he is conservative and a long time GOP member, BUT at this critical point in time when the danger of an another war is eminent, I think we need someone to defuse this danger. I would appreciate if you have any infrmation regarding his KKK membership or sympathy to share with us. That way we can judge him better.


Ron Paul is KKK in disguise

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Have no illusions about his real motives or background. Unless such disguise is your cup of tea.


true conservative

by مآمور on

 he is the man to cut huge US deficits.

I wear an Omega watch


Ron Paul

by iamfine on

He is the right man for this country. Let’s face it, try to dominate the world will translate to economical disaster - period. Yesterday, I heard US has around 200,000 bases around the world. No wonder we owe China more than 13 trillion dollars


No one really expects Ron Paul to get the nomination...

by Bavafa on

But if he does, he would certainly get my vote. 


As the news clip go, whether it was really technical technicality or other technicality the media bias is not even disguised any more.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory