The drug that keeps on giving

by Shorts

From a fan:
J Joon... really truly congrats on the 15th year anniversary. Took me a few moments to digest that it has been 15 years...

I have to say has been with me through multiple states, multiple jobs (if they blocked it at work i would bring in my own laptop to work with my own modem - as in right now :-), multiple (other unspeakable items :-) and it has been a consistent, stable and reliable friend and part of my life... it is a drug that keeps on giving with no side-effects other than a massive impossible-to-resist withdrawal syndrome - and I mean that seriously not as a joke. 

I go to the site on happy days, sad days, good days, bad days, depressing days, sunny days, snowy days, heat-waves, dry-heaves, high cholesterol, poor diet, healthy salad, great coffee, 20 lbs higher, 10 lbs lower and what not! And like a 3-year-old who runs to his mother to tell her of his latest discovery, I run to my email to send you an article or something I just discovered only to find out that (95% of the time) you already have it on the site (sometimes 3 days sooner :-)

Thank you for all you have done and are doing... in a few hundred years they will refer to as one of those first pioneers of the internet age and the original site (whatever the content was on day 1) will probably be auctioned on Sotheby's!


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by Princess on

I share all your sentiments. Thanks for penning them.