Twelve years later

by Shorts

xAle's sweet and kind poem for jj. Sweet and kind like herself!

I think the year was nineteen ninety two

When on SCI, I first set my eyes on you

SCI was home to xAle, dAyi, Amo, JR and you

G-man, Ben, Mac, Ostad and Mr. Mortazavi too

There was news, fights, "colts", poetry and water "ice cold"

a town bully, Hoshy Moshy, dirty jokes and food so good

SCI was our first cyber home in ghorbat

We had fights, fun, and made friends in a bat

so much to say, we even met at geedar for fun

Friendships made to last for many years to come

Aftab TV was your home before

So all the punches made you explore

what could be better than SCI you pondered was your answer, you said

Wrote a plea, invited a few and got started

money: tight, work: much and pay:not sighted

Few crashes, many sleepless nights, not much fun

hungry days, daughter came and a wife met on line

Memories of Iran, taste of home, grandma's scent

our hearts filled with joy, sorrow and even regret

You gave us all a voice and a great place to call home

good, bad, najes, left, right, a community was born

Twelve years later, Look at you my friend JJ

I am proud to say WELL DONE, this is your DAY




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Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I haven't deleted anything -- yet! Beekhodi negh nazan!

And thank you for the deep and profound congrats :o)


Please tell JJ stop censoring and deleting comments.

by Ghool on

What kind of "nothing is sacred" site is this when JJ arbitrarily delets comments. So what if people use profanity on others?

Iranian debates without fohosh Khahar modar is not a debate!?

Despite JJ's random deletion of comments, I still express my deep and profound congrats to him.