by Shirzadegan

In a loving memory of a great man in our modern history, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

32 years ago, on this day, July 27 1980, our Shahanshah passed away in Cario, Egypt. Our nation went through deep sorrow. Happiness left our country and has never come back till today. Our people experienced torture,death,war, famine and destruction of Iran, but they have never experienced happiness since shah left the country in winter of 1979.

According to ancient Persian mythology, the heart of shah is closely ties with the heart of the people. His sadness is nation sadness and shah's happiness is nation's happiness.

Under Shah's smart leadership, Iranians were well respected around the globe including communist countries.

In Romania (1973) Shah was warmly welcomed. He received an honorable doctora degree from the hands of Romanian president for his high degree of intelligent and being good politician. Consequently, all Romanians respected Iranian people. Romania was a communist country in those days.

In France, upon death of Charles De Gaulle, Shah made a quick trip to France. In private session with De Gaulle's widow which last 45 minutes, Shah compassinately comforted De Gaulle's widow. He expressed deep sympathy of Iranian people to that lady. The event reflected in France media and state T.V. Consequently, French people respected Iranians very highly.

In U.K, No need for visa for Iranian people. For Iranians travelling to England was as easy as travelling to Shiraz from Tehran. Just take a plane ticket, jump in the plane and few hours later arrive to London. At the same time, Pakistani, Arabs, Filipinos ....;... chiness...... etc were standing in a long line in the front of British embassy begging for visa.

In Aparthied South Africa, The most racist country on the face of earth in those days, Because of Shah's smart leadership, Iranians were classified as a "White". They were receiving full previleges the same as white European counterpart. For example, after 6 p.m no Arabs, Pakistani, Indians, Asians were allowed to used bars, restaurants in down town area of Johansburg or Cape town. Only people by European ancestory or Iranians were allowed to hang out in those area. Public transportations such as buses, taxi were the same. White and none white. Iranians were receiving full previleges of white Europeans.

In Rhodesia, the same story, Indian, Arab and Asian kids should have travelled 40 miles out of the city to go to school. Iranian and European kids had the previlege to use the schools in the city area. Rhodesia changed the name to Zimbabwe in June 1979.

In U.S Nixon introduced Shah as a "Good friend". Iranians were well respected in U.S.

Shah remains an important, historical figure whose memory is greatly cherished by Iranians. Nothing will ever erase the glorious role of Shah in our modern history. R.I.P our king.


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آقای شیرزادگان گرامی



ازیادآوری  دوران شاهان پهلوی  که وطن پرست و توانا بودند به سهم خودسپاسگزارم.

همچنینمی خواهم از دقت و سلیقه ی شما در تهیه ویدیو تیپ " مشکل جوانان خردمند باآخوندها چیست؟ " سپاسگزاری کنم.

هدف ازنوشتن هر پیامی رساندن آن به دست علاقه مندان آن می باشد. آگاهی و توانایی و مهارتجنابعالی  اینکار را در مورد

مصاحبه یپیمان ممکن تر ساخت. ازیاری و مهربانی شما سپاسگزارم و آرزومندم پیروز تر باشید.دانشجو 

Dr. Mohandes

Good piece

by Dr. Mohandes on

Now i am just wondering what is being said up in the other world in the meetings and roundtables among these heads of state. I can imagine Khomeini and beheshti on one side of the table and shah and bakhtiar on the other, having a charile rose style conversation! with occasional interruption by ms. merelyn monroe...going... hello. mr. prime minister...oh big kind and howdy do me imamiiii...."

The good thing about it is that it won't matter what they say really , since they are not coming back down to earth ever.

Or maybe .just maybe they will and God will tell them: surpriseeee! I got you there and i got you good , didn't i ? neither one of you expected this... I am so gooooooooood.

Just imagine the looks on their faces once this happens.


Shirzadegan, on days of happiness and victory.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment and express your gratitude and sorrow on commemoration on day of passing of the late shah.  That the Pahlavi's in less than 50 years helped Iranians go from
having donkeys only in the streets of the capital to having a society
with the 9th largest GDP in the world on its way to being the 4th and
with one of the most advanced and well equipt militaries in the world was amazing.  Your appreciation for the Shah
and his team is appreciated by most.  Though many suffered from and still today propogate deadly deception, that others were not as appreciative as you still reflects poorly on every group that betrayed their country and the king, not on Iranians like you and Shlomo.


State of Israel

by Shirzadegan on

During shah days we were living in peace and harmony with all our neighbors. No war threat. No hostility. we were happiest nation in Persian Gulf. Islamic criminals unlawfully took power and we lost our international prestige, respect. Historically we have been suppotive of state of Israel and our king Koroush Kabir was protecting them against their enemies. Since these Islamic gang took power, even state of Israel became hostile toward Iranians. Hopefully we send these Islamic monsters to the garbage of history and free our country soon and restore friendship with Israel once again.


Dear Shirzadegan, dorood bar shoma!


God bless the Shah. He was a great man. He was a great leader. He loved Iran. Had he inserted that long club he is holding in the photo in his opponents' rear end, Iran would have been in a totally different shape today!

Shlomo loves the Shah.