Pedar sag

by Shorts

Email from an American man:


I came to your site from google by searching for the word pedar sac, pedar sag. I was hoping that you could tell me what this means?

My wife's father is a Iranian and he has been going around saying this to our baby daughter and I'm hoping that maybe someone could tell me what this means?

Also I was wandering if you knew anything about the Persian culture and with grandchildren?

It seems as ever since we have had our baby they are so obsessive and are always calling and wanting to come by our house and also wanting us to move in with them.

Anyhow I'm just trying to get some insight on what pedar Sac means?

Thank You so much for all your help.


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Correct Translation

by Mehman on


Pedar Sag simply means "cute baby". Your father in law is just expressing his feelings towards his sweet grand-kid.

You should start learning a bit of Farsi to surprise them...Start calling your wife "Pedar Soukhteh" from  time to time, when she does sth good or when she is kind to you. It simply means: "sweet girl" or "sweety one". 

Say that to her when your father in law is around.



Correct Translation

by HHH on

Word for word it means : One whose father is a Dog


Both "Pedar-Sag" and "Pedar-Sookhteh", when used by older adults on young kids form a different meaning like : Dad-burned, or Naughty kid, or son of a gun

Overall I can say your wife's father is probably not from an educated, upper class family but he has good intentions.


mordam az khandeh

by Fatollah on

very funny


ok Shorts

by i_support_khamenie on

YOu mean to tell me that after Monda wrote her piece in total farsi, you somehow the American boy suddenly decided to name the title of your article in a "swear" word??? within only three days from her blog, out of 365 days in a year?

Then you want us to believe that you searched for it on google, couldn't find one answer in all of google, then decided to pose the question here, knowing that it might take days to answer your question, if answered at all??

Either you are extremely a patient guy and probably waits for "work" and money to come to you - in which case your father in law probably really meant Pedar sag in a real way- or you think we are extremely gullible!

Gawd, you put a new meaning to the word - curious- if only Edison was as curious as you, we would still be lighting a candle!!


American boy

by Iraniandudeee on

Pedar sag means a father of a dog, but of-cource it makes more sense in Persian. Anyways, don't take offense to this as it is merely for jokes and not meant to be said in a bad way. I used to have my uncle call me pedar sag too, in a joking way of-cource.

Anyways, peace.

"You should not be afraid of the ideology but of the determination and will of the men behind it"

"A drowning man is not troubled by rain" Persian Proverb



by sag koochooloo on

My avetar is literally Pedar Sag.

hamsade ghadimi

it means that your father

by hamsade ghadimi on

it means that your father (pedar) is a dog (sag), but in a cute way.  supposedly.  now, if you call the kid maadar (mother) sag, that would be a serious offense.  you could try calling your child 'maadar sag' in front of the grandparents to see what happens.  just for fun.

either maadar sag and pedar sag could be equivalent to 'son of a bitch', but as the other commenters pointed out, 'pedar sag' could be used in a cute manner (son of a gun).

when i was a toddler, my dad used to call me pedar sag (now, that's harmless since he was insulting himself).  once i got mad at him and called him pesar (son) sag.  needless to say, everyone in the family (especially my dad) got a kick out of it and they reminded me once in a while ever since.

Maryam Hojjat

A Cute Slang!

by Maryam Hojjat on

for a naughty, cute child. It is not significant.


Dear American Man

by Farnoosh on

1. How very amusing that your search for that word brought you here.  You came to the right place.

2. Pedar Sag means the same as the American expression:  "son of a gun."

3. Pedar sag, especially when a grandpa calls his grandchildren by it, is a very endearing term.  The gesture means that the grandfather is head over heels in love with that child.  It means that there is nothing and no one else in this world that that grandfather loves more than that little baby or kid.  It means that you and your wife are so lucky, because you will never have to look for a babysitter outside your family.  It means that there are more than two pairs of hands and two hearts watching over your child's growth and development.

4.  In short, Pedar Sag, in the context that it is being used at your home, means that you are a very lucky family.

5.  Now you know why your google search brought you here.  Welcome to the luckiest Iranian family outside of Iran.