Guess who invented birthdays


Guess who invented birthdays
by Shorts

Here's the Herodotus reference to Persian birthdays:

Of all the days in the year, the one which they celebrate most is their birthday. It is customary to have the board furnished on that day with an ampler supply than common. The richer Persians cause an ox, a horse, a camel, and an ass to be baked whole and so served up to them: the poorer classes use instead the smaller kinds of cattle. They eat little solid food but abundance of dessert, which is set on table a few dishes at a time; this it is which makes them say that "the Greeks, when they eat, leave off hungry, having nothing worth mention served up to them after the meats; whereas, if they had more put before them, they would not stop eating." They are very fond of wine, and drink it in large quantities. To vomit or obey natural calls in the presence of another is forbidden among them. Such are their customs in these matters.

Wikipedia explicitly mentions the word "originate":

It is thought the large-scale celebration of birthdays in Europe began with the non-Christian cult of Mithras, which originated in Persia, and was spread by soldiers throughout the Roman Empire. Such celebrations were uncommon previously so practices from other contexts such as the Saturnalia were adapted for birthdays. Because many Roman soldiers took to Mithraism, it was distributed widely and its influence was spread throughout the empire until it was supplanted by Christianity.

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Thank you for your kindness

by Abarmard on

But it's not my birthday, I just felt like celebrating :)
You are just too nice. Hopefully one day all of us can get together and chat in person,
Ali P. I believe people didn't celebrate birthdays in the old days. And later on they would even forget how old they are...Which could be good things ;)

American Wife


by American Wife on

Ebi is the "Keeper" of birthdays... thank God.  I can barely remember my

Abarmard... if it is yours, I'd like to add my best wishes too!

Azarin Sadegh

I thought it was Ebi!

by Azarin Sadegh on

To this date, I always thought it was Ebi who invented birthdays on IC..:-)


ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on


Abarmard don't betray me,I promise I'll bake a whole ass for your Bday(with permission of my dear Hamshahri....K).

Let me know.

Dear shorts & Ari,sepaas


Abarmard jan

by IRANdokht on

Is it your birthday???? I want to celebrate too!

Happy Birthday!  :0)




by IRANdokht on


Should we plan on such a feast for the gathering?   :0)


Jahanshah Javid


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Whole baked ass...



by Abarmard on

Now I can go out and celebrate ;)

Ali P.

History of Birthdays

by Ali P. on

As long as I can remember, the song "tavalodet mobaarak" was sang to the birthdayboy (or girl), when they brought him the cake.

Tha song was written by Anoushiravan Rohani, and the cake, is probably a Western thing.

 When our parents and grandparents were kids, how did they celebrate birthdays? No cake, no song?

Boy, how lame THAT must have been!