Persian Poems on iPhone

Persian Poems on iPhone
by Shorts

FROM: Mia Bennett <>

We are an iPhone development company based in London and work closely with an awesome development team from Iran. Our guys have just finished and published their first app called "Persian Poems" and yes, you guessed right, it is a collection of Persian poems (Hafez, Saadi and Ferdowsi).

This is a perfect app for all Persian-speaking literature lovers.

Persian Poems app is a complete collection of works of the greatest heroes of the Persian literature Ferdowsi, Hafez and Saadi. These great poets kept the Persian (Farsi) language alive and left us their wisdom and this app is homage to them.

Persian Poems lets you browse four complete poetry books, save favourites and even search through the collection.

The Persian poems app is completely in Persian, and was developed by talented Iranian developers Soroush, Sohrab and Ali. Keep an eye out for our other upcoming versions!


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Thank You

by elrusho on

Thanks for the support everyone.

Please don't hesitate to email me on
with any suggestions and comments, we're planning on updating the app regularly with new books and features.

Soroush K


چه گنجی!


چه گنجینه ای! مشتاق گرفتن این برنامه هستم و چشم براه خبرهای تازه از این گروه. ممنون.


Hi Shorts.

by pedro on

Thanks, keep up the good work. lets keep our heritage alive. I am sure people in Afghanistan and Tajikistan will be happy to here this too.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Thank you .


Very good

by ahosseini on

please keep me posted