BAIAD condemns slander against NIAC


by Shorts

San Francisco, California, November 18, 2009 -- Recently, a few extreme right-wing circles have been confronting National Iranian-American Council, NIAC, not by debating the merits of its positions and arguments, but through defamation and character assassination, accusing NIAC of being an agent of the Iranian government.

As an organization that has been working with Iranian-American grassroots for years on issues of great importance to this constituency, Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats,, finds these accusations just as baseless as trying to link the groups behind these accusations to the Iranian government.

As Americans, we pride ourselves for being a nation of law, a country where people and organizations are presumed innocent until proven guilty. As such, if the accusers have evidence that implicates NIAC, they should offer it and must otherwise refrain from making unfounded accusations.

As American advocacy groups, BAIAD and NIAC -- despite having different missions -- only represent one constituency: Iranian-Americans who have a vested interest in participating in the American democracy.

Even though BAIAD does not see eye to eye with NIAC on every issue, on balance we have been -- and continue to be -- proud of the work NIAC has been doing in standing up for the interests of Iranian-Americans. Furthermore, NIAC has consistently demonstrated that it does not shy away from strong criticism of Iranian government on various grounds including human rights and foreign policy -- for example during the months that followed the contested presidential elections in Iran earlier this year.

BAIAD strongly condemns the use of defamation and slander as a way of winning political arguments and believes that these attacks serve the aim of intimidating pro-diplomacy Iranian-Americans, suppressing open political participation by Iranian-Americans, and poisoning the much needed debate about the best foreign policy toward Iran.

Furthermore, we strongly urge those who believe in the power of democracy and healthy political discourse to speak out and not allow slander, character assassination and defamation to propagate unexamined and unanswered.

About Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats – BAIAD

Founded in 2004, Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats is the first chartered Iranian-American Democratic organization in the history of the Bay Area.

BAIAD is a non-religious, not-for-profit organization that stands for protecting the rights and interests of Iranian-Americans by encouraging active participation in American democracy and empowering the Iranian-American political voice and influence.

BAIAD is a chartered Democratic Club and is officially recognized by the Santa Clara County and Alameda County Democratic Parties.

Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats

It’s time to take a stand!

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Thank you Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats

by IRANdokht on

Thank you Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats.

When it comes to stand against the military attack on our country and for the best interest of the Iranian people, we should all remember: Ma hameh ba ham hastim!

Payandeh bashid



Elvis jan

by Gordzad on

I only wish you could sing as good as you write!

Although I have heard of NIAC, I have not bothered to follow their activities so I haven't had any specific opinion about them so far. I have read a few articles by Mr. Hassan Dai and, like yourself, he has been very clear and kept to the facts. I really don't care if he is affiliated with MKO or any other organization, as long as he puts forward the facts and presents the truth. If you think of it, MKO was the first group to expose the atomic activities of the IRI. This doesn't buy them any sympathy for their goals in my personal opinion but just the fact that they exposed it doesn't mean that the nuclear activities of IRI are not true. It is interesting to see that the NIAC supporters so far have only attacked others and accused them of all they can think of without discussing the core issues raised around NIAC.

Your points are valid and I agree with your comments. Let's wait for the reply by NIAC supporters. I hope their comments, if any, are presented with the same clarity and dignity as yours.

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

پیوندتان مبارک!


روباه و گواهی دمبش



از روباهه پرسيدن گواهت{شاهدت} کو, گفت دُمبم

A case of Fox pointing to his own tale as witness to his "good" character .hiih, need more outing , keep em coming

After all, it,s "campaign time" ;) Cheers !!! smile-->daal-liii


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Ali P.


by Ali P. on



Thats right! Unity & Solidarity in support of the IRI

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Any organization which does not explicitly denounce the IRI, does not support the complete separation of Church and State and removal of anything Islamic or religious from the government of Iran and finally demand trial of the top 1,000 IRI criminals is as evil as the IRI itself.

