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This is a call for help to the international community to ask for the immediate release of my partner Hossein Derakhshan. Hossein is an Iranian-Canadian blogger and journalist, know as the «Blogfather». He was arrested on November 1st, 2008 at his parents’ house in Tehran.

He has been detained at the Evin prison ever since. Yesterday we learnt that the prosecutor of Tehran requested the death penalty. We are expecting any time soon the final verdict. Hossein committed no crime, he was simply doing his job as a journalist.
Urgency is at its maximum.

Rigth now in New York City, the United Nations are getting together. I am asking the world nations and President Ahmadinejad for help to free Hossein from jail in the name of freedom of speech for journalists and international human rights».

says Sandrine Murcia, founder of a new technology consulting firm, Hossein’s partner, both passionate for new technologies for information and communication.

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Something concrete you can do /Apology

by Rosie. on

This news submission from Shifteh today provides the background to my suggestions in my post on her thread about something concrete you can do : 




Here is a repost of the apology I wrote yesterday on Hoder's Iranian of the Day Thread which came out right before this petition submission. It applies to the first post I wrote here.


I should apologize to everyone /...

by Rosie. on Thu Sep 30, 2010 02:00 PM PDT

for the extremeness of my comment below. I hope you can understand the extent of my distress upon seeing this. I do want to discuss the Hoder issue and there are--and hopefully will continue to be--ample opportunities throughout the site to do so...I do still find the relative lack of interest since his arrest through the announcement of his trial until now--a span of almost two years--upsetting and hypocritical in terms of the site membership taken as a whole. But, again, I apologize to any individuals I may have unfairly offended.



Signed and thanks for the efforts

by Bavafa on



signed & forwarded

by Monda on

In case it makes an iota of difference to the tragic state of affairs.


We Canadians Will Not Be Intimidated by the IRI

by Quebeqi on

I signed this petition in solidarity with a fellow Canadian hamvatan. Let's hope that he will not share the tragic fate of another Canadian hamvatan, the late Zahra Kazemi.

Republican جمهوریخواه

Let's deny the "ABLAH" his right to freedom of speech!

by Republican جمهوریخواه on

I will not hesitate a sec to sign the petition, while I cautiously second Roozbeh  Gilani.

After almost 60 years, I have just learned how to play it safe.


@ Roozbeh Gilani: Ey Ablah

by spatima on

So just because you disagree with this guy Derakhshan, you excuse yourself for allowing him the very same liberties that you claim people of working class, minorities or etc... should recieve??? 

Do you even understand what freedom is about? you cant fight for it and at the same time deny it to those that you disagree with.

I absolutly disagree with Derakhshan on all levels but I am going to fight or do what is in my power to save his life simply because he is an Iranian and ALL Iranians regardless of political views should be entitled to free speech and liberty.


Men like you Mr. Gilani, make me puke and i thank god that your alikes are in their 60s. in other words, you wont be around for long to dilute the democratic process in iran with your shameful ideas.

You are what we call in persian, "ABLAH"


In hope of a Free, Independent, Democratic and Secular Iran


Let's not trivialise this whole petition thing.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

He seems to believe in islamist system, so He'lll be just fine. Remember Mahmood bi_mokh  said so! 

There are tens of thouands of Trade union, women and student activists, kurdish and balooch minorities who are rotting in islamist regime's jails looking at execution at any moment.  These guys never blogged on, or got the chance to talk to BBC or Guardian. But  they are fundamentally against the islamist regime due to their gender, intelligence, class affiliation (poor) or Race/religioun (Kurd/Balooch). To me they make much more deserving cases for a petition than someone who is really for the regime, but in Jail because the islamist regime wants to settle a score with his daddy who also happens to be an islamist at heart.



Don't worry

by reza007 on

he will be free because he's one of them and this is a new scenario



by Simorgh5555 on

I did not follow Hossein Derakhsan's blogs regulalrly but from what I know of him he espoused the Islamic Republic despite some of the ideological differences he had with the system.

I am not sure what thoughts are passing through Hossein Derakhsan's mind at the moment but he must be feeling a sense of betrayal and disillusionment after the crooked regime he has been supporting and willing to give his life for is willing to execute him

This is nothing new of course- Derakshan follows a long list of supporters of the IR who have reaslised - often too late - their misguided naivety: Ayhatollah Montazeri, Bargan, Dariush Forouhar, Banisadr Mousavi, Karoubi and the entire MEK movement who were all former leftists and Ayhatollah lovers.

This regime does not even have mercy on its own terrorist killers who  served their wicked masters such as Seyed Eslami (Sayeed Emami)- the man who carried out the chain murders. 

