FREE LUNCHES are Not For Iranians!

by Shorts

The phrase "There is no Free Lunch" does not apply any more on the realm of Internet, thanks to technological developments.

Google and Yahoo bring you the world of information, the hot topics of the day and a place to communicate with a large community of fellow Iran-lovers, AND an advanced Iranian event listing and search system.

ALL these sites are Totally Free. But to support such Free Services, it may take a few minutes a day to contribute, and that may be too much for some Iranians! SHOCKING but TRUE: For 5 minutes, ANYONE can post ANY Iran-related event for some 400,000 Internet users via Events tabs of,, Facebook (an Application called Kodoom Persian Events), and a large network of sites receiving Iranian event feeds.

To reach out to the same number of interested people, TV and paper ads would cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. To contribute to this Free Service, and to share events with the community of Iranians in the world, use event posting forms on the Event Tabs of or (the event search engine supplying the feed to

Events posted this way, unlike paper and TV-ads, are optimized for, and forever archived in "history" by, search engines like Google and Yahoo. So people anywhere can find them, and current and future civilizations can know about the life and culture of the Iranian community in diaspora.


Dr. Events


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