The atmosphere has become so hostile

by Shorts

Dear Jahanshah,

I hope you are doing well. I have been a staunch reader of since its debut and I have always enjoyed the diversity and quality of its content.

However I have to let you know that recently I am much less enthusiastic about visiting Even when I receive your email updates I abstain from clicking on the links and reading the articles. And every time I do, I come out angry, frustrated and drained! The reason is that your website has turned into an open forum for chauvinistic nationalism, blunt racism, hate mongering, radicalism, Islamophobia and hateful exchanges and feuds between old timers. The atmosphere has become so hostile, unwelcoming and exclusive that I am sure many average readers like me, who do not share the dominant "Aryan race supremacist" views of the active majority, will think twice before coming back to the website, let alone contributing articles and participating in the debates. To be brutally honest; every time I spend a couple of minutes reading articles on I feel the same level of frustration and anger as when I read Rajanews and Kayhan and that worries me about the future of our beloved magazine.

Anyway, sorry for the overall negative feedback but as a long time reader I felt that it was my responsibility to share my opinion with you.

Best regards,



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boom shakalaka

Abarmard, the venerable IRI apologist

by boom shakalaka on

writes, "However there is nothing one can do until some of these groups retire and new blood joins in who are more knowledgeable and open minded."

Some of these apologists have absolutely NO SHAME! I guess what Abarmard means is that if we had more knowledge like him and were open minded like him, we too, would come on this site almost every day supporting a rapist regime.

And these people expect more civility! You're one moozy sort, Abramard, and I suspect you've been told this throughout your life. So sadly, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. 

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 


It is

by amirkabear4u on

hard to be GOOD

but easy to be bad !!!!!!!

pendar neek, goftar neek, raftar neek 


If ...

by KouroshS on

Matalak andakhtan stops. sure why the heck not:)


"So let us begin anew --

by vildemose on

"So let us begin anew -- remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof.  ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961).


vilemose jan

by KouroshS on

fostering a hostile atmosphere  and  snide remarks go hand in hand.




by vildemose on


Quite Intriguing

by KouroshS on

Than even in the midst of this, sorta "trouble-shooting" session that we are having here, trying to figure out what needs to be done in order to turn the heat down a bit and calm things down Half of the messages are designed to point the finger to a certain group of people and blame them for everything, while totally forgetting that the finger pointers themselevs could be part of the problem as well:))

Manzooram kase khassi nis vallah, Goftam faghat bahatoon Dar myoon bezaram:)))


Ali and Abarmard: In case

by vildemose on

Ali and Abarmard: In case you haven't read this blog:

Civility & bed time stories. Prepare to assume the position




by vildemose on

You have every right to oppose ideas, and political positions.  But simply stringing together a slew of provocative insults does little to advance your pov on "civility", nor win anyone over to whatever position you seem to hold.The comments on your blog are typical reactions  to offensively lousy product.

Perhaps it is an influx of new users, some of whom have joined the community not to be part of it, but, rather, to instigate derision and dissension.




by Bavafa on

Your analogy was great. I was thinking of the Persian saying "koone goozo az khodesh baad gamoone" but I think I like yours better


Little Tweet

just a few

by Little Tweet on

The problem with cyber space is that laat hayeh jonoob shahri mitoonan to jam bor bokhoran. A few of them found each other here too, they heckle people who sound more educated and sophisticated, angoolak unsuspecting women and chakerim-nokarim to each other. Watch them for a while, it's easy to tell who they are. 


Ali , I share your sentiments entirely.

by ali_UK on

  •  It is not a question of being “thick skinned” and take it .
  • Bullying as a pack is quite common place here carried out by a handful of active/regular participants. 
  • I am not sure if this a flaw in our culture or just specific to this audience. Anyhow it is a shame  .


Majid Jaan

by Khar on

Welcome back to the best Dog & Pony show on the net ;-)


AO, no worries pilgram :)

by SamSamIIII on

يارو آبجوشو جلو می کشه میگه
به شادی هر چی مرده بجز یکی. يه يدکی دستشو بالا می کنه می گه، اه، چرا مارو ابو نامرد صدا می کنی؟
این هم شد داستان ملا  



Dear Ali & Sargord!

by P_J on

OBJECTIVITY should be the goal, in the exercise of democracy and freedom of expression not CHARACTER ASSASINATION!

There are some, on this site, that are using IC as a propaganda tool.  They don't seem to work or hold any jobs except being PAID by those who they represent and we all know who these characters are!  In my humble opinion these character(s) ignite the controversies for or against any topics.  


