Good old civilized Europe!


by Shorts

Edwin Black, author of "Denial of Holocaust nothing new in Iran", replies to "Edwin Black lies and distorts Iran's history":

Let's look at history, the recent history of Western societies. The majority of Europeans were anti-semites before Hitler rose to power in 1932. All of the occupied European countries during the war were aiding the Nazi's to destroy jews! By handing over list of jewish names, jews were to be sent to the gas chambers in German heartland and other occupied territories! Never mind, if your grand father was a jew and your father was a convert to Christianity, still they would lable you as one and send you off, so they could rob your wealth and properties, and I am not talking about German Nazi's!! Good old civilized Europe! The cradle of modern science and civility! Some of the none occupied countries did also aid the Nazi's! I am sure the distant relatives of Mr. E. Black were among those aiding Hitler Germany!

Let's look at Iran's history in those days, decent Iran and Iranians were helping jews. Though, Iran was not a major player, but it did its fair share! Now, what does the Mofti of Jeruslam to do with Reza Shah, he couldn't be Reza Shah's DOG! as far as I am concerned! "Gooz be shagheeghe che rabtee dare"? Besides, did he mean from Casablanca to Kabul or was it New Dehli?

At that time German War machine seemed invincible, and for Reza Shah and Iran it was extremely important not to take sides, therefore the British labled Reza Shah as pro-Nazi, when he refused to take sides, even though the outcome of the war still was not decided and they removed him "Mafia style". The style has not changed a bit in 67 years- by te way!

Reza Shah would not give a rats ass whether it was the Brits, Russians or Germans. For him these countries represented imperialism. Iran a prayer!

How they are seeking a partner in crime these days? I am pretty sure that the Isralis who experienced those days close, know damn well how hypocritic these Westerners sound...


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by Zion on

'I am pretty sure that the Isralis who experienced those days close, know damn well how hypocritic these Westerners sound...'

It is very true. You are right. However they were and are not the only ones. :-)


Hey Shorts, Capitalize the J

by Adel (not verified) on

Hey Shorts,

Capitalize the J in "jews" and show some respect. You made sure you capitalized every race and religion except anything relating to Judiasm such as "jew", "jews", and "jewish". I'm not even Jewish, but at least be a little considerate, will you?


The Great Dictator - Chaplin

by Khar on

Charlie Chaplin in the The Great Dictator, last speech. Age less!