Internet sanctions don't seem rational


Internet sanctions don't seem rational
by Shorts

Unfortunately in the past few days the American company "cPanel" which distributes control panel software for websites and servers has started a new round of action against websites and servers either connected to Iranian users, or currently hosting Iranian accounts. They have started to revoke their licenses and cease providing any services to such users and this has created numerous problems for ordinary Iranian web service providers who are almost all non-governmental.

One such incident of three days ago consisted of revoking the license of one server that was hosting over 500 Iranians sites and weblogs including at least 150 which are directly owned by reformists in Iran, and all are currently unable to get any work done. These sites include Nowrooz, Kalameh (as of this writing), Kalameh Sabz, Moje sevom, etc... they generally include weblogs fof well known reformist figures. The main IP of this server is but because up to now there has been an effort to hide this server's information from the establishment, its better that it be considered now so that more problems aren't created for these sites from the inside.

It's crucial to mention that over 75% of control panels of websites and blogs of Iran (and the world) are from cPanel, and as mentioned before, this company has a history of closing Iranian websites with the excuse of sanctions against Iran, and for a few years now, no Iranian hosting service has succeeded in using the services of a known North American data center for longer than a year. These hosting services were forced to constantly change their physical location and use faked identifications.

Because the majority of the sites belonging to the Iranian government situated in Iran use internal software, continuing this kind of behavior doesn't seem rational and this trend will cause huge problems in the process of information dissemination from non-governmental sites in Iran.

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متاسفانه طی چند روز گذشته شرکت cPanel آمریکا ( که ارائه دهنده نرم‌افزارهای کنترل پنل سایت و سرور است در دور تازه‌ای از اقدامات خود علیه وب سایت‌ها و سرورهایی که منتصب به کاربران ایرانی هستند و یا از آنها میزبانی می‌کنند شروع به حذف لایسنس و قطع خدمات خود به این نوع کاربران کرده است که مشکلات فراوانی را برای خدمات دهندگان وب، سایتهای عادی و اطلاع رسانی که تقریبا همه آنها غیر دولتی هستند ایجاد کرده است.

 در یکی از این اقدام‌ها سه روز قبل با حذف لایسنس سروری که میزبان بیش از500 سایت و وبلاگ ایرانی است که حداقل 150 عدد از آنها مستقیما متعلق به اصلاح طلبان ایران هستند آنها در آستانه از کار افتادن کامل قرار گرفته‌اند از جمله سایتهای نوروز، کلمه (تا زمان کار)، کلمه سبز، موج سوم و ... و اکثر وبلاگ‌های چهره‌های شاخص اصلاح طلب. IPاصلی این سرور است اما چون تا به حال سعی شده است اطلاعات این سرور از حاکمیت مخفی بماند بهتر است این موضوع مد نظر قرارگیرد تا مشکلات بیشتری از سمت داخل برای این سایتها ایجاد نشود.

لازم به ذکراست بیش از 75 درصد کنترل‌پنل‌های وب سایت‌ها و وبلاگهای ایرانی (و دنیا) متعلق به شرکت cPanel است و همانطور که اشاره شد این شرکت به بهانه تحریم ایران سابقه بدی در بستن سایت‌ها و سرورهای ایرانی دارد به طوری که در چند سال اخیرهیچ میزبان ایرانی موفق نشده است بیش از یک سال از خدمات یک دیتاسنتر مشخص در آمریکای شمالی استفاده کند و به طور دائم مجبور به تغییر مکان فیزیکی و مجازی به طور مخفیانه و با هویت‌های جعلی بوده‌اند.

چون اکثر وب سایت‌های متعلق به دولت و حکومت ایران در داخل ایران میزبانی و از نرم‌افزارهای داخلی استفاده می‌کنند ادامه این نوع برخودها با کاربران ایرانی چندان منطقی به نظر نمی‌رسد و ادامه این روند مشکلات زیادی را در روند اطلاع رسانی وب سایتهای غیردولتی ایرانی ایجاد خواهد کرد.

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The Microsoft

by Anonymouse on

The Microsoft windows operating system running in Iranian PCs are "pirated".  Just about all PCs that I saw had a note at the bottom right hand side of the monitor saying "you may be a victim of software piracy"

I really don't know how they're running all these PCs on pirated Windows since I doubt Microsoft can sell them legal copies or Iranian officials are even interested in "paying" for licenses.

When internet was down after election it was one more reason for people to come to the streets - boredom.  If they shut down the internet many young people will go stircrazy.  This includes young people with different views as well as Govt offices.

Everything is sacred.

ex programmer craig

work arounds

by ex programmer craig on



This product has a troubled history, and was apparrently done by one programmer, who still maintains it. I haven't heard of it (which isn't surprising since I don't do internet development of any kind) but I've been working in industrial software development for quite some time and I would be REALLY shocked if there weren't any other viable alternatives available. 

And even if there aren't, I know there are a lot of good Iranian programmers out there, because I've worked with some of them. cPanel has been around since 1996 which gives it a headstart, but I'm sure a good team of Iranian programmers could put something together that would get the job done. And then there would be no worries about sanctions! This isn't microsft Windows we are talking about here! It's the end result of ~10 years of work from one guy! Not an impossible task at all!


Thanks for the info

by IRANdokht on

Also thank you AK for the contact info.

Sanctions do hurt the people more than the government,  I hope this is more clear now... This is one small part of the broader more "airtight" sanctions that the west is planning and already suffocating the youth and the movement. Could we possibly stop advocating these sanctions and help the movement for a change? I'm sending the company a piece of my mind now.

Thank you for the post



Very Serious!

by AK69 on

We should all convey our feelings on this matter to the company directly.

cPanel Inc
PO Box 307
White Haven PA 18661-0307
United States of America

Phone: +1-570-606-4795
Fax: +1-570-443-9600



Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

If this is indeed happening it's a serious thing. The internet is vital for the development and growth of civil society in Iran. Without it the link with the outside world will be severely disrupted, the exchange of ideas will come to a crawl, communication between activists will be curtailed...

If anything, the democracy movement in Iran owes its vitality and endurance to the Internet. Taking it away would be the greatest service to the Islamic Republic.


Great! Thanks again sanctions supporters!

by Q on

150 Reformist sites down JUST LIKE THAT!
The bad guys are really hurting now!
In other news: Iranian students selecively barred from Swedish Universities.