Iran Air B727-200 - Cockpit Video - Flightdeck Action - Flights In The Cockpit

by sobh

In this over 2 hour long cockpit DVD you will follow Captain Rahimian on a return trip from Tehran to Bandar Abbass in southern Iran. The crew will show you the Boeing 727 in the best way. Follow the Flight Engineer on his walkaround pre flight inspection before the flight back to Tehran. Captain Rahimian will show you around in the B727 cockpit.

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Ancient plane

by Reality-Bites on

Iran Air has skilful pilots, but its planes are very old now. The B727 in this clip must be at least 40 years old and its original design is even older.

I'm not a supporter of economic sanctions against Iran, as I believe they will hurt the ordinary people rather than the mullahs. But I'm especially against the ban on Iran purchasing new or at least newer, commercial airliners. I mean, this is people's lives we are talking about.

That said, it looks like Iran Air has managed to get round the sanctions to buy 3 Boeing 747-300s, using a Gambian company as a front. The 747-300s are 25-30 years old, but at least they are newer than Iran Air's existing fleet.


Nader Vanaki

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Nader Vanaki

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