'Planning War On Iran 2010 Summer?'

by Shorts

President Obama talks about his meeting with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah and unidentified topics they discussed. U.S and its allies are going to use Saudi air base to attack Iran. 12 U.S Warships pass Suez Canal in Egypt heading to Persian Gulf to Saudi Arabia. Israel transfers Weapons and War heads to Riyadh, Saudi. We are on WW3 people, wake up! And Now Obama meets Saudi King.

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Why war is possible

by IRI on

Iran has enough capacity by 2012 to export gasoline. This is a red light to many bastard western bully governments. They can't fight based on economy and free market competition, like spoil brad wuss, when they lose the fight, they send their war ships to win their companies' market share and stupid citizens cheer them and dumb Arab governments pay for them.
That's has been the story of Middle East. But hear it from an insider, this time is not going to happen their way. They will not lose Middle East alone, they will lose. The battles will be on interesting fronts. Welcome to 2010!!!


blah, blah, blah

by waldo on

I've been hearing about this so called war for years now. It's not happening. 


Surgical attacks to Free Iran

by mahmoudg on

from this Terrorist Rapist regime, is not wrong but rather a necessity.  However, the Saudi's should be alarmed that with islam cleansed from Iran, the world will turn its attention onto  Mecca and Medina to completely root out this cult, at least from the world's political, social and economic scene.  Personally I think, as we replace Khomeini's tomb with a public latrine, so should the same be done, with the help of Israel, on the 51st state of the US, aka, Saudi A-rabia.


the irony

by Marjaneh on

He's having talks with king abdy  about "violent extremism"?

Oh, the irony, (and in the case not even remotely funny)!


Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin



Iranian government knows that

by reza007 on

they need war to survive