All these Islamist posters (each one of them has at least 3 login names) support organizations that either support their cause (continuation of Islamization of Iran) or creates confusion among Iranians so that they get to continue their rape and pillage should also be identified and dealt with in legitimate courts of law in due time.


Excellent expression of support

by Q on

This is what solidarity is all about.

Maybe we Iranians are capable of unity and sticking up for each other after all. This is a sign of hope.

Thank You.

Mola Nasredeen

NIAC, PAAIA, BAIAD, We need you to represent us

by Mola Nasredeen on

Keep the good work.

Fight the Axis of Evil, the unholy alliance of Israeli Lobby/Mojahedin/Monarchists for the sake of a peaceful resolution between United States and Iran.


Few Questions for NIAC supporters

by Elvis on

Few questions,

 1) Can anyone of the NIAC supporters point to the track record and activities of NIAC before June 12th 2009 regarding promotion of human rights in Iran?  was it ever on the priority list of NIAC?

2) Can anyone produce any document to prove that Mr. Hassan Dai is a card carrying member of MKO?  It seems to me the real slander in the case is shooting the messenger and in a Dai Jaan Napoleon’s mode blaming everything on the Isreal and Neocons.  Dai is the early observer, and the messenger.  While Dai is 100% against Parsi and his approach, that does not change the facts.  NIAC has an obligation to its members to operate with transparency rather than associating its critics with organizations which are practically irrelevant and basically hated by a majority of Iranians both inside and outside.  Having said that does being an MKO member change the truth that a person sees and points he raises about the past and present events?  If a card carrying member of MKO observes a person setting a house on fire, does that change the nature of the arson?  I have never been associated with and will never have any sympathy for the MKO cult, but I believe that the truth is a child of time, independent of its observer.

“Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident.”  -Arthur Schopenhauer

3) T. Parsi seems to be an opportunist who has used the good name of Iranian-Americans for more than 6 years to do a simple trade: trying to lift sanctions, and guarantee the security of current IRI system even if the lives of ordinary Iranian public goes to hell.  Israel and Neocons are used as tools of argument.

4) Parsi and his organization can do as much lobbying as they want for whatever political and economic gain.  Call it any “XYZ” non-profit organization name you wish, but do not pretend that you represent the silent masses.  Do not do it in the good name of Iranian-Americans.  Do not pretend that you represent us since we never voted for this organization or its dubiously unelected “president” to represent our views.  Until recently NIAC never asked if human rights issues in Iran was important to Iranian-American viewpoints or not, yet a majority of us left the homeland for that same very reason.  Instead years were wasted by organizing to develop campaigns against movies, and maps not labeling “Persian Gulf” appropriately.  This is purely a diversionary tactic of the issues.  During this time Iran’s natural resources were basically looted by the Russians, Chinese, Persian Gulf neighbors, and the Europeans.  Shame on us as the Iranian-American society if such an organization claims to represent us; In 30 years of living abroad we have learned nothing.

Looking forward to a secular and democtratic Iran which respects human rights and promotes civil discussion of opposing views and healthy debates. 


Time to unite

by capt_ayhab on

Good job BAIAD, we are proud of you.



Darius Kadivar

Respect has to be Mutual / Reciprocal Don't You think ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Babak Talebi NIAC staff Responsible for the Organization's outreach towards Iranians tries to stop fellow IRanian Americans demonstrating in Washington from protesting with the Sun and Lion Flag ( as if NIAC had overnight become the self-proclaimed official spokesperson of the Green Movement in Iran)  :


Unless I am mistaken Mr. Parsi in shorts can be viewed walking away in the crowd discreetly ? ...

I would like to ask YOU: Don't  these Iranian Americans Also have a say in What is going on in their country of origine ? Particularly if they have suffered and have a good reason to protest with the Sun and Lion Flag of their Choice ?

BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )

The DIVISIVE and INTOLERANT Behavior encouraged by Mr. Talebi ( one of the Prominent staff and founding members of NIAC recently replaced by  Michelle Moghtader as Director of Community Outreach ) towards other peaceful demonstrators seems to be more hurtful to the Unity of Iranians in the Diaspora and it is surprising that NIAC endorses an attitude that has been at the source of previous similar confrontations in previous months as below and which was First Published on by Anonymous Blogger HATEIRI in order to criticize Monarchists as responsible for the intolerant behavior of so called "GREEN PROTESTORS":

Please watch this clip by HATEIRI

Young Iranians in LA tearing down the Sun and Lion Flag and insulting peaceful protestors carring it  in order to impose their own Green Agenda during the protests :


Didn't Mr. Parsi and his Staff at NIAC see this Widely Viewed Videos and the controversy it triggered to know that Iranians are sensitive on this issue ? It was certainly not the Role of NIAC to spill More OIL by Reproducing this pattern through it's own Staff like Babak Talebi by Excluding peaceful fellow Iranian American protestors ...

Another Last Minute Opponent to the IRI ... MR. Hamid Dabashi is doing the same which is not surprsing ...

Hamid Dabashi interviews rights activists and slams the monarchists and MKO in the process in a patronizing way:


CLEARLY NIAC Just Like Hamid Dabashi seems to Try to Lure VERY YOUNG Iranians who have probably little knowledge of the Political realities of a country their parents left due to this ISlamic Republic in the first place !

TWO Decades Ago The Late Dr. Chahpour Bakhtiar clearly saw and Targeted these manipulations by obscure organizations and lobbies in the US and Europe:

Prime Minister Dr. Bakhtiar in 1984 Los Angeles, CA


So did Fereydoune Farrokhzad :

Fereydoun Farrokhzad - Sharghie Ghamgin


So Before blaming people for expressing their anger or questioning the actions of NIAC try to understand what triggered it in the first place !

And as I said elsewhere Dr. Trita Parsi has all the Rights to defend his honor and that of his organization and prove his contradictors wrong.

From this point of view I Sincerely wish Mr. Parsi success in these testing times for him and his organization.

My Humble Opinion,



Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on


OUR BEST ALLY: France's President SARKOZY by Darius KADIVAR



now we get to know baiad also. The network reveals itself

by Zal on

niac must be begging anyone who listens. I mentioned in another one of this niac flooding of sites to defend the undefendable. A crooked organization with suspicious characters and a key person of dubious background or nationality. I'm glad we now learn about biyad or bivafa or whatever organization that seems to come out of the woodworks these days. Thanks for authenticating yourselves. 


What Slander?

by masoudA on

NIAC has always been disliked by those of us who actually follow Iranian affairs with interest.   But now NIAC is in US courts and some serious allegations have come out some of the faults NIAC mangamenet has already accepted....the others shall burry them.     And you think your old tactics of flooding the media is going to work????????   Yes it does work to fool average voters - but certainly not the Court System.   But then again you boyz are desprate.   If $ links is ever discovered between NIAC and IRI enteties such as recently seized Alavi Foundation......


Iranian Democrats also hate NIAc

by seannewyork on

This is not a neocon thing as you and NIAC would like to pose it as.  Many Iranians who left IRan hate this regime and any group that supports it they dislike.

 I am a democrat and hate the actions of NIAc and now groups like you.

They only arguement you make is its a neocon fight, look around and ask again.

Darius Kadivar

Personellement en Tant que Franco-Irano-Americain ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Personellement en Tant que Franco-Irano-Americain ... ;0)

Je n'ai Rien à Branler ...





DK Un American à Paris ...


Qui Ne Se Pose Pas des Questions Existentielles ...Comme Certains :

A case-study in defamation and slander



Anahid Hojjati

Way to go BAIAD, thanks for confronting slander

by Anahid Hojjati on


Thanks BAIAD for not staying quiet when another Iranian-American organization which has tried to do good work gets slandered.