Investor visa program in U.S. expiring


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INVESTOR VISA: EB5 visa program in the U.S. will expire September 30, 2008

Obtaining permanent residence status through investment refers to the “EB5 Visa.” This type of visa is a direct route to a green card, permanent residency via the green card for the whole family. This includes all children under the age of 21. If qualified, this gives complete freedom to live and work anywhere in the United States, or retire. The EB5 visa is a relatively new visa program that emerged about three (3) years ago. This type of visa requires a minimum investment of $500,000 to create a full-time employment for at least 10 workers. There are ways to leverage your cash and to finance a portion of this investment. The purpose here is to clear investment and jobs for U.S. Workers.

Please also be aware that the issuance of an EB5 Visa involves two separate and distinct steps. First, the petitioner must file the Visa Petition (investment) in an approved regional center investor program. When the investment has been established and approved, we then file the petition at the American Consulate, and then with the appropriate USICS Service Center. As far as time, the whole process could take up to 22 months or so.

Its important to remember that children over 21 years of age can not benefit from the father and/or Mother’s EB5 derivative status. This could be a problem for many who otherwise qualify for this program

Again please note that the EB5 visa program in particular will expire on September 30, 2008, so if you are interested, act soon.

I hope this information is helpful to you. There is much more information than could be included in a overview article such as this, so you can either contact my office or my website or other immigration lawyer you may know to obtain more information or get the process started.

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