Welcome TehranBureau.com

Welcome TehranBureau.com
by Shorts

Iran is one of the biggest news stories. But it is being covered by the mainstream media in sound bites. Or by information disseminated by Web sites connected to interest groups, political parties, and bloggers with no experience in objective journalism, reporting or even writing. Even as America's central geopolitical position becomes ever more tied to the social, cultural, and political conditions in the rest of the world, and the Middle East in particular, U.S. news organizations continue their contraction, closing or scaling back foreign bureaus. Choosing to invest fewer and fewer resources to cultivate editorial and reporting staffs who can become, in effect, area experts. The gap that has widened between the mainstream media coverage and the goings on in the region has contributed to increasing tensions between the West and East, dehumanized perception of Middle Easterners -- Iranians in particular.

We seek to develop a virtual bureau in transit. Located out of London, New York and Dubai we access the global viewpoint of the affairs of the Middle East as they affect cultural, financial and political lives around the world.

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