Help me feel complete


by Shorts

This maybe a weird request, but I just don't know whom I can ask for help anymore. My name is Andrea. I am 46, I live currently in Stockholm, Sweden. I am an American citizen and I am looking for my biological father.

I was born in 1962, in Eckernförde, Germany. My mom's name then was Renate Phillip. They meet at a dancete and, fell in love. She got pregnant with me. I was born March, 16th, 1962. He was in his 20s.

All I know is how his name sounded, according to my mom's memory: Huschang (or Houshang) IzadKhasti. i know where and when he attended the university in Bonn, Germay, graduating in summer of 1961, majoring in agriculture architecture. i know he was an intern at a small farm in Fleckeby (Hummelfeld,Germany). from mid 1961 till the end of 1961, when he went back to iran.

I know that he was from Abadan, where his family lived, but I don't think they stayed there. I am assuming they moved to the USA.

He had a brother that attended university in England in 1961 or 62 and a sister that attended university in Switzerland, in 1961/62.

I always wondered about my father, and would love to find him, but I am not getting any help from Germany. My Iranien friends here in Sweden gave me the idea to write to Iranien radio staions in the states and ask for help.

Ask if maybe you can broadcast this story, with the information I gave you.

If someone knows him,du to the dates and studies overseas,the info about his sibblings attending college overseas, maybe someone knows him, maybe he hears, and maybe he also likes to meet me.

He then could get in touch with you for my adress and can contact me.

The last thing i want is to cause him any inconviniance. I am sure he is married and has a family and childern, maybe he does not want to come in contact with me for his own reasons.

But I would love to try, maybe he is thinking of me too.

I hope that you can help me, maybe this make an interesting story for your listners too .

Most people have good hearts and are willing to heklp if they can.

I am looking for a part of me that always has been missing. Maybe you can help me feel complete.

If you are interested in getting more information, please contact me by e-mail [], and I will try to put the information I have in better order.

I am also happy to call you and talk to someone in person if intrest excists.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Andrea Qvist


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You have so much

by n.zanincanadai on

You have so much information. How is it possible that you don't have his full name if you know when he graduated? Can't you go the universities (all if needed) and get the name of graduates and see if any of the names are a close match? get a private investigator. A good one. You have many leads. Poeple find each other with mch much less. Good luck


Lieber Andrea

by Mobarez (not verified) on

You might ask das Akademisches Auslandsamt der Universitaet zu Bonn or die sekretariat for his address in Iran. They always indicate die Heimatland addresse in der Anmeldebescheinigung. Nicht aufgeben. Good luck and viel glueck.


Thank you

by Andrea on

Dear Feshangi,

Thank you for wishing me luck ,that is very kind of you.I also hope that I will find some information this way.Maybe one of the many people looking in here will recall a conversation once had with someone ,maybe some will know the name?

I certainly will let you know if I had any luck,I will visit here often,I have a lot of reading to do here.

Take care and have a good day,



Dear Andrea

by Feshangi on

 I hope you and your Dad will find each other soon. I also hope that when you do, you will tell us about it.