Abadan: 50 years ago today!


Abadan: 50 years ago today!
by Shorts

Nine issues of the weekly newspaper Abadan Today from July 1958 and July 1959 have been uploaded here.

The issues posted here are July 9, 16, 23 and 30, 1958, and July 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29, 1959 -- 50 years ago today!

I plan to post links to a new set of issues here each month during the coming year. Each of these files is a PDF that is around 1.25 megabytes in size. A notice about these has also been posted to the Abadani social net.

Anyone who has lived in Abadan is welcome to join that site. Enjoy! -- Paul Schroeder pauls@commoncoordinates.com

Earlier posts: In 1958 my father, Charles R. Schroeder, moved to Abadan, Iran with his family: his wife and my mother Lois, their daughter and my sister Ellen, and me, their son Paul. I was just short of my 12th birthday when I arrived in Abadan. While in Iran my father took over 400 Kodachrome slides of Abadan and its region, and also of a 2-week trip around Iran that we took as a family. Photo-essays about these are hosted at Iranian.com -- please see Memories of an American Boy, Khuzestan 1958-1960, and Little Mother of Abadan. A selection of slides showing Tehran, Caspian Region, Esfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis was posted March 4, 2009, at The Iranian, titled Another Time, Another World. This set (plus several not published by The Iranian) are also available in a one-page display of thumbnails that link to the photos, in the approximate order of the trip, at Iran, 1959 -- 132 Views.


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Ali Akbar

Dear XerXes

by Ali Akbar on

I guess those Basij Militia And Hamas Milita men who have been killing Iranian Citizens are a bad dream eh???


"ABADAN TODAY further issues

by fdiba on

I have the following issues:

1958: July 19, Sept.3, 10, Oct.22, Nov.5

1960: March 2

If these are of interest to you, send me an email and I will scan them for you.



All Iran was fdifferent

by XerXes on

For children, memories are always fun. Abadan or small town in Western Iran doesnt make a diff where as long as you had good parents childhood memories are fun. Abadan now belongs to iran and i am glad that the hands of foreigners are out of my country.

Bijan A M

brought back a lot of memories...

by Bijan A M on

Had great times going to AIT in the 60's. Still remember Cinema Taj, Braim, Bovardeh, Boat club, Alfi, Bashgaheh Naft, Ahmad Abad,...

Javani kojaee ke yadet bekheir

Thank you Paul for your post. It made my day....


Thanks for the pics. Abadan

by ahvazi on

Thanks for the pics. Abadan was and is a great city.


Dear Paul, thanks and hugs to you from afar!

by Monda on

Sweet old days in Abadan came back to me! Boat Club, Baashgah Golestaan, Braim tennis courts...

I even recognized a few of my dad's acquaintances in some of the issues! I'll go through all of them tonight and will send them around to the other fellow Abadanis.



Still echos in my mind...

by Khar on

"INJAA ABADAAN RADIO NAFTEH MELLI" followed by Motzart music.

You just made me cry, Thank You!

Love you Abadaan, You live forever in my soul.

Jahanshah Javid

Colonial days

by Jahanshah Javid on

These are wonderful. It's unbelievable how times change. Fifty years ago, Abadan was a little British-American colony of sorts. It had a very different atmosphere compared to the rest of Iran.

Every item in Abadan Today is fascinating. From the Radio Abadan pogram schedule (filled with classical music), to the movie calendar, parties and dances, and even the oil company news are all very interesting. It gives you a good picture of what life was like.

Thanks Paul. You have contributed so much in reviving the human aspct of that period, especially in Abadan.