Oznoz celebrating Norooz!

Oznoz celebrating Norooz!
by Shorts

This year, Shabnam Rezaei and Aly Jetha have launched oznoz.com, a place for learning the Persian language through fun tools like games, books and DVDs.

The couple, who produced Babak & Friends - A First Norooz and Mixed Nutz - Persian Adventure are excited about the new platform because it helps Iranian families with learning Farsi and learning more about Iran and its culture. The Persian store on Oznoz features many fun products such as Massoume Price's Ancient Iran, the Rostam Comic Books, Farsi-English dictionaries for kids, Alphabet learning games as well as their own products including the new 1001 Nights comic book series which complements the new TV series launching later this year on TV. Oznoz covers a range of age groups from baby to 14+ and also features a Norooz curriculum and special discounts for schools, libraries and group events to help keep the Persian traditions alive.

Oznoz plans to have an online screening room, digital downloads and many more additional products in Farsi in the coming year so stay tuned for more news from the site. The site also has stores for other languages such as Hindi, Korean, Arabic, French and Spanish so if you want your child to learn a third language or know families who are bilingual, let them know about the site.

You can sign up for a newsletter at www.oznoz.com or follow them on facebook.

When you order right now, use the code Norooz1390 to get 20% off the entire order!


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Esfand Aashena

Seems interesting. Will have to check it out.

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Everything is sacred



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u never seize to amaze!!


happy eid everybody

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