NANCY PELOSI's Nowruz message


by Shorts

Dear Friends:

Eid eh Shoma Mobarak. It is my distinct honor to bring you greetings on the occasion of Nowruz, Persian New Year. As Speaker of the House, and the Representative from California's 8th Congressional District in San Francisco, I am proud to have a diverse constituency, including a vibrant Iranian-American community that represents the beauty and strength of our country.

Nowruz, meaning new day, is a celebration of the first day of spring. This day is celebrated by millions worldwide and symbolizes renewal, life and new beginnings. The 110th Congress is also about new beginnings and a steadfast commitment to a new direction. Just as Iranian-Americans set Haft Seen tables which symbolize health, happiness and prosperity this Congress has worked hard to pass legislation that espouses these very same values. We have passed legislation to reduce global warming and create energy security, increased the minimum wage and have passed an Innovation Agenda promoting 21st century jobs for a global economy. Over the course of our second session of congress we will continue to write a budget that highlights funding our priorities for a new direction and continue to question the administration' s stance on torture and the war in Iraq.

There is a unique bond that grows out of the fundamental values we share. Our nation's growing Iranian-American population has not only contributed to our cultural diversity but has also strengthened our economy. Iranian-Americans continue to contribute to all aspects of our society from business to government to nonprofit and cultural organizations. That bond forms the foundation of our efforts for peace, democracy and human freedom.

Please accept my best wishes for good health and happiness together, surrounded by your friends and family, for many years to come. To contact me and learn about all of my positions on current issues, please visit my website, //www.speaker. gov

best regards,

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives


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hala shoma khodetoono narahat nakonin

by IRANdokht on

You sound frustrated Kaveh khan! not a good start for the new year ;-)

But I feel the same way, when she sends me emails to send her money, I just reply: is impeachment still off the table?

she's only sending the message because California is home to a very large number of wealthy and educated Iranians. At least US politicians are recognizing that Iranian immigrants are not like the rest whom they are trying to keep out of the country.



Thank You Madam Speaker

by salim on

Madam Speaker,

Thank you for your warm wishes. As a Californian I am proud to have you as the speaker of the house. Your grace and respect of all cultures and creeds is the kind of leadership that makes this country so great.


Salim Madjd

Founder/CEO //

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Empty, insincere, patronizing.

Now, our holiday is linked to global warming and minimum wage, and the federal budget.

And of course, the shameless plug for support and a link to her website.


Shameless bitch.