Now taking shirini orders for Norooz 1387

by Shorts

Dear San Francisco Bay Area Friends!

Once again, it's that time of year!

My mom is now taking orders. She will have your shirini ready for pick up the weekend prior to Eid (March 15-16 St Patrick's weekend).

Here's the list.

Nokhodchi- $12*
Baghlava- $14*
Keshmeshi- $10*
Ghorabieh- $14* (her specialty)
Berenji- $10*
Toot- $ 14*
Sohan e Assal- $14*
Nane Gata- $10*
Badoom Sookhteh- $14*
Hadji Badoom- $14 (BOX)

* Prices by the Pound (lb)

San Francisco Bay Area Only!
Thank you as always for all your support.

Faranak and Jaleh


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by Anonymous69 (not verified) on

Zerang bazi- Tablighate majani.
Good job dokhtara :)


I think the prices are fair,

by haji firooz's wife (not verified) on

I think the prices are fair, compared to other good patisseries, and considering how labor intensive making those cookies are. I make my own cookies once in a while, and I know how incredibly time consuming it is. (BTW, i find it very rewarding also)


to kfravon

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

manke goftam $5/lb vaseh Nokhodchi. $5 dollar braye har pound Nokhodchi.


Why so expensive?!

by farrad02 on

I appreciate what you are offering, but these prices are way too high, even for the pricey Bay Area!!!

Why are these prices so high? If your answer is they are good quality, my answer is how good your COOKIES have to be to be more expensive than Sushi ?!

As our elders always said, Ensaf is a good thing!




Thank you for not being rude..

by kfravon on

First of all, I have to thank you for not being rude.
You are being straight forward and i like that.

1. Confirm that the price you quoted is by the pound.

2. You are free to come and sample my mom's nokhodchi, and then tell me it's comparable to magahzeh arabe sare kooche.

 3. Peace



Sare gardaneh gir ovordy?

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

ey baba vala ke geroon foorooshi. $12/lb for Nokhodchi? man az moghazeh arabe sare koochamoon mikhara $5/lb.
vay ya abolfazl. baba kamtar hesab kon. ensaf ham khob chizieh.