Iran's world records


by Shorts

1. Iran Largest pistachio producer, output of 230,000 tons[53] Agriculture 2007
2. Iran Largest saffron producer, 93.7% of world's total production[54] Agriculture 2009
3. Iran Largest caviar producer [55] Agriculture 2009
4. Iran Largest producer of berries[56] Agriculture 2007
5. Iran Largest producer of stone fruits[57] Agriculture 2007
6. Iran Largest producer of Berberis[58] Agriculture 2009
7. Iran Hottest surface temperature ever recorded, 70.7 °C (159 °F) recorded at Dasht-e Lut[59] Climate 2005
8. Iran Most number of people killed in a blizzard, 4000 people died in 1972 Iran blizzard Climate 1972
9. Iran Largest importer of wheat[60][61][62] Consumption 2009
10. Iran Highest rate of brain drain in the world Demographics 2003
11. Iran Highest ratio of female to male school enrollment[63], 1.22 female per male student Education 2005
12. Iran Location with the highest natural background radiation, annual dose of 260 mSv Geography 2010
13. Iran Most number of major earthquakes, 5.5+ Richter Magnitude[64] Geology 2010
14. Iran Most accurate calendar in use, Iranian calendar Geophysics 2010
15. Iran Highest annual prevalence of opiates use, 2.8% of population Health 1999
16. Iran Largest number of former national capitals, 31 former capital cities History 2010
17. Iran World's oldest country, Established ~3200 BC History 2010
18. Iran Host to the world's largest population of foreign refugees, Mostly Iraqi & Afghan refugees[65][66][67][68] Humanitarian 1999
19. Iran Largest producer of Turquoise[69][70] Industry 2010
20. Iran Largest reserves of Zinc[71][72][73] Industry 2010
21. Iran World's largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets[74][75][76] Industry 2010
22. Iran World's fastest growth rate in science and technology, 1000% increase of science & technology output in nine years[77][78][79] Science 2010


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To Anonymous Observer

by HHH on

Don't ever make this mistake of calling IRI-regime IRAN. IRI regime is a group of hardly 5000 individuals who are undemocratically ruling our country by force and by protection of their army. Iran is a country of 75 million most of whom are against every dirty crime this regime commits. People are desperately looking for a miracle to suddenly disappear this regime & all mullahs.

The calendar was created by the people long before IRI, so were the rugs, all by the people, we import wheat because of the regime's poor management of farming industry, the science and technology is progressed by the people, everything good you see is from the people & everything wrong is by IRI without people's approval.

Forced Hijab, hanging, stoning,  arrest of journalists are done by no other than the regime itself, by the same uneleted judges.

Anonymous Observer

A few more fun facts

by Anonymous Observer on

1. Longest running medieval theocracy in the 20th-21st centuries.  

2. Having a well near its capital city where a hidden saint has lived (and is apparently still alive) for more than a thousand years.

3. Having a community of West residing, Western citizenship holding ex-pats who hate the West.

4. Having stoning as a form of punishment;

5. Lashing, cutting off people's limbs and executing people in public.

6. Largest numbers of imprisoned journalists in the world.

7. One of the only two countries on the planet (other one being Saudi Arabia) with a compulsory dress code for its women. 

But I guess having the most accurate calendar compensates for it all.  



I was impressed with

by iamfine on

I was impressed with the science ranking of Iran in the world.


Having in mind that the contribution of Iranians abroad are not included here. Here in the USA, the Iranian scientists contributed considerably into several fields.


Here I add couple of more...

by Midwesty on

23. Largest Expat Community with the Highest Animosity against their own homeland with Zero accomplishment according to their own agenda (Exceedingly producing hot air)---->Climate 

24. Largest Active Traitor Community in the world (Largest number of Spineless Rat Attacks)---->Agricultural

25. Having the dumbest enemies in the world(Numbers of failed operations have exceeded their IQ numbers collectively)---->Science



by yolanda on

Super interesting facts.....14 positive records!

I wonder why they import so much wheat....they have droughts? unusual high demand? Iranian farmers can't meet the demand? cheap imported wheat because of government subsidy?

Thank you for compiling the facts!

If I go to Iran, I got to check out the turquoise necklaces!


Dirty Angel:

by Raoul1955 on

You just brought a huge smile to my [so very handsome] face.  You just added an entry to the 'shorts' very 'long' list.  LOL

The One and Only True Deity worshipped by allah.

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

1.Best, especially innovative and traditionally enduring,  in Torture

(yo Arabs, howdie Americanos, eat your hearts out, we're better than you!)

2. Capital Punishment per capita

" Thank god for botox; my facial expressions are wearing rather thin...."