PS: I would love to hear more of Ali and Sargord 



طرف آبجوشو جلو می کشه میگه


به سلامتی هر چی مرده بغیر از یکی. یکی دستشو بالا می کنه می گه، اه، چرا مارو نامرد صدا می کنی؟
این هم شد ماجرای اینجا.

Anonymous Observer

Good observation samsam

by Anonymous Observer on

this "blog" itself is offensive.

Niloufar Parsi

ali aqa

by Niloufar Parsi on

very well said. thank you. and please stick around.



It is "hostile" because of Ommaties like "Him"

by SamSamIIII on


He who who calls those who dont subscribe to his stateless Ommatie vision of Iran in total ignorance as "Aryan supremist", "hate mongers", "Radicals", "Racist", "Bigots", "Chauvenist" & other offensive terms in such a short blog. He is the one ignoring his own ignorance thru rage. He is just angry that this is not Raja news where his likes can have a one way free ride on sermons :)).


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


«کلیک» بر تر از هرچیز آمد پدید!





دوست عزیز من کاملاً حرفت رو درک میکنم.

از یکطرف جی جی عنوان میکنه که حملات شخصی رو تحمّل نمیکنه و اونهارو «دیلیت» میکنه و از طرف دیگه به هر شترچرون ساندیس خوری اجازه میده  به تحریک صغرا خانوم بند انداز بیاد و کسی رو که حتی یکمرتبه باهاش همکلام نشده و حتی توی «بلاگ»ی حضور نداره مورد فحاشی و لیچار پراکنی قرار بده!


و وقتی هم به جی جی اعتراض میکنی بجای رسیدگی به موضوع برات پشت سر هم دعوتنامهء «جشن و سرور» ایمیل میکنه!


I agree

by Abarmard on

I have dropped hours/time that I used to come and enjoy It's not useful anymore and the problem is that to express ones thought, no matter what it is, if not in line with handful of people, one gets bombarded with insults. Personally it doesn't bother me, but I fully agree and understand the writer's concerns. However there is nothing one can do until some of these groups retire and new blood joins in who are more knowledgeable and open minded.

Regardless don't take things too seriously :)


Dear Ali,

by Q on

Isn't just so typical that in response to your heartfelt observations, you get called "former Islamic Republic elite, the Islamist supremacist", who is "erroneously lashing out" against peaceful, polite and objective souls like Mrs. Vildemose?

At least for people who may not know what you were talking about, there is now perfect evidence of the hostile atmosphere here in IC.

My advice to you Ali jan: just ignore the comments. They are full of the kind of racism and bigotry that you have correctly observed. These do not change anybody's mind but create a backlash against the very goals these bigots claim to be advancing. However, to save yourself the grief, skip the comments.

Anonymous Observer

BTW, this is how "Sargord" defines civility

by Anonymous Observer on



by vildemose on

The former Islamic Republic elite, the Islamist supremacists,  who were recently purged by the system from positions of power, are going through a withdrawal. This is how one of the symptomps manifest itself;  no longer in power to set the Islamist supremacist  agenda, they erroneously lash out on those who are trying to salvage their heritage and culture from the onslaught of Islamist hordes.



Dear Ali, share your sentiments but yet to give up

by Bavafa on

I keep thinking that many of us ran away from the thugs in Iran and lets not do the same at least here on IC. We will see, nashashideh shab drazeh



sargord: you keep coming back my brother!

by fooladi on

You put more than a smile on my face, your comments invariably ignite a roar of laughter, the kind of laughter I have not head since watching saddam's paid employees on TV defending his regime with extreme confidence only coming from and absolute buffoon of a fool!


There's a saying in Persian

by Cost-of-Progress on

"ye soozan be khodet bezan, ye javaldooz be mardom"

It is funny how the blogger only complains about the islamophobists, and alleged supremacy buffs and not the proliferation of the supporters of the Islamic Regime signing on with multiple ID's day after day to post their piece and attack the Iranians on this site.

Oh, BTW, phobia is normally a false sense of fear - believe me you that the "fear" in this case is very very real!  





I'm a little puzzled here

by Onlyiran on

can you please point us to one article on this site that claims Aryan supremacy.  I don't recall ever seeing one.

Sargord Pirouz

You're right, Ali. It takes

by Sargord Pirouz on

You're right, Ali. It takes a mighty thick skin to participate in discussions on

And it's been a while since I learned something new from the site. But the few bits I have learned recently are what keep me coming back.