Your U.S. bank account will be closed

by Shorts

Dear friends and family members
I just heard on the Iranian radio that if anyone who is a resident of the US and is residing in Iran, and would like to check their banking accounts on-line in the US, their accounts will be frozen. 

Washington Mutual has been the first bank to detect this through the IP address and the other banks will follow suite, please inform everyone.


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Not even remotely new news and Wamu is not the first

by OOOOOOOO (not verified) on

As early as 2 years ago I checked my B of A account online once and received a warning letter, and was required to sign and return, acknowledging that in the future I am aware that conducting financial transactions with US institutions from Iran is against federal law. I did so. . .

Here's the update though. . .people can still check their account on-line without getting in trouble. . How you ask? People in Iran use "filter shekan" to get past filters. . .when doing so, their IP shows as a US or European IP address. Thus (not that I have ever ever done this. . . oh no. . .never. . .) I know of people who have checked their balances and made online payments. . .and so long as they were using the "filter shekan" they were fine.

K Nassery


by K Nassery on

I think that they are choking Iran's economy. 

 Doing this is a lot better than war.