PARSA is us


PARSA is us
by Shorts

Dear Friends of Javane,

Many of you know that Javane Theater Group in the San Francisco Bay Area has been a beneficiary of PARSA Community Foundation grants in the past. PARSA is a community foundation whose sole purpose is to support Persian causes and stengthen Iranian civil society in America. In line with this noble mission, PARSA recently surpassed the One Million Dollar mark in grants made to deserving non-profit organizations like ours. That is an extraordinary achievement and one our entire community can be proud of! Javane has benefited enormously from PARSA's support, and now it's time that we support them by encouraging you, our dedicated members, to help advance their mission in the following two ways:

1. Make your charitable donations through a Donor Advised Fund at PARSA
It's simple to set up and it removes the administrative hassles of writing checks and filing tax deductions multiple times.  It's like a checking account that is designated for your charitable giving.  It's also like getting "frequent flier points" on your purchases as donations you are going to make anyways count as part of the community's overall giving.  Aggregating our giving into a single scorecard gives us another way to highlight Iranian-American contributions to American society. Learn more about DAFs here.

2. Support PARSA's annual fund and October 18th Awards Ceremony
On October 18th, PARSA is holding its annual award event at Hotel Sofitel in the Bay Area.  Tickets start at $75 and there are sponsorship opportunities beginning at the $1000 level.  They hav e chosen two spectacular award recipients this year. They are Forough Hosseini, a philanthropist and community leader, and Atossa Soltani, a world class change maker recently featured in the documentary, Crude.  PARSA events are energetic and inspiring.  You can see videos of past events here.

Please help to keep the money flowing to Persian nonprofits like ours! Whether you live in the Bay Area or not, support PARSA as PARSA is us.  You can buy tickets for the October 18 event and you can request information on sponsorship opportunities at To learn more about PARSA, watch here.

Thank you in advance for your time and generosity.


Mansour Taeed
Javane Artistic Director


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