It sadden me that there are still people - especially amongst the wretched Greens - who still believe that there is room for manoeuvre within the terrorist politcal system and that they can bring about peaceful negotiations with the mullahs. There can be no reconciliation with these savages. This is not a rallying call to support my position on military action but you are fooling yourself if you believe that the terrorirsts in this regime are willing to respect human rights or allow power to devolve into the hands of the masses. 

Death to the Islamic Republic. 

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Hossein Derakhshan's Predicament Highlighted in Paris Match

by Darius Kadivar on

Girlfriend speaks to Paris Match:




although i am not a fan

by mahmoudg on

of his tirades, especially in the last few years in support of Antari Nejad, i honestly dont think he deserves to be incarcerated by these Islamic thugs.

Sargord Pirouz

Shazde, it turned out okay

by Sargord Pirouz on

Shazde, it turned out okay for Saberi, Shroud, Bahari, etc.

How's it going for Asgari, Afrasiabi, Fattahi, Amirnazmi etc.? (not that I in any way condone any of the illegal activities they are accused of)

I honestly hope things work out for Hoder. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

What usually "comes out of the proceedings" in Iran, is real bad

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

You don't wait for one more minute. Do the right thing, and know that every bit to help a fellow human being, counts.



by Shepesh on


Sargord Pirouz

Well, Shazde, on a number of

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, Shazde, on a number of occasions I did interact with Hoder on his blog. (Mostly supporting his non-antiIran views.) I'm hoping things work out for the best. But I'm not going to try and influence the judicial proceedings with a meaningless gesture.

Let's wait and see what comes out of the proceedings. Then we'll see. 


Anonymous: I was shocked to hear that he was arrested, ...

by reader1 on

.., let alone,  being condemned to a probable death. I was looking forward to going home this winter after being away for over 3 decades. My enthusiasm is already deflated and I am  having a second thought.

PS. As I write  this comment I hear over the radio the news of   Ahmadinejad’s  mad mad remark  on  9/11 …  depressing ... off to bed with a shot of that favourite poison of mine!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear Sargord

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

All your points are "made out of ignorance" - why make an exception now, when you can save a life?

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Hossein Derakhshan does not deserve any of this. To think and to talk one's opinion is not a crime. To type those opinions on a keyboard is not a crime. His treatment has been inhumane and unacceptable. He must be released immediately.


As I tried to explain yesterday

by Rosie. on

// (my  post toward the end of the thread)

this should've been started a long time ago, here of all places. If not when it was known that he'd been arrested, at least when there were three Iranians of the Day saying he was going to trial with charges unknown this past year. It was very obvious that since espionage was involved, the death penalty could be invoked. At very least it was obvious this was very serious from the fact (well-known) that he'd been in prison for so long before his whereabouts were revealed to his family. I tried to get a conversation started this past summer with the blog I wrote that is given as a link in the link I gave above. At the time I wrote that blog I had tried to locate a petition and find a contact to a current Free Hoder site but I couldn't. Bavafa gave the petition link
on my thread but the response to my blog was so tepid (to say the
very least) that I gave up on trying to do anything for him here. On trying to do anything serious here period, actually. I express some more thoughts and clarification about this in the link I give above. Where is the outcry?, I asked on the thread of the original blog. Well, belated though it is, I hope it continues and people participate aggressively in this case.

ps In the link I give I ask people to see humanbeing's last post on my original thread. I also express my desire not to be addressed on this here AT ALL.



by Shepesh on




by statira on

and emailed the petition to everybody I knew. Hope we can free him very soon.


Reader1 I think being in Evin is a surprise 2 him not conviction

by Anonymouse on

Take a look at his profile on  I consider him a prisoner of conscience in prison and signed the petition too but if he thought he'd end up in prison he'd have never went to Iran.

He was always pro-Islamic Republic and thought by being so he'd never be in danger since Ahmadi says people are "free" to speak in Iran.  Freedom of speech but not Freedom after speech!

It is like Sargord going all lovey dovery with Islamic Republic and goes to Iran for a visit and ends up in Evin. Although Hoder and Sargord are worlds apart.  Hoder has several accomplishments to his name while Sargord's only accomplishment is being an internet troll. 

Everything is sacred


I can relate to him more than any other

by reader1 on

... prisoner of conscience in Evin. I wish I had his courage and conviction.   Signed.


Sargord Pirouz

I'm hoping for a positive

by Sargord Pirouz on

I'm hoping for a positive outcome in this case. 

That said, I'm not fully aware of the charges or current point of procedure, nor am I familiar with the evidence. So to sign this petition would be a point made out of ignorance. 

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Least I can do.