محمد امینی "در دامگه حادثه" را به چالش می کشد

by shohre

گفتگوی شهره عاصمی با محمد امینی پژوهشگر در تلویزیون ایران ما



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re: mossadegh and torture?

by aynak on

Aria: "It seems that what could have possibly triggrered Mr. Amini's nerves is
that Sabeti in the book exposes torture during Mossadegh's era,
specifically by those who were in charge of Mossadegh' police and
"edareh agahi shahrbani." 

That's precious Aria.   Most humans directly or indirectly experiencing torture, rape .... would get nervous/agitated/upset when a known torturer tries to redefine his crime.   So here you show your own bias, when you take the words of a known torturer Sabeti which has close to zero credibility in any legitimate court over the words of a historian, who already says he is affiliated through his dad to Mossadegh?

Actually Mr.Amini is not ruling out *possible* torture of the person who is known to have been last seen/visited Afshar Toos, prior to Afshar Tooses, torture and death which is *documented* history.

This he argues could have happened by the police officers investigating the crime.  (Even in U.S police would beat the crap of someone who would kill one of their own, that does not mean the system supports such behavior).

I know Saltant-Talab ilk enjoy very low IQ, but for heavens sake, must we confuse the act of individual outraged officers who have stepped outside the law and committed a crime of torture, with systemic/barbaric torture of *political* prisoners to silence them?

But there is a more basic fact here:   torture of opponents make sense for someone who is in power by *force* and is not *elected* and is repeaing benefit and wants to maintain his position.   What benefit Mossadegh was realizing from all this?  when the reality is, had he gave Iran's interest away and  accepted the Brits terms he would have stayed in power, and he could have taken money from them like Shah did from U.S subsequently? what would have been his incentive?

The new approach of Saltant-Talabs and actually those also within the current regime who routinely torture prisoners is that Mossadegh did it too!

Now the bigger the lie, I suppose and the more it is repeated, the ignorant ones can believe it more?




Torture during Mossadegh

by Aria on

It seems that what could have possibly triggrered Mr. Amini's nerves is that Sabeti in the book exposes torture during Mossadegh's era, specifically by those who were in charge of Mossadegh' police and "edareh agahi shahrbani."   The book talks about torture performed on Hossien Khatibi and others who had been accused of involvement of General Afshartoos' kidnap and murder.   Sabeti  identifies individuals who were responsible for torture during Mossadegh and obviously this is something that Mossadgeh supporters don't like to hear since the issue of "torture" was a "pirahan osmun" that they always enjoyed sticking on Shah and his system. 

Additionally, Sabeti clearly states that the treatment of members of JM was soft (no torture) unlike the treatment of armed underground guerilla groups (Mojaheddin and Fedayan) before the revolution.  Famous members of JM and Nehzat Azadi (Bazargan, Taleghani, Sahabi, Minachi, Forouhar and others) were never tortured during the Shah's era.  Dariush Forouhar actually had access to Sabeti at all times and often would call him and get his assistance whenever he ran into any problem.  The book specifically sites incidents and cases that Forouhar had run into problems with police and Sabeti interefered on his behalf.



Mr. Amini's background and close association

by Aria on

with Dr. Mossadegh do not leave much room for him to be unbiased.  He mentioned that he had become angry when he began reading the book and never finished it.  So, it speaks for itself.....


Moshiri's program

by Aria on

Is financed by contribution from Hasibi.  This is something that was exposed in the book " Dar Damgah Hadese."   Moshiri attacks anything related to RP and his father, at the behest of JM.

It is not coincidental that the program is attacking Sabeti, they (Moshiri/Hasibi) want to settle score with Sabeti since he exposed them in his book. Shohreh is just an interviewer. 


Amini is Great Historian of IRAN

by Azarbanoo on

Thanks aynak for your great comment.

Sabeti is a Mozdour of Previous dictator.


انگل جان خونت رو کثیف نکن.



انگل جان شما خون خود رو به خاطر شنیدن  "ناراست های امینی" و حقایق تاریخی   کثیف نکن.
شما همون تمرکز کن روی --راست-- های  اساتید  تاریخ شناس و بنام پهلوی:

شعبون بی مخ 

"مهندس" پرویز ثابتی 

متفکر فرهیخته سعید سکویی 

"دکتر" میرفطروس 

و البته خدا شاه بعد هم گور پدر میهن.

ا ین پسر امینی هم که به هر حال پژوهش گر شناخته شده ای است  حالابا سند و
دلیل  برای  خودش یک چیزی گفت-  شما فرزند خلف برادران کودتا چی رشیدیان
اجازه نده حقیقت و واقعیت های  تاریخی مانند شکنجه و قتل افشار طوس و اعدام
دکتری فاطمی  در تخیلات  حکیمانه  شما خللی وارد کنه


با تشکر از شهره عاصمی برای یک مصاحبه بسیار شنیدنی برای ایرانیان.



ناراستی‌های محمد امینی


این شخص که به اعتراف خودش بیطرف نیست و برای توجیه این امر تاریخدانهای معتبر دیگر را هم مشمول بی‌ اعتباری خودش می‌کند، یکی‌ از بی‌ مایه‌ترین افرادیست که همانند دیگر همکارش یعنی بهرام مشیری فقط در همین رادیو و تلویزیونهای لوس آنجلسی جای اظهار وجود دارد. تمام آمار و ارقامی که این شخص میدهد ساخته و پرداخته خودش و یا دستگاه‌های دروغ پردازی جبهه (ضّد) ملی‌ است ( نظیر تعداد روزنانه‌های دوره مصدق السلطنه در تهران - ۳۷۰ - و اینکه نیمی از آنها مخالف دولت بوده!!). امینی هیچ حرفی‌ از  روزنامه‌های موافق مصدق السلطنه از جمله روزنامه حسین فاطمی و فحاشی‌های رذیلانه‌ای که نسبت به مقام سلطنت میکرد نمیزند. امینی حرفی‌ از بستن ۲۵ روزنامه مخالف مصدق السلطنه در ماه‌های اخر حکومتش نمیزند. امینی حرفی‌ از خدمات مصدق السلطنه به سپاه جنوب انگلیس در سرکوب عشایر جنوب ایران و توصیه انگلیسیها به دادن پستی به مصدق السلطنه در وزارت مالیه نمی‌زند. امینی حرفی‌ از زد و خورد‌های بین طرفداران مصدق السلطنه و قوام که منجر به کشته شدن بسیاری از مخالفین مصدق السلطنه شد نمیزند. امینی حرفی‌ از تصاحب اموال مالکان فارس به وسیله مصدق السلطنه نمیزند. 


باقی‌ اراجیف و انکار‌های بی‌ سند و مدرک امینی باشه برای جلسه بعد که شهره جون و ممل جون دل‌ میدن و قلوه میگیرند.