Global Solidarity for Secular Society


by Shorts

What is happening today in the Islamic world demands the solidarity of all progressive and secular groups and individuals to unite their struggle against all religious political groups that are trying to pull our societies back to the Middle Ages.

We need to work together globally and locally to prevent those retrograde groups from forcing their fanatic religious rules on women and men.

Religion is a very personal, private, individual matter; it should be separated from all public education and laws. Religion is interpreted in many different ways, each one contradicting the other and waging bloody wars happen killing innocent women, men and children. We need to Struggle together to have secular constitutions in all countries to confirm equality amoung all people regardless of gender, religion, race, class, nationality, ethnicity or other.

We call on all of you to join and support us in this struggle.

1-Nawal El Saadawi,2- Esmail Khoi 3-Shahla Abghari, 4-Siavash Abghari, 5-Irandokht Gorji, 6-Parviz Gorji, 7-Edina Alavi 8-Mahmoud Alavi 9-Pari Shafiei,10- Mandana Sayf, 11-Banoo Sabari,12-Bahareh Monshi, 13- Jahangir Arshid 14-Syed Ahmad, 15-Ali Arjomandi, 16-Abautrab Abutrab, 17-AMY Pursifull,18-Mike Ghyiasy,19- Jamshid Goshtasb,20-Armin Shirazi, 21-Roozbeh Sayyari,22- Abdi Sayf, 23-Sina Sayed,24-Amir Borhani,25-Mona Helmy ,26-Fawzia Khan, 27-Sussan Kaykhosro,28-Elahi Amani, ,29-Shahin Nawai 30- Hayedeh Torabi, 31-Francine Mestrum , 32-Miriam Cooke ,33- Bruce Laurence ,34-Hege Newth Nouri ,35-Abdolah Tehrani,36-Roya Morjani , 37-Yasai -Azarnia, 38-Partow Noorial,39-Niloofar Beyzaie,40-Jila Mosaed,41-Shima Kalbasi,42-Vida Farhoudi,43-Bahram Choubine,44-Mahasti Shahrokhi, 45-Khosro Bagherpour,46-Mahnaz Amiri, 47-Monireh Kazemi,48-Shahrnush Parsipur,49-Noshin Shahrokhi,50-Nassar yousefi,51-Annar Cassam,52-Mahshid Pegahi,53-Bijan Sina,54-Zohreh Shisheh, 55- Nahid Nosrat, 56-Chahla Chafig,57-Akram Mohammadi, 58-Masoomeh Taghipour, 59-Atefeh Jafari, 60-karl Pobel,61-Ellahe Sadr, 62-Ramin Parham, 63-Ingi Abou Zeid , 64-Geti Silamy, 65- Iraj Oraji,66-Fay Nia , 67-Azar Irani,68-Danielle Haggar, 69-Ingrid Bonning, 70-Karine Kamel,71-Andrea Krawczk, 72 Hadi Khojinian , 73-Azar Mahlogian,74-Behrooz Sooren,75- Haideh Daragahi, 76 Ezzat-Ghoushegir, 77-Noura Amer, 78- Anna Pak,79 Nabil Malek,

If you are interested to join please send your name in Persian and English to this email:


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- QUOTE: Religion is a very personal, private, individual matter; it should be separated from all public education and laws.


Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan

Jahanshah Javid

Count me in

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I'm with you.