Thank You Nat Geo!

Thank You Nat Geo!
by Shorts

Dear Friends: As you know, the prestigious National Geographic magazine, published an extensive article regarding ancient Iran (Persia) in their August 2008 issue and reflected some of the glory of our past history and civilization in 34 pages and many colorful pictures plus a map showing the Persian Empire.

We, at online publication as well as "Be-Donbaal-e Khorsheed" radio show on KRSI in Los Angeles, have prepared a petition addressed to the editor-in-chief of the magazine to express our appreciation. So, please open the following link and sign it.


Also, please forward this email to all your friends and family members on your address book.

Regards, Farrokh (Frank) Javid
Daily Edition, 24 Sep 2008


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by ProudToBeAnonymous (not verified) on

I will sign the petition if Farrokh is a relative of yours.

Jahanshah Javid

For a change

by Jahanshah Javid on

I got this announcement by email and I thought, oh no, another petition against something or someone! I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually something positive and generous. That's so rare these days... I happily signed the